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Unlocking Insights: Addressing your Most Critical Business Challenges

TCR presents insights beyond numbers generated by destructive and NDT results to helpmanagement, operations, and maintenance departments unravel the true plant health


Complete Quality Assurance Partner for Optimum Plant Health

TCR brings you powerful advantages to navigate your business. As a global company, TCR has a team of highly experienced specialists, employs the most advanced testing methodologies, and has a state-of-the-art laboratory to provide its clients' impact-driven and actionable insights.TCR core offerings include:

















Delivering Outcomes, Fueling Growth

TCR Qatar empowers its clients through services that generate economic value by identifying and addressing customer needs effectively. It's comprehensive end-to-end offerings allow customers to procure wisely, planning damage specific inspection, manage shutdowns and use actionable insights for enhancing profitability and achieving growth.

I. Sourcing & Procurement Inspection

TCR Qatar works closely with EPC and Infrastructure companies to provide integrated and end-to-end procurement for their projects. Our solutions encompass the entire procurement value chain, with each offering uniquely configured to each client's specific requirements and objectives.

Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Services

Factory Audit, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Picking Of Samples and Testing Coordination, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection, Loading Supervision

Mechanical Testing

Tensile & Bend, Impact, Hardness, Nick Break and Weldability, Creep, Stress Rupture, Hydrogen Embrittlement ASTM F519/B577

Fatigue and Fracture Toughness Testing

CTOD, K1c, J1c, Fatigue crack growth, High-Cycle/Low-Cycle Fatigue, S-N Curve

Chemical Analysis

Spectrometers (XRF, OES, ICP, AAS), Wet Chemical, Oil Analysis by Ferrography, RoHS Compliance, Lead Inspection, Refractory Testing, Ores and Minerals Testing, Sand Content, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen

Corrosion Studies

Sour Gas (HIC/SSC/SOHIC) – NACE TM0284/TM0177/TM0103, Chloride Stress - ASTM G 36, SCC of Aluminum Alloy - ASTM G44/G47, Pitting/Crevice (Critical Temperature) - ASTMG48, Potentiostatic / Potentiodynamic Anodic Polarization - ASTM G5, Chloride Stress - ASTM G 36, Corrosion of Aluminum NAMLT - ASTM G67, Exfoliation of Aluminum - G66/G34, SCC of Aluminum – ASTMG103, Intergranular – ASTM A262/ DIN EN ISO 3651, Immersion Corrosion – ASTM G31 & Ammonia Vapor Test – ASTM B858

Product and Material Sourcing

Contract Research And Development

III. In-service Inspection

TCR undertakes corrosion studies based on Risk-based Inspection API 580 guidelines to map business and operational risks for individual plant items for planning damage specific inspection and effective shutdowns. TCR has in-depth knowledge of high-temperatureprobes and an understanding of potential corrosion damage mechanisms.

Online Advanced NDT

HTHA Inspection, One Micron Detection using UT, Carburization Detection, HIC Detection, High temperature Corrosion Mapping, Mid Wall Fissures Detection, Stepwise Crack Detection (SWC)

Visual Inspection

Thermography, Robotic Underground buried Pipeline Inspection, Underwater Inspection and cleaning by ROV, Boroscopy, Videoscopy


Risk-Based Inspection study program to research corrosion damages Mapping of Turnaround data based on Business/Operations Risk

V. Continuum Inspection

TCR proactively optimizes plant performance by analyzing information, examining engineering design and recording key insights from the shutdown for long-term plant reliability. It also undertakes fitness for service, failure analysis, and remaining life assessment studies to give the top management and/or insurance companies a better understanding of the plant’s overall health.

Failure Analysis

Pressure Equipment Integrity Incident Investigation per API 585

Remaining Life Assessment

Fitness for Service as per API 579/ASME FFS-1

Fire Damage Assessment

Plant Health Study

API 590/581 guideline based Risk-Based Inspection study and Implementation

Integrity Operating Window Study as per API 584

Engineering Design and Analysis Services for Plant Supports

Computer Aided Designing (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping, 2D to 3D Conversion, Finite Element Modeling, Piping Stress Analysis

Contract Research And Development

Technical Help For Indigenization, Selection of Materials, Quality Improvement, Solutions Of Critical Weld Problems

Training Programs

Metallurgy and Corrosion Evaluation, NDT and FFS specific Program

II. Construction & Commissioning Inspection

TCR designs effective welding solutions coupled with baseline data creation. It provides the right functional expertise for teams to excel in plant maintenance and operations.

Base Line NDT

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, UT Thickness, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ferrite Measurement, Holiday Detection, Surface Roughness, Demagnetization, Paint and Coating Thickness

Phased Array and ToFD in lieu of RT Examination

Welder Certification and Procedure Qualification

Welding Inspectors visits for Qualification of Welder, WPS/PQR Testing per coupon as per ASME Section IX, AWS D 1.1, API 1104, QP-STD-R-006, QP-STD-R-002

Weldability Evolution
Microstructure & Micro-Hardness Tests

Welding Consumable Evaluation
Tests as per ASME Section 2 part C

Post Weld Heat Treatment

70kva Electrical Resistance HT Machines with Talented Team, Pre-Heating

Positive Material Identification (PMI) ASELine NDT Data Creation

On-site Detection of all chemical elements including C, S,P, Mn and Si

IV. Shutdown/Turn-around Inspection

TCR has acquired in-depth knowledge, experience, and expertise for over 45 years in managing complex shutdown projects. It ensures planned shutdowns along with rapid deployment of expert consulting teams with solutions for heat exchangers, tanks, pipelines and weld joints to get your facility back online as quickly as possible.

Visual Inspection Services

Boroscopy, Remote Visual Inspection by ROV, Videoscopy, Thermography

Pipelines and Weld Inspection

Phased Array, Time of Flight ToFD

Tube / Heat Exchanger Inspection

Eddy Current, RFET, IRIS, MFL, Helium Leak Testing, Acoustic Eye, Saturated Eddy Current, Automated Reformer Tube Inspection (ARTiS), Oxide Scale Measurement

Plant Health Assessment and Metallography Strength

In-Situ Metallography Replica, SEM and EDS analysis, Microstructure Characterization for RLA

Tank Inspection
Robotic Inspection of Coker Drums, In-service Robotic Tank Inspection, Tank Condition by Thermography

Custom NDT targeting specific Corrosion Damages

HTHA Inspection, One Micron Detection using UT, Carburization Detection, HIC detection, High temperature Corrosion Mapping, Mid wall fissures detection, Stepwise Crack Detection (SWC)

Condition Assessment of Boilers

RLA of Boilers, Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transmission (EMAT), Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System (ARTiS), Oxide Scale Measurement

Inspection Manpower Consulting

RBI and Asset Integrity Management Experts
Metallurgists and Corrosion Scientists
API Plant Inspectors with 510, 570, 653 as well as 579/580 experience
ASNT Level III Experts and SNT-TC-1A or PCN Level II Techs
QA/QC Inspectors for Static and Rotating Equipment
Welding Inspectors with AWS or CSWIP
Painting/Coating Inspectors with NACE or BGas
Mechanical Destructive Testing and Lab Chemists
Refractory Consultant
Valve Specialists
Heat Treatment PWHT specialists
Engineering Design Consultants on CAD/CAM
Simulated Process and Engineering Researchers


TCR offers an unparalleled perspective and extraordinary solutions that are relevant to the needs of the client. Staying away from the cookie cutter approach, TCR ensures that its offerings by comprehensive, actionable and bring about the necessary transformation for their customers. TCR creates NDT techniques that target individual corrosion damages with the assistance of its expert team members that comprise of metallurgists, API plant inspectors, corrosion scientists, NDT level III and professionals from process/maintenance/inspection department of plants.


TCR aims at providing QGas assistance in evaluating Leaks/Failures and Catastrophic explosion that can occur in Storage spheres, terminal, jetty, and LT transfer lines. TCR has conducted several studies across fastener failures and detection of corrosion under insulation, pitting, SCC and IGC related damage mechanisms.


TCR's Paresh Haribhakti has authored a book published by ASM on Boiler Failures. With in-depth knowledge of boiler tubes, outlet headers, main steam line, and turbine, TCR can undertake metallurgical and failure studies including FFS & RLA to evaluate BTL (boiler tube leaks), metallurgical degradation, creep, erosion, pitting, general corrosion, high-temperature hydrogen attack, and fatigue-related damage mechanisms. TCR's clients include MEW, SEC, GE, Alstom, Siemens among others.


Since 2012, TCR has provided metallurgical & engineering consulting to QAFCO for effectively assessing failure damages that occur in the reformer section, ammonia converter, ISR (isothermal shift reactor) and RGC (reform gas cooler). TCR has undertaken several studies across failure in reforming section (reformer tubes) and has expertise in damage specific NDT to discover corrosion, erosion corrosion, cavitation, pitting, creep, IGC related damage mechanisms present in the plant.


EPC and Infrastructure clients such as Tekfen and L&T in Qatar depend on TCR to evaluate the composition and WPS/PQR’s weld strength using destructive testing including chemical analysis, CTOD and high/low temperature tensile and impact. TCR has expertise in evaluating the mixing of materials, improper MTC:S/ identifications, weld joint failures and improper PWHT that can occur in material inventory, welding consumables, tank bottoms, and truss. TCR conducts several studies across fasteners, lifting lugs, weld failures/cracking, MIC-microbiological influenced corrosion, reheat cracking and SCC related damage mechanisms.


TCR services several global majors like Reliance, Aramco, and Shell. Many among TCR's professionals are ex-employees of these global majors and have developed the competence to assess failures and fire damages in CDU/VDU, FCCU, hydrogen manufacturing, storage tanks, REAC, reactors, and their internals. TCR’s NDT and in-situ metallographic replica teams have undertaken several studies detecting metallurgical degradation, detachments/ fastener failures, creep, stress corrosion cracking, pitting, erosion, reheat cracking and fatigue-related damage mechanisms.


Qchem, RLOC and Sabic depend on TCR to provide expertise in evaluating leaks, process upsets and failures that can occur in reactors, storage tanks & high-temperature transfer lines/acid. TCR can gauge transfer line leaks, tank floor/bottom, creep, pitting, SCC, Erosion-corrosion, IGC, and fatigue-related damage mechanisms.


TCR has proficiency in evaluating leaks and failures that can occur in pumping stations and transfer lines. TCR can gauge transfer line leaks, tank floor/bottom, MIC, pitting, SCC, CUI, erosion, corrosion, and crevice corrosion related damage mechanisms.


TCR has worked with clients like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, enabling it to evaluate leaks, accidents, and failures that can occur in online tapping, drilling (tubes & beads) and manufacturing of tubes. TCR can analyse tubing failures, drill line tooling failures, fatigue, corrosion fatigue, pitting and crevice corrosion related damage mechanisms.


TCR has competence in evaluating failures that can occur in well bore piping, chain links, pumps/rotary equipment, and drilling rigs. TCR can appraise tubing failures, fasteners, fatigue, seawater splashing, corrosion fatigue, pitting, crevice corrosion and cavitation corrosion related damage mechanisms.


TCR is proficient in evaluating leaks and environmental hazards that can occur in Incinerator boilers and their tubing, transfer lines, scrubbers. TCR can assess boiler shell plate failures, boiler tube failures, suction line failures, SCC, H2S corrosion, pitting, and cavitation corrosion related damage mechanisms.


TCR Qatar:

Actionable Test Results

TCR undertakes all aspects of metallurgical destructive and NDT tests, engineering consulting, design, simulatedresearch for Asset Integrity Management (AIM).

Founded in India in 1973, TCR Engineering Services undertakes material testing, NDT and provides actionable solutions to derive maximum plant output and minimize shutdowns.TCR has gained from its 46 years of experience, with its global offices in India, Kuwait, Malaysia,Saudi Arabia, and UAE. The metallurgical and NDT experts of TCR serve global giants that include QAFCO, QCHEM, Reliance, British Gas, Saudi Aramco, KOC, KNPC, Equate, MEW, Chevron, SABIC, SIPCHEM, GE, AlBalagh, L&T, JSW, SWCC, PetroRabigh, Lubref, and Tasnee. TCR is accredited to ISO 17025,NABLand BIS Standards and adheres to the highest quality and service standards.

To meet growing client needs, TCR Engineering, India’s leading materials testing lab has set up a regional sample collection center and agency representation with Biewu International Trading in Qatar.


Biewu International Trading is at the forefront of the health, safety and environment industry. In the last decade, Biewu has grown to become the largest personal protective equipment distributor in Qatar. Biewu's success is bolstered by the addition of corrosion prevention, asset preservation and environmental protection programs that culminate in successful projects for their clients.

Key Milestones

Our journeystarted as adisruptor for end to end inspection services to a being global leader
TCR Engineering Services Company Founded in Mumbai
First to add a chemical analysis spectrometer in India
TCR Engineering opens TCR Kuwait, its first international office in Kuwait
TCR establishes an alliance in Malaysia
First to install 100T Tensile Machine in India
TCR Engineering establishes TCR Advanced in Vadodara to offer research and consulting solutions for plant management
TCR Engineering embarks on international expansions in Middle East
TCR Qatar is established


TCR has nearly five decades of multi-sectoral expertise and has maintained a huge knowledge repository.

Gain insights and benefit from TCR's intellectual diversity that spans every significant industry and functional area. Download our powerful project and client case studies from across industries and witness how TCR goes beyond the obvious to create value in unprecedented ways

TCR Qatar Profile


Remaining Life Assessment Study


Book on Boiler Failures(By Paresh,MD-TCR)


Third Party Inspection


Boiler tube Investigation


TCR Engineering

Company Profile


Fitness For Service


Paper Published

in World Fertilizer Magazine


TurnAround Assistance


Fitness for Service (API579-ASME FFS1)


Asset Management Integrity


Award byNACE

to TCR


In-Situ Metallography


TCR Terms & Conditions


Life Assessment of Reactors


Failure Analysis Brochure


ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation



Reformer Tube Inspection by ARTiS


Sample Size Requirements


TCR Evolve Industrial Plant Training


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TCR Qatar

Biewu International Trading WLL

P.O. Box: 24534

#3, Al Emadi Building,

Ras Bu Aboud Street

Ummgwailina, Doha, Qatar

M: +974 55269747

T: +974 44354768


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TCR Qatar: A global Leader in end-to-end quality assurance services for material testing, NDT withengineering solutions including Failure Analysis, FFS, RLA and advanced asset integrity management through RBI and IOW to derive maximum plant output and minimize shutdowns.

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