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Get a bong bowl that never disappoints and never breaks here at Invincibowl — the ultimate, lifelong smoking companion! This is a first-of-its-kind, groundbreaking addition to the world of bongs and smoking accessories. Never worry about tapping out your ash again!
Invincibowl is made from aerospace-grade aluminum, fits all 14mm joint bongs, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Drop it from 10 feet, we dare you — it won’t break! Our bong bowls, durable bong stems, and high-flow smoking screensall help you build a superior bong and give you an unparalleled smoking experience.
The Invincibowl is made of high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. It won't get any hotter than glass, and the unique bowl design, as well as stainless-steel sleeve, results in a complete burn.SHOP INVINCIBOWLSWith an unbreakable bowl comes its match — an unbreakable bong stem. The Invincipole will never break while in use or when being cleaned. In addition to this, it is built with telescoping technology that allows you to easily adjust the downstem’s length to between 3” and 5-¾”. Fits most 18mm bongs.SHOP INVINCIPOLESYou can get a duo of our most-loved products in matching colors. All of our products from the Invincibowl and Invincipole line are easy to assemble and disassemble. Get more bang for your buck with our two-in-one package deals. Browse our Invinci-bundles!SHOP INVINCI-BUNDLESThe Chill bong is made of stainless steel and designed to withstand impact. The patented ceramic interior makes the Chill experience similar to that of your favorite glass piece, but without the inevitable possibility of breaking. The bong’s patented double-wall vacuum insulated construction creates a shield that prevents heat from penetrating, keeping your ice solid and water cold for hours. With its two-piece design and threaded connection, cleaning couldn’t be easier. Plus when you want to change up the look, you can choose from a variety of bases and neckpiecesSHOP CHILL BONGSShop necessities like our proprietary stainless steel pipe screens for an even burn and virtually no product loss! Snag a Maintenance Kit to help keep your downstem in peak working condition. And don't forget to grab other smoking essentials like a custom Invincibowl Toker Poker, hemp wick, pipe cleaners, and replacement parts, too. These wide range of products offer a convenient way to purchase everything you need all in one place!SHOP ACCESSORIES

Better Smoking Experience

The bowl’s unique shape allows for a smoother pull and cleaner draw.

Save Money

The cumulative cost of three or more broken glass bowls/downstems is equal to the cost of investing in one Invincibowl or Invincipole. Our products will practically pay for themselves!

Unbreakable Bowl Material

It is made of high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum: safe for use and will ensure your Invincibowl or Invincipole will last for years.

Lifetime Guarantee

We offer a lifetime guarantee on your bong bowl because we know it is everlasting. If there’s damage, we’ll replace it for free.


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