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West Coast NCSY Giving Day 2022 Total Pledged
$586,379.11Out of $546,000.00 goal107%Yachad Giving Day 2022 Total Pledged
$0.00Midwest NCSY Giving Day 2022 Total Pledged
$252,047.00Out of $244,000.00 goal103%NCSY Day of Giving 2022 Total Pledged
$3,345,713.12Out of $3,000,000.00 goal111%OU-JLIC West 2022 Campaign Total Pledged
$86,739.64Out of $82,500.00 goal105%Bonus RoundNew York NCSY Giving Day 2022Help New York NCSY achieve its goal of reaching a teen in every Jewish home, thereby ensuring the continuity of Jewish identity for future generations... Total Pledged
$176,011.34Out of $140,000.00 goal125%Bonus RoundNew Jersey NCSY Giving Day 2022Support New Jersey NCSY’s scholarship fund to help teens have life changing experiences connecting them to their Jewish identity and community. Total Pledged
$167,587.45Out of $130,000.00 goal128%Bonus RoundATS Giving Day 2022 Total Pledged
$283,375.92Out of $230,000.00 goal123%OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard Campaign Total Pledged
$115,822.00Out of $125,000.00 goalOU-JLIC Downtown Campaign Total Pledged
$104,537.00Out of $100,000.00 goal104%
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