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Thurman, CO F4 Tornado – August 10, 1924

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On August 10, 1924, a localized tornado event took place in Eastern Colorado, devastating the community of Thurman. While small in terms of how many tornadoes were documented, this was a historical event and remains the deadliest in Colorado state history. Through our research, we have NEW evidence on the path and the number of fatalities!

Flat Rock, AL-Trenton, GA EF4 Tornado – April 27, 2011

NEW FREE AND PREMIUM SUMMARY! During the April 2011 Super Outbreak, a violent wedge tornado marched nearly 45 miles across northeastern Alabama and northwestern Georgia. It was directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of 17 individuals. This summary walks through the path in great detail, documenting the stories of this overshadowed twister.

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Thompson, OH-Beaver Center, PA F2 Tornado – June 22, 1985


Three weeks after the devastating May 31, 1985, Tornado Outbreak, a long-tracked F2 tornado, skipped through parts of northeastern Ohio and into northwestern Pennsylvania. Several farms were damaged, and three people were injured.

Cullman-Arab, AL EF4 Tornado – April 27, 2011


The first violent tornado in the state of Alabama, on April 27, 2011, crossed over 50 miles through Cullman, Morgan, and Marshall Counties. It is one of the most filmed twisters of the day, with the riveting beginning captured live on the ABC 33/40 SkyCam. The tornado wrecked downtown Cullman and left several rural communities with massive destruction. Tragically there were six fatalities, including five in one family.

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Lookeba, OK EF3 Tornado — May 24, 2011


During the afternoon of May 24, 2011, Oklahoma was impacted by one of the state’s most infamous outbreaks. Twenty-two tornadoes tracked across areas west of and into the Oklahoma City metro. This summary will examine a short-lived and powerful EF3 that tore through areas west and north of Lookeba.

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Murfreesboro, TN EF4 Tornado – April 10, 2009

Updated Summary! A completely new look at this event! Much more imagery, maps and personal stories!

A substantial tornado outbreak swept across portions of the South throughout April 10, 2009. The strongest was an EF4 that rolled through the northern side of Murfreesboro. This summary provides a detailed analysis of the damage and documents the personal stories of those who lived through it.

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Tornado Talk is a dynamic, information packed website devoted to tornado history! The site contains over 500 event summaries. Our team of writers and researchers dive deep into the details about each tornado event describing what happened through damage analysis and story-telling. Get Hooked on Tornado History with Tornado Talk!

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