Leading Insights

Why organizations should be prioritizing customer experience

Sep 15th | By Tanya Fowler

First impressions matter, and the initial interaction a customer has with an organization can have a lasting impact. However, creating an experience for that customer goes far beyond that first exchange. While there is…

Inside FCT

2022’s William G. Davis Scholarship winner will change the world, one brain at a time

Sep 8th | By FCT

We just had the pleasure of awarding this year’s William G. Davis Scholarship. Named for the late Honourable William G. Davis, a chairman of FCT’s board, former education minister and Premier of…

Inside FCT

Coffee break with Grant Dalrymple

Sep 1st | By FCT

Grant Dalrymple, the head of Treasury and Payment Strategy has been building up the capabilities of FCT’s payment systems for eight years. Today, he sits with us to talk about his journey,…

Legal Professionals

Three ways continuing education helps real estate professionals

Aug 25th | By FCT

How do you complete your continuing professional development (CPD) credits? Thanks to remote learning methods, there are more options than ever before. Attending a CPD session can sometimes feel like just fulfilling…

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