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The following are the list of films shown at the 2016 American Geophysical Union film festival– AGU Cinema 2016.

New technologies have revolutionized the use of video as a means of science communication and have made it easier to create, distribute, and view. With video having become omnipresent in our culture, it sometime supplements or even replaces writing in many science and education applications. AGU Cinema 2016 showcases short videos—30 minutes or less in length—developed to disseminate scientific results to various audiences and to enhance learning in the classroom. AGU Cinema features professionally produced, big-budget films alongside low-budget videos aimed at niche audiences and made by amateurs. The latter category includes videos made by governmental agency scientists, educators, communications specialists within scientific organizations, and Fall Meeting oral and poster presenters.

The films selected show the many ways that video is being used: as an educational tool, to document and present scientific results, to communicate science to wide audiences, and to enhance science.

AGU Cinema 2016

Submitted by- Film Title

Web Address

-Mejs Hasan Mr. Turtle Gets Sick


-Claire Andreae Living With Fire


-Isaak Kelow– ICHIRO and the WAVE

-Amy West– Video profile of USGS geologist, Amy East


-Amy West Work in the Arctic on coastal erosion


-Amy WestWork in Kauai on possible causes of Black Band Disease in corals


-Maarten Roos–The Venus Twilight Experiment


-Ken Hudnut– Chasing Ice


-Brad deYoung– Sead Dragron bservatory


-John Gordon– From Fire comes Light


-Timothy Price– How do Dunes Grow?


-Dan Peluso–The Quest for Another Earth.


-Adrienne Macartney–Mineral Carbon


-Julian Thomson– Nature’s Earthquake Recorders


-Julian Thomson– Mt. Cook’s Collapsed Summit


-Julian Thomson– Volcano Alerts in New Zealand


-Guergana Guerova– The Ionosphere and GNSS: Explained


-Sim Reaney–What is the cost to a farm of diffuse pollution?


-Dan Brinkhuis & > “Thinking Like a Bird” by Royal NIOZ


-Dan Brinkhuis & > “Exploring the Fault Trace” Part 1 to 4 & LTBMS


-Dan Brinkhuis & > “Climate Physics – IMAU Masters Programme”


-Saskia Madlener & NOAA – Ambient Sound at Challenger Deep


-Saskia Madlener & Oregon State University – Introducing the Regional Class Research Vessel


-David Risk and Corinne Dunphy–How to Catch a Fugitive


-Christopher Spencer- TravelingGeologist goes to Japan: Life on a subduction zone and exploring Earth’s youngest granite


-Kori Price–End of Snow


-Chandler Green- Flying Ahead of Troubled Waters


-Bjørn Olson –Icy Bay Mega-Tsunami – Trailer


-David Funkhouser-Ancient Shells Hold Clues to Life in a Warmer World


-Skypunch Creative-How Rocks Flow: An Earth Science Demo


-Kevin Krajick / Skypunch Creative-Quizapu: A Great Chilean Volcano


-Conor Nixon- Titan Tours


-Elizabeth O’Connell–Tracking Water Tracking Carbon


-Elizabeth O’Connell–What do Shorebirds tell us about climate change?


-Elizabeth O’Connell–SEA ICE Master Program


-Leslie B. Willoughby–Science at the Seashore: The Giacomini Wetlands


-Dirk Gilson, Christian Eichenhauer–On research cruise off the coast of southern Africa


-Doug Prose — A Human Climate


-Doug Prose– Climate Clues from Lake Chalco


-Doug Prose– Giant Earthquakes in Bangladesh and India?


-Lynda McGilvary–Kiuguyat: The Northern Lights


-Nancy Soreide–Explaining the 2015-2016 El Nino


-Tracey Nakamura–Old Weather: Citizen Scientists


-Peter Carter-IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Synthesis Report


-Katie Pratt–Investigating the Volcanoes of the Western Aleutians


-Gunnar Zetterberg-SWERUS-C3


-Ray Hedgpeth-The Geologists Are Coming!


-Ray Hedgpeth–Hammer Safety with The Amoeba People


-Josh Silberg– Tracking Our Changing Oceans Across Political Boundaries


-Josh Silberg–Drift: Measuring the Movement of Sand Dunes


-Josh Silberg–Seagrass: Life in the Underwater Meadows


-Jill Shipman–Life in the infrared


-Washington Sea Grant– Queen Anne Elementary students visit NOAA ship RONALD H. BROWN

-John Mark Aiken– What is a scientific model?


-Matthew Radcliff–Lakes On A Glacier


-Matthew Radcliff–Life of the Monsoon


-Matthew Radcliff–Snapshots From The Edge Of The Sun


-Lisa Tossey- 15 Second Science


-Jan Heiderer–GLOBE Student Research Experience 2016


-Daniel Hinerfeld–Sonic Sea


-Saskia Madlener & NOAA – Petermann-AGU Doc


-Immerzeel, W.W. (Walter)–SNOW AND ICE RESEARCH IN THE HINDU KUSH HIMALAYAS | ICIMOD’s Cryosphere Initiative


-Adriana Manrique–NASA’s ICESat-2

-Peter Carter and Toronto PCMLtd. –The Burning Age


-John Bateman–A Place for Cotton-Tops: Using Satellite Data to Identify Critical Habitat


-John Bateman-Mosquito Meets MODIS: South Dakota Fights West Nile Virus


-John Bateman–SERVIR: Connecting Space to Village


Lists from Previuous years:

AGU Cinema 2015

Submitted by- Film Title

Maarten Kleinhans & Fast Facts -Rivers of the red planet

Claire Andreae Max Plank Institute -ATTO-An Adventure in the Amazon

Furu Mienis Royal NIOZ -Atlantic Canyons, Pathways to the Abyss

Paul Williams University of Reading -Science stories -Controversy

Dawn Jones National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine -The Arctic in the Anthropocene-Emerging Research Questions

Faisel Hossain -Bay of Hope

Todd Reubold ENSIA Magazine -The sound of climate change from the Amazon to the Arctic & Utrecht University-Healthy Urban Living

Debra Tillinger -Dreams of the Last Butterflies

Denali Hussin -ClimateTalk Science and Solutions by Susan Joy Hassoll TEDxUMontana

Sarah Betcher -Tied to the Land Sea Ice Secure

Sarah Betcher -Tied to the Land Adapting in the Arctic

Sara Sadri University of Southern California -The River of Muddy Water

Megan Peterson & Jeff Kennedy USGS -Gravity Recharge Monitoring

Maarten Roos Lightcurve Films -Planetary Scientist

Aliyah Kovner & Patrick Kennedy -Seasick

Chris Linder Photography -Siberia’s Big Thaw

Chris Linder Photography & WHO I -Alvin Swimmers

Eric Larose ISTerre CNRS-VolcaAray mapping the inside of a volcano

Jason Cervenec Ohio State University -How to Create a Classroom Ice Core

Jed Thompson University of Washington -Science for Kids-Arctic Mission

Josh Wood Deep Carbon Observatory -Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Lightcurve Films & -Go with the Flow final of the North Atlantic Ocean

Liz McKenzie -The Gulf of Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Research Program

Liz McKenzie -Why the little fish matter

Mauri Pelto Nichols College -Visual Glacier Mass Loss: North Cascade Glacier Climate Project 2015

Michelle McCrackin Stokhol University -Asko Laboratory in numbers

Phillip Wade -Batteries (Em)Powering the Future & Royal NIOZ -Deep Sea Mining Cruise Azores

Stephen M. Wessells USGS -1964 Quake-The Great Alaska Earthquake

Stephen M. Wessells USGS -Tracking Pacific Walrus-Expedition to the Shrinking Chukchi Sea Ice

William J. Farrell Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory -David Inouye

Kevin R. Wood University of Washington – Old Weather- Our Weather’s Past, the Climate’s Future

Nancy Soreide NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory – Age of Arctic Sea Ice in March 1987-2014

Nancy Soreide NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory – Arctic Report Card 2014

Ashley Luke COSEE Florida – Mangrove Restoration

Ashley Luke COSEE Florida – Oyster Reef Communities – Restoration Efforts of the St. Lucie Estuary

Lauren Moore Climate Stories NC – North Carolina Climate Stories – Trout fishing

Christine Gallagher NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey -Geospatial lnfrastructure for Coastal Communities – Informing Adaptation to Sea Level Rise

Aparna Bamzai South Central Climate Science Center – Earth’s Energy Budget

Aparna Bamzai South Central Climate Science Center – South Central CSC Undergrad Internship

Ines Jakobsson Stockholm University – Surveys with R-V Skidbladner

Hugo Sindelar Montana State University – Life on TERRA The Story of P

Lauren Moore Climate Stories NC – North Carolina Climate Stories – Kelly Darden Outdoorsman Conservationist

Elizabeth OConnel Frontier Scientists – Photodegradation

Elizabeth OConnel Frontier Scientists – Sunlight Carbon Then C02

AGU 2015 Student Videos – Anna Scaini-Drawing a Life Through a River

Isaac Kerlow–RATU River Expedition-Earthquakes in Nepal

AGU Cinema 2014

The following is the film List from AGU Cinema 2014:

Filmmaker / Submitted by

Film Title

Web Address/ Vimeo/ Youtube

Dan Brinkhuis

IODP 342 Newfoundland Episode SEVEN “ Sample Party “

Dan Brinkhuis

10th Urbino Summer School on Paleoclimatology

Douglas Harned

Agriculture — A River Runs Through It

Douglas Harned

Sampling the Mississippi

Rebecca Fowler and Lizette Gesuden

Investigating Life in Arctic Sea Ice

Cecilia Chavana-Bryant

Remote Sensing and Tropical Leaf Phenology: A PhD in the Amazonian Canopy

Denise Zmekhol

From the Ground to the Cloud — Transforming Chimpanzee Conservation with High-Tech Tools

Conor Nixon

Propylene on Titan

Derek Sollosi

Global Warming effects on the Arctic Ocean

Global Warming effects on the Arctic Ocean

Nathan Becker

Tsunami Warning!

Guillaume Jouvet

The future of glaciers

Thomas,Ray G

The augmented reality sandbox: understanding topography with a bucket and spade

Chris Linder

80 Days in Greenland

Chris Linder

Fraser River: Running Free

Chris Linder

The Changing Face of Greenland

Muyin Wang

North Pole Web Cam 2013

Julia Sable

Living in Pele’s Paradise, Part 1. From Beauty to Disaster: Story of an Eruption

Julia Sable

Living in Pele’s Paradise, Part 2. Learning from the Past to Prepare for Future Eruptions

Leah Pettis

EarthMan! Vol1 Short

Maarten Roos


Maarten Roos

About Time, Space and Water

Matthew Vonk

Examples of Direct Measurement Physics Videos

Rebecca Anderson

We have the Right to Know

Rebecca Anderson

Ocean Acidification Animation

Elizabeth OConnell

WaterTracks: Flow and Transformation

Elizabeth OConnell

Modeling Sea Ice

Ryan Vachon

Analogue Science – What Controls The Earth’s Temperature?

Ryan Vachon

Science of Action – Creativity

Ryan Vachon

Exploring Our World in Greenland – Carbon comes out of the earth when permafrost thaws

AIbert Gerdes

Hydrothermal vents in the deep sea

AIbert Gerdes

Join us for the MARUM Experience!


Alexandria Branscombe

Past Environmental Change in the Amazon Basin

Amy West

Life of a Marine Technician

Daniel Schmidt

Life Quickens

Daniel Schmidt

The (un)Luck of the Draw: understanding bushfires in Tasmania

Derek SoIlosi

AGU Mass Media Fellowship

Derek SoIlosi

AGU presents- Geosclence: Saving Lives

Doug Prose

In the Steppes of Genghis Khan

Francesco Fionndella

Managing Water In a Dry land -Lessons from Chile’s Elqui Valley

Guillaume Jouvet

Glacial Mystery

James Round

Earth Right Now

James Round

Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 : NASA’s new carbon counter

James Round

RapldScat- NASA’s New Wind Watcher

Joshua Wolfe, Kevin Krajick

Panama Rocks

Joshua Wolfe, Kim Martineau

Pulling Death Valley Apart

Joshua Wolfe, Francesco Fiondella

Putting Climate Services In Farmers’ Hands

Kate Brauman

Are We Getting Enough Crop Per Drop?

Katryn Wiese

Plate Tectonics and California Geology

Katryn Wiese

San Francisco Bay: Geoscience Tutorial

Kristina Baer

Ocean Acidification- Changing Ecosystems Atlantic and Polar Cod under stress

Kristina Baer

Ocean Acidification- Changing Ecosystems Traces of the past

Lauren Koellermeier

The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Pteropod Shells

Linus Kamb

Sounds of the Arctic Sea Ice Pack

Maarten Roos

lODP How Science Works

Maarten Roos

VIRTIS– a Space Instrument

Michael Conway

AZ Mining Review Episode 16

Michael Conway

Lake Mary Fault

Michael R. Rosen

Lake Mead-Clear and Vital

Nancy Soreide

Arctic Report Card 2013

Nancy Soreide

North Pole Web Cam 2013

Nathan Becker

Tsunami Animation: Iquique, Chile, 1 April 2014

Nathan Becker

Tsunami Animation: Iquique, Chile, 1 April 2014

Nathan Becker

Global Earthquake Animation: January – April 2014

Patrick Rynne

Bob the Drifter- A Wanderlust Film about ocean currents

Patrick Rynne

Drones at the beach- A Waterlust Film about the SCOPE Experiment

Rowena Davis

Dr. Jerry Howard speaks on Hohokam Irrigation

Saskia Madlener

Greenland Glaciers

Dan Brinkhuis

Introducing the Netherlands Earth System Science Centre

Dan Brinkhuis

Introducing the International Ocean Discovery Program (lODP)

Dan Brinkhuis

Monitoring Himalayan Glaciers

Susan Bell

NASA’s Earth Minute- Earth Has a Fever

Susan Bell

NASA’s Earth Minute- Mission to Earth?

Susan Bell

NASA’s Earth Minute-Usual Suspects

Susan Moran

60th Anniversary of the Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed

Susan Moran

Research Overview at Southwest Watershed Research Center

Susan Moran

SMAP (Soil Moisture Active Passive) Satellite

Jacob Lowenstern

An illustrated Guide to reading a seismogram

Philip Wade


Philip Wade

Cracking the Cas on Fracking

And, from the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting:

Science Filmmaking Workshop 2012- Ryan Vachon

Dr. Ryan Vachon presents the elements of making films about science, in a workshop held during the 2012 American Geophysical Union Annual meeting in San Francisco. Doc. Ryan- a climate scientist and filmmaker is the Director of Earth Initiatives ( an organization which supports environmental and human sustainability through interdisciplinary programs, resources, educational empowerment and films communicating science for change.

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