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Inspiring Self Help books, resources for your happiness, health & prosperity

Personal Development Guide & Self Help Books


Motivate, empower and educate yourself today with over 4,000 free Personal Development resources and Self Help books to show you….

** HOW to LOVE your LIFE **

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”
– Jim Rohn


feel Happier every day and more Excited about life?improve your Self Esteem and Self Confidence?be more Motivated to achieve your dreams?feel increased Energy & have dynamic Health?enjoy better Relationships with friends and family?create greater Career opportunities and choices?enjoy more Spare Income in your pocket at the end of the month?have more Spare Time to enjoy your favourite activities?have much, much, more FUN IN YOUR LIFE?


Just check out this self help website for truly powerful and inspiring personal development & self growth articles, tools and free self help books that WILL MOTIVATE YOU to take the steps needed to improve your life and help you to ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.

There are more pages of NEW self help resources being added every week, including self help books, articles & templates, so bookmark this site (Ctrl+D) to keep up to date with our new self help content.

You don’t have to Get it Right, you just have to Get It Going… here are strategies to help people in all walks of life, and will only become even bigger & better as we add even more self help content for you.

The future doesn’t get better by HOPE, it gets better by PLAN.


“SUCCESS is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day;

while FAILURE is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.

It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure”
Jim Rohn

Take the pain out of your life and put the happiness back in, with our self help articles, inspiring newsletter & quality self help books – all free to you – to inspire & motivate you to achieve your dreams AT LAST.


** NOW **


We now have OVER 200 free self-help books available for you to download and enjoy, in free self help book subjects of Happiness through Personal development, Health through Nutrition, Diet & Exercise, Prosperity through finance management & home business income as well as Prosperity through Internet Business and writing ebooks. The self help books library now also includes a large selection of “Classic Books” novels, kids books & non-fiction classics.

Motivate Me Now:

Recently I found myself slipping into bad eating habits and not exercising. The winter months tend to do that and as a result I put on weight and then lacked the motivation to exercise and turn my bad eating habits around.

To be honest, I am not a big Gym fan. After chatting with a mate of mine, he introduced me to a guy by the name of Jason Squires. Jason owns a company called Squires Fitness. His company provides Exclusive Online Personal Training As part of his Personal Training business, Jason has developed a guide called Motivate Me Now.

Motivate Me NOW is an instructional guide and audio programme which will improve your self-motivation in moving towards your goals with more enthusiasm and vigour. This guide can not only be used for your personal fitness, it can also be used to assist you in achieving your other goals in life.

I am in the process of working through Jason’s program at the moment and I can already see the benefits. This sort of online program may not be suitable for everyone as some people prefer to have someone physically standing beside them to motivate them to exercise. It has worked for me because being online, the programme suits my lifestyle and Jason does provide excellent support. The other thing is, if you do not have success with the programme, Jason provides a money back guarantee.

It is worth checking out, I do not think you will be disappointed

12 Weeks To A More Toned & Attractive Body

What are you looking for…?
You WILL find the answers here…

see our self help books and personal development web Site Map below for over 4,000 free self help articles and over 200 free self help books:




Feel Happy
self help
Healthy Body
self help
Have More Money
self help
Be Flexible
self help
Diet & Nutrition
self help
self help
self help
Health Supplements
self help
Have More Time
self help
Good Self Image
self help
Weight Control
self help
Professional Development
self help
Appearance & Presentation
self help
Cooking Recipes
self help
Start a Home Business
self help
Sense of Purpose
self help
Fitness & Exercise
self help
Small Business Ideas
self help
self help
Illness & Disease
self help
Plan a Business
self help
Happiness at Work
self help
Mental Health
self help
Business Management
self help
Personal Development
self help
Unhealthy Addictions
self help
Get Customers
self help
Goal Setting
self help
Natural Beauty
self help
Retirement Income
self help

Make sure you visit our free self help books page and collect your new copies of our “365 Daily Success Quotes” free self help book and “500+ Famous Quotes” free self help books, along with our Jokes book that also has a self help books section on HOW to tell Jokes!

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“Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot.”
– famous quote by Jim Rohn

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”
– self help famous quote from Abraham Lincoln

“It is never too late to BE what you might have been”
– George Elliot

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really HAPPYis something to be ENTHUSIASTIC about.”
– C. Kingsley




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“You got it right with the word ‘resources’. Full of article and e-book and the best is it free. Some people said ‘no free lunch’ but in here the word is totally wrong. Keep up the good work.”

– Azrol

“I love your website. It has everything that I believe is essential to be the best you can be. I agree with your philosophy. Not that I succeed in doing it all, I am constantly checking myself. But, certain things must be a part, no matter what part of life anyone is in. Good food, family, passion, breathing, exercise etc. You know.Anyway…thumbs up.”
United States

“Wow, This site has great resouces for personal development. And the ebook you are offering free is also special, it will certainly remind me the visit to this simple but useful site.”

“I think your site is great, and has lots of potential. It must have taken a long time to complete…” – Ray

“Thank you Helene, and congratulations on putting together a wonderful reference site which will help everyone in all aspects of their life, no matter where they find themselves right now.” – David Exon, Australia.

“Once again I must compliment you on your site – So much Content! and valuable information ..” Pete & Dee

“Your site is a relief, where one can contemplate. I really relax in your company. Keep up the good work!” – Alf

“I really admire your site. Well done, as I’m sure it makes a greatdifference to people’s lives.” – Frank McGinty

“Thanks for the information on your site. Brightest Good to You” – Christine from Colorado, USA

“I find that your site is an extension of you; abundantly helpful and giving. I hope others find it as valuable as I have. I will be returning often as you’re covering information I find essential! The best of luck to you.” -Greg Kuhn

“Thanks, Sensible advice – well put.”
– Evan, Australia.

“I LOVE this site!!! W O W.”
– Kathy, United States

“I am always looking for other sites full of self-help books andresources. And is this one ever packed! I am really enjoying thevisit..” -David Leonhardt

“A great site. I’m getting others onto this since signing up.A very merry Christmas to you.”

“A beautiful site I have ever seen, huge database of information on self development yes it will help me develop my own life as well others who r working with me as a colleagues, friends, agents, followers.Thanks with warm regards”
jitu pawar

“Just a short note to let you know that I really enjoyed your website. I just purchased an SBI site and hope to get it going soon. I meant to spend only a few minutes at the site, but I notice that that was one and a half hours ago!
I did download a number of interesting Books and articles.”
Peter – Canada

“I am a fledgeling SBI!er and just checked out your site for tips … I just had to e-mail to say that when I looked at your site, my first thought was “My God! What a wonderful job they’ve done here!” Congratulations!! I hope soon to contact you for affiliate info because I am building an enlightenment/spiritual site and a majestic site like yours would be a magnificent addition for my visitors to click to. Way to go!”
Octavien – Canada

This is a fantastic site. GOD BLESS.
Sincerely – Kofi


THANK YOU! Feel free to add your review (or constructive suggestions) through our Contact Us form.


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Self help books for happiness & personal development resources, free self help ebooks and self help articles listed for your convenient self help books for happiness personal development search in the free self help books and articles subjects of self image, self help relationships tips, self help ebook download resources for happiness, being happy self help emotion management, panic attack self help, self help for low self esteem, self help famous quotes, anxiety self help resources, happiness quotations, motivational self improvement, stress management self help books, motivational articles, tips and depression self help books, articles and resources.
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Self help books & Personal Development BlogBe Happier Today! Self help blog for your Happiness, Health & Prosperity. Personal development articles, free self help books & inspiring, motivational self improvement resources.HAPPINESS – self help books & resources for – FEEL HAPPY emotion managementSelf help articles & resources for Feeling Happy. Achieving BALANCED EMOTIONS for genuine and lasting happiness. These self help resources will help you to maintain a positive attitude and wellbeing.HAPPINESS – self help resources for – BEING FLEXIBLE and using STRESS MANAGEMENTBe Flexible in your emotion management, self help resources for stress management, change management, anxiety self help, personal development, self help happiness articles.HAPPINESS self help books & resources SELF CONFIDENCE self esteem & SELF IMAGESelf help books, articles & resources for better self esteem, self image, improved self confidence and personal development self help resourcesHappiness self help books & self image APPEARANCE & PRESENTATION 300Happiness self help books & resources for your SELF IMAGE – APPEARANCE & PRESENTATIONHAPPINESS – self help books & resources for – RECREATION and LEISURESelf help books & resources for Creative Hobby activities are what charge your batteries.These self help suggestions will get ideas flowing for more fun, energy and creativity in your time offHAPPINESS – self help books & resources for better RELATIONSHIPS in your lifeSelf help books and articles resources to develop better relationships with family and friends. Self help strategies to bring warmth, love and respect in your relationships.HAPPINESS self help books & resources for work life ON THE JOBSelf help books, articles and resources to Make work life more enjoyable so that you are happier on the job. Self help tools to develop the skills to create motivated & positive workplaceHAPPINESS self help books & resources for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is essential for your better life skills and fantastic future ahead. Try our self help strategies for a happier time while learning. Self help happiness and personal development.HAPPINESS – self help resources for life PURPOSE and goal settingSelf help for life purpose gives your life greater passion, joy of achievement & contribution. Having a life purpose and goals to achieve give you focus and energy in your life achievement.HAPPINESS – self help resources for GOAL SETTINGGoal setting self help resources for personal life and career development. These self help strategies will help to develop & define your goals and get yourself into action.HEALTH – self help books & resources for – HEALTHY BODYSelf help books, articles & resources to maintain a state of Happiness & Wellbeing. You need to nurture & feed your body to be healthy. Health resources, diet, nutrition, illness tips, healthy body.HEALTH – self help books & resources for – DIET AND NUTRITIONHealthy diet & nutrition is an essential starting point for you to have energy & vibrant good health. Some diet & health food free self help books & resources for healthy eating and cooking .HEALTH self help books & resources for – NUTRITION SUPPLEMENT & HERBS & VITAMINSSelf help books and health articles for Nutrition supplement , Herbs & Vitamins to help to provide the essential fuels for your body when good nutrition is not always possible in your daily meals.HEALTH self help books & resources for WEIGHT LOSS DIETSWeight loss diet plans to look good and feel great. Free self help books & quick weight loss diet plans & resources & e-booksHEALTH – self help books & resources for – FITNESS, SPORTS & RECREATIONFitness self helpbooks & free health article resources, including back exercises, physical fitness tips, home exercise program. Health & Fitness resources for a healthy family.HEALTH – self help books & resources for – DISEASE & ILLNESSSelf help books & resources for Coping with DISEASE and illness of your body. Directory of self help resources and articles about prevention or coping with compromised health.HEALTH – self help books & health articles resources for – fighting ADDICTIONSOVERCOMING ADDICTIONS – self help books & health articles with strategies to overcome them. Directory of self help resources and articlesHEALTH – self help books & resources for – MENTAL HEALTHMENTAL HEALTH for balance of both body & mind. Directory of self help books & resources for stress managmement, anxiety attacks, family health, feel good, mental health,HEALTH – self help resources for RECIPES – COOK BOOKS, ideas meals & weight lossDirectory of self help easy cooking free recipes, weight loss cookbooks and free easy recipe ideas for meals.HEALTH-self help resources for Natural Beauty TipsDirectory of self help resources and articles for Natural Beauty Tips and ebooksPROSPERITY self help books RESOURCES DIRECTORY 3PROSPERITY self help books & articles RESOURCES DIRECTORY 3 for money & financial management and budgetting, including how to start a profitable home business & MLM consultants trainingPROSPERITY self help books & resources for MORE MONEY and time saving ideas.Prosperity self help books & resources means more Money, Time & Pleasure for you & your loved ones.Simple but Powerful self help strategies for greater Prosperity to solve money problems.PROSPERITY – self help resources for – BUDGET how toHow to Budget successfully for more Money. Directory of self help resources and articles- How to SAVE MONEY and cost saving self help BUDGET strategiesPROSPERITY – self help books resources for – TIME MANAGEMENTHAVE MORE TIME. Directory of self help books, articles & resources for time management, how to save more time.PROSPERITY self help books & resources for Why YOU Should be in a Home BusinessWhy YOU Should be in a Home Business too! Directory of self help resources and articles- HOME BUSINESS, home internet business, business mentor,PROSPERITY self help books & articles HOME BUSINESS IDEASSMALL BUSINESS IDEAS for Small Office & Home Office enterprises. Directory of free self help books & business resource articles mlm consultants trainingPROSPERITY self help books & resources for BUSINESS PLAN business entrepreneurBusiness Planning & Developmet tips for business entrepreneur developing a BUSINESS PLAN. Directory of self help resources and articles Business Plan.PROSPERITY – self help books & resources for Developing SALES SKILLSGET CUSTOMERS. Self help books & strategies for you and your Sales Team. Directory of self help books & direct sales tools resources and articles to GET CUSTOMERSPROSPERITY self help books & resources BUSINESS MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE TRAININGBusiness Management self help books & resources for Business Entrepreneurs executive training and business management development.PROSPERITY self help books & resources PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTPersonal Development self help books & resources. Directory of self help training resources and articles for Professional and Personal Development self help resources.PROSPERITY-self help books & resources for goalsetting RETIREMENT INCOMEDirectory of self help books & financial management article resources for your Retirement Income. How to retire with a good income.200 FREE SELF HELP BOOKS download page DIRECTORYHappiness and wellbeing GET over 200 self help books DOWNLOAD PAGE and personal development articles about free kids books, free self help books, free books, free ebooks, .pdf books,PROSPERITY resources HOME INTERNET BUSINESS self help BOOKS Part 2Part 2 of our Free books – Directory of self help Home Internet Business and web site business free books to download now.1 Self help books & personal development LATEST ARTICLES DIRECTORYHappiness and wellbeing self help books and LATEST personal development ARTICLES DIRECTORY from self help site with free self help books on being happy and healthy, personal development, self actualizSelf help resource FAMOUS QUOTES to Inspire and Motivate1000+ self help famous Quotes to Motivate and Inspire everyone who likes daily famous quotes for their success and humour.self help JOKES and comic relief for your Happiness today…A collection of Jokes for your happiness – and self help tips on how to tell jokes.self help NEWSLETTER subscription page Power TipsSelf help Newsletter “POWER TIPS!” subscription pagePrivacy PolicyDisclaimer page for self help resources with bonus famous quotes to inspireDisclaimer page for self help resources, with bonus famous quotes and happiness quotations to inspire and motivate you.CONTACT US – self help resources e-mail link, with bonus famous quotesCONTACT US self help resources direct e-mail link, with bonus famous quotes to inspire and motivate you.A Directory of self help Articles and Resource Link to self help websitesSelf help Directory of Articles and Resource Link so websites with other self help resources. Write and submit your aritcle here to Add URL for Link Exchange with self help Happiness, Health, WealthHAPPINESS self help books & articles RESOURCES DIRECTORY 1Directory of powerful self help books, resources and articles for Happiness, Health and Prosperity.HEALTH self help books & articles RESOURCES DIRECTORY 2HEALTH self help books & health article RESOURCES directory 2. Resources for self help, HEALTH, diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, illness, wellbeing, health articles,YOUTH Happiness self help resource for self esteem, Health and ProsperityYOUTH Happiness self help resource Directory. Resources about self help, happiness, self esteem, health, prosperity, personal development, self help for youth & teenager,SINGLES self help happiness, health & prosperity self help strategiesSINGLES – FLYING SOLO. Self help resources for living the Single life.COUPLES self help for HAPPINESS, HEALTH & PROSPERITYCOUPLES HAPPINESS – supportive & caring Relationships. Self help resources for couples in a Relationship.PARENTS self help books & resources for HAPPINESS, HEALTH & PROSPERITYPARENTS self help books & resources for HAPPINESS, HEALTH & PROSPERITY for personal development, self esteem, time management, parenting articles, toddlers activity & toddlers discipline with kidsMATURE Senior Living self help books for HAPPINESS HEALTH & PROSPERITYMATURE self help resources for Senior LivingENTREPRENEURS self help resources for HAPPINESSENTREPRENEURS self help resources for HAPPINESS, HEALTH & PROSPERITY.RECOVERING from Trauma self help resources for HAPPINESSRECOVERING from Trauma self help resources for HAPPINESSa Happiness self help SUCCESS VIDEOS Power of Attraction Jim Rohn Tony Robbins“Success & Laws of Attraction video” Happiness and wellbeing self help VIDEO jim rohn video, tony robbins video, team hoyt video, guided meditation video, the secret video,Happiness self help books help video Ask the Fruitcake Lady“Ask the Fruitcake Lady” Happiness and wellbeing Ask the Fruitcake Lady self help books and personal development articles from self help site with free self help books on being happy and healthy, pers1 Happiness self help SILLY PETS VIDEOS“Silly Pets video humour” Happiness and wellbeing self help VIDEO and personal development articles from self help site with free self help books on being happy and healthy, personal development, selfa website self help resource Site Build It – Action Guide downloadThe Complete E-Business Builder… From Concept, to Site, to Income – prosperity self help article on home internet business.Self Help With Snoring Solutions & Sleep Apnea GuideSelf Help With Snoring Solutions & Sleep Apnea Guide | Instant download How to Stop Snoring NaturallyStress Relief Tips and Stress Management Techniques eBookStress Relief Tips online guide: Discover Why Most Treatments Are Actually Doing You More Harm Than Good, And Why Wiping Out Stress Takes Nothing More Than A Simple 3 Step FormulaTime Management Tips Self Help eBook for a Happy and Productive Life!Time Management Tips Self Help eBook for a Happy and Productive Life! How to manage time at home and at work to be a real winner.

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