Hitfile Premium Account - Your Best Choice to Online File Storing

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Hitfile Premium Account – Your Best Choice for Online File Storing

File storage is usually done by saving files through a memory card, USB drives, hard drives, etc. However, with the advancement of technology, storing your files such as documents, photos, videos, movies, music and more can now be made online through a cloud server. This is made possible through a file hosting provider that provides you with a cloud storage system so you can easily access your files anytime, anywhere, and at any device as long as you have an internet.

Want to start saving your files online? Then Hitfile is the one for you! Hitfile will help you enjoy your online file storing experience and will surely give you the best services that will definitely satisfy you.

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1 Hitfile Background2 Opening a Hitfile Account3 Hitfile Free Account vs. Hitfile Premium Account4 Perks of Availing Hitfile Premium Account5 Hitfile Premium Account Cost6 File Managing in Hitfile7 Hitfile Is Easy to Use8 Hitfile Is Safe and Secured9 Hitfile Customer Service10 Refund Policy11 Conclusion12 Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)12.1 What do I need to know about Hitfile?12.2 Can I register to Hitfile for free?12.3 How much is a Hitfile Premium Account?12.4 What are the payment methods of Hitfile when buying a premium account?12.5 Is Hitfile safe?

Hitfile Background

Hitfile is a cloud storage server founded in the Bahamas and has expanded its company to some of its neighboring regions including the United States. It started in the year 2010 and has multiplied to thousands of users from around the globe. It also offered cloud computing services so you are assured this file hoster is reliable and can be trusted. Hitfile has constantly updated and upgraded its services throughout the decade that lead it to its best version today.

Opening a Hitfile Account

You can simply create a Hitfile account in less than five minutes. Hitfile will only ask for your name and email address upon registration, and ask you to set up a password for your account. Once done, it will immediately send a confirmation mail to the email address you entered to verify your identity. You just have to confirm it, then your account is automatically activated. When upgrading to a Hitfile Premium Account, you just have to choose the plan you want to avail and pay online. Mode of payment includes Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Webmoney and through authorized resellers. After payment confirmation, just refresh your account and it will automatically be upgraded to the premium account.

Hitfile Free Account vs. Hitfile Premium Account

Hitfile free account allows you to experience the basic services of the application however, there are a number of limitations such as no parallel downloads are made available, no direct download links, and downloads cannot be paused and resumed. At an instance that your download is accidentally stopped or your device has shut down unexpectedly, then your download progress will be back to zero percent (0%) or from the very start. Download speed of a Hitfile free account is at 60 KB/s and maximum download per day is only at 5 Gigabytes (GB). There are captcha verification and advertisements that will pop-up from time to time. File deletion happens 90 days when files are not active, and the file size limit is at 1 GB. Hitfile free account is best used for temporary storage or when you just want to try the software first. However, if you opt to use a file hoster for a long period of time for personal or work-related reasons, then upgrading to a premium account is a must so you can fully maximize file storing online.

Hitfile premium account provides a lot of additional services and is a 10x upgraded version of the free account version. It is very affordable that even students can definitely avail of it. Hitfile premium account maximizes download speed to up to 1 GB per second and allows simultaneous downloads so users may upload or download multiple files of up to 25 files at once. It allows up to 25 GB of download per day. Download starts immediately and with no delays. Direct download links, download manager, and pause/ resume button is made available. You also do not have to worry regarding interruptions because of its ad blocker that allows no ads or captchas to pop-up unexpectedly. The file size limit is at 100 GB and no automatic file deletion happens.

Perks of Availing Hitfile Premium Account

Very affordableMaximum download speed utilized (up to 1 GB per second)Download 25 files at once25 GB download quota per dayHot download links availableNo delaysNo ad interruptionsResumable downloadsNo file deletion100 GB file size limit

Hitfile Premium Account Cost

The prices of Hitfile premium accounts depend on the length of your subscription. Available plans are as short as 25 days to a maximum of 1 year. The longer the plan you subscribe to, will give you the lowest cost per day which will give you a bigger discount.

Length of PremiumCost per dayTotal Price25 days0.40 USD / day9.95 USD1 month and 10 days0.36 USD / day24.95 USD5 months0.33 USD / day44.95 USD1 year0.26 USD / day84.95 USD

File Managing in Hitfile

Hitfile gives you full authority over your files so you have the control in doing whatever you want such as whether to upload, download, or delete a file. It also provides you with a transparent user interface and reports you the details of your files such as date of upload, file size (in MB/ GB), and file name. Whenever you want to rename a file, you may freely do so. You can also organize your files by creating folders to group your documents, photos, videos, and help you to be able to easily access it for future references.

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Hitfile Is Easy to Use

The platform of Hitfile was designed to be as simple yet efficient as possible. It consists of only basic steps to be able to utilize the software from file storing, uploading, downloading, and more. You do not have to worry even if you are just a beginner because you will surely be able to get how to use it in no time as no technical skills are needed. Hitfile functions are designed to only require a few clicks such as its built-in drag and drop function wherein whenever you want to upload a file you can just simply drag the files from your computer and drop it to the upload section of Hitfile. This is especially helpful when you want to upload multiple files at once. Further, if there is something that you do not seem to know how to use, the help center is readily available to help.

Hitfile Is Safe and Secured

Security is one of the most important factors needed when choosing a file hoster. With Hitfile, you do not have to worry because it will guarantee you 100% safety. It is encrypted with security softwares to prevent malware or viruses from entering the system. You do not have to worry about hackers or any unauthorized third parties because Hitfile’s security will surely prevent those from having access to your files. It also strictly implements security protocols so no illegal actions will be made such as uploading porn, violence, nude graphics, or such in the software.

Hitfile Customer Service

Hitfile’s support system is readily available to help you every time you encounter a problem or an issue with using the software. There is an automatic Help Center and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section in the platform to help you with the common issues or problems that most users encounter. But if you still cannot resolve the problem, you may easily get in touch with real agents of customer service and forward it to your concern to them. They will willingly help you as soon as possible. You may contact them via email.

Refund Policy

Returning a Hitfile premium account is only possible in a span of 24 hours after purchase. Reasons for return must be a valid reason such as if you have encountered a problem using it. Just keep in touch with customer service about your concern and once validated, refunds will usually happen within 2-3 days and money is sent back via the same payment method used upon purchase.


Hitfile is truly the best choice when you want to level up your file storing experience. Shift to online storage now and manage your files easily and efficiently. A Hitfile premium account will definitely make the money you spent worthily. Aside from just keeping your files safe and secured, it makes your work hassle free and efficient. Register your Hitfile premium account now and be one of its satisfied users.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What do I need to know about Hitfile?

Basically, Hitfile is a file hosting provider that offers a cloud storage system so you can safely save your files online. It has been up for 10 years now and has proved its excellence in the file hosting industry so you can truly trust the software.

Can I register to Hitfile for free?

Yes, you may. However, Hitfile free account comes with limitations but it will provide you with the most basic file hoster services. This is advised to be used if you want to try the software first or if you will just use it temporarily. But if you wish to use this file hoster on a long term basis, it is still best to avail a Hitfile premium account.

How much is a Hitfile Premium Account?

Hitfile premium account plans are priced at very affordable costs to as low as 9.95 USD for 25 days to as much as only 89.95 USD per year.

What are the payment methods of Hitfile when buying a premium account?

Lots of payment methods are made available and you may choose what is most efficient for you. Payment may be done via credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Paypal, Paysafecard, Webmoney, or Bitcoin. You may also choose to avail through an authorized reseller from your country if there is someone available.

Is Hitfile safe?

Hitfile is definitely safe! In simple terms about its security, it is like it has strong walls against unauthorized external networks that prevent these threats from entering the system. You can be assured that your files will be kept protected.

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