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Workshops and Trainings

Bearningtrainings for bankers: Bank management- Assets & Liabilitiesmanagement (ALM) -Treasury and financial markets -Risk management - Regulation - Fintech & Blockchain - Private Banking - Investing


Bank Simulations

We provide a unique banking simulation SimBa (simulated bank).The programme participants understand how a bank works, they make business decisions with a view to satisfying shareholders and meeting regulatory requirements. SimBa graduates are qualified to assess risks/returns and business decisions ofa bank.


Bearning E-learning

E-learning has many benefits:
it accommodates your needs; you can take it anytime and anywhere, you are efficient! Successful graduates declare mastery of prescribed topics and receive their Bearning certificate after the final exam.

Bearning E-learning

Exams & Certificates

Bearning exams are conducted onlinein order to confirm the knowledge gained and to obtain yourdigital Bearning certificate.

Boost your knowledge and skills, study online, get certified to advance your banking career, and share your qualification acquired!


CFI Certificates

Get world-class CFI qualification with Bearning discounts


Consulting and ALM Solutions

Bearning consulting is focused on finding solutions and on supporting bank managers. Our expertise is based on long-term experience and professionalism, taking into account the current environment and use of the latest technologies.

Consulting & ALM SOLUTIONS


Bank Trainings



1000+ test QuestionsMulti-level TestsCalculations QuestionsSolutions and ExplanationsMore




SimBa - Simulated BankReal Case StudiesBusinessSimulationsSolutions and InspirationsMore


Bearning ExamIn-house CertificationDigital CertificatesKnowledge AassessmentMore

Consulting & Mentoring


Focused on finding solutions


Aimed at explaning key banking topics

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News & Blog

CBDC: Risks and efficiency

Our intern Romana Dršková wrote a bachelor thesis on an innovative and up-to-date topic - Central Bank Digital Currency: risks and efficiency. Her bachelor thesis aimed to analyze and evaluate the possible benefits and risks of central bank digital currency (CBDC) implementation. CBDC is gaining more and more interest from the central banks as well as the broader public. Considering the author‘s findings based on a comparison of academic literature and approaches to the CBDC from different countries, the author believes that if the central banks do not underestimate the risks, CBDC can serve as a powerful and influential monetary and payment tool.

World-Class Qualification

Become a qualified professional with us! Bearning has long focused on training financial experts. As a partner of the Canadian Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), we provide world-class courses in areas such as financial analysis, capital markets, credit risks and business intelligence.

Use our dicount codes MYFMVA10, MYCBCA10, MYCMSA10 and MYBIDA10 and get the world-class specialization and your new title with permanent Bearning discount, or contact us to ask for even bigger discounts for the whole team from your company. With Bearning, Black Friday lasts all year.

Banking Management, Digitalization and Leadership

The most successful athletes have talent and at the same time, they train, so they become the best. The most successful bankers have a knack for leading and motivating people and at the same time they are professionally proficient – they can manage the bank's balance sheet, they understand the financial products and their risks, they take bearings in modern technologies. The banks they work for are becoming the best. Read our blog aboutkey areas for successful bank management in modern times.

Bank's Balance Sheet Optimization

Proper Assets & Liabilities Management (ALM) at the bank is a challenge for many bank managers. Especially smaller and medium-sized banks, or emerging digital/neo/challenger banks are often surprised by the complexity and obligations arising from ALM. Read our new blog aboutthe underlying problems and appropriate solutions in optimizing banks' balance sheets.

Payments in Digital Finance

Bearning is an affiliated partner of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) and Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB), authorsof this online courses Payments in Digital Finance (PIDF).In the Payments in Digital Finance (PIDF) specialisation, you will explore how a rapidly changing technology landscape is transforming the payments ecosystem at an unprecedented rate. The programme at Bearning was supported by the British Embassy in Bratislava.

ALM - Survey 2021

Our business partner MORS Software launchedthe ALM Survey on 18thFebruary 2021.The survey takes just 6 minutes to complete, and you will gain invaluable insights into key developments in Asset and Liability Management, Balance Sheet Management and the significant challenges of maintaining profitability in a low and/or negative rate environment.

SimBa online - first time public

SimBa - simulated bank training - is offered for the first time as public online training. The online form allows us to run this excellent bank training in non-consecutive days. Do not hesitate, sign up and try how a bank works in practice.

CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currencies

What is the future of regulated digital currencies? Some blockchain enthusiasts might say that CBDCs have no perspective, as one of the main crypto-currencies’ features is that they are not regulated.Read our opinion.

Funds Transfer Prices (FTP)

Do your internal FTP prices in the bank seem odd and they do not fit in with your business? Then it is the right time to understand the FTP settings in a bank, which is explained in the following blog.


Learders in providing financial trainings & consulting

References from our clients

Bearning was founded in April 2007.

Exclusive cooperation with the Austrian company Finance Trainer.Providing bank trainings on Treasury, ALM and bank management.

Re-branding to Bearning, USA office founded.New areas: bank regulation, risk management, investments and private banking.

Bearning e-learning, bank simulations SimBa, Bearning Certificate.

New topics: Fintech and digital transformation.Bearning provides highly effective and tailored solutions when concerning consulting and financial trainings.

Expanded offer of trainings for financial experts.Partnership with the Corporate Finance Institute.

Partnership with the MORS Software. Bearning represent MORS software in CEE.Online Live Lectures & SimBa Online Simulations.

Cooperationwith CFTE London,BIB Budapest and GUST PACE Kuwait in fintech area.A lot of outstanding online courses, certifications and workshops are available to our clients.

Meet Bearning Team

Bearning has been providing customized and comprehensive banking trainings since 2007. We have focused on bank education and consulting, particularly in the area of bank management, financial markets, asset and liability management, and regulation and risk management.

In 2015, new business and development activities were added and we started our cooperation with partners in the USA. We used our extensive know-how from educating bankers in combination with e-learning, simulations, and new technologies. Bearning provides highly effective and tailored solutions when concerning consulting and financial trainings.

Later, we broadened our take on the subject of fintech and digitalization, where we now provide education, consulting, and jointly with our trusted partners, the development of modern solutions and applications.

Affiliated partners

Cooperated with

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