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SIY Global comes from the renowned Search Inside Yourself program, the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training originally developed at Google and later spun off as the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

Today, we are a public benefit corporation offering our science-based programs to develop social and emotional intelligence skills for individuals and teams, aiming to improve engagement and well-being at work.

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"Inspiring. Cutting edge. What the new world of leadership looks like."

"An opportunity to take time out of your hectic life and invest in yourself. There are tangible takeaways that can change things for the better, at home and at work."

"A must do if you are wanting to develop, change or grow your organizational culture. It starts from the inside out."

"Clear, easy to follow powerful tools everyone can incorporate into their life to facilitate powerful, positive change and growth."

Unlock your full potential with mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.

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Learn how to recover from adversity, adapt, and thrive.

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Give your team the tools needed to cultivate belonging and make an impact, together.

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Human-centered skills such as emotional intelligence and mindfulness are no longer optional; quite the opposite, they’re essential to future-proof organizations. And the future of work is already here.

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