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What to Consider When Branding a Business? How To Guide

What to consider when branding a business? The most valuable asset of any business enterprise is its brand image. If you have a loved and reputable brand image then you have one less thing to worry about. If you pay attention, you would find out that bigger and popular brands tend to make more sales than smaller brands. The reason for this is simple. People tend to patronize brands that...Continue readingComments off ||

5 Benefits of Leadership and Management Training Program

A leadership and management training program is essential in organizational development. Leadership refers to the ability to influence, direct the behaviors and directional purpose of others in a group. According to Warren Dennis, a top leadership expert, "leadership is the capability to bring to reality the vision of a group." In an organizational setting, leadership is needed to help the organization achieve its aims and objectives to put it on...Continue readingComments off ||

Can a Press Release Help My Brand Reputation?

How can a press release help my brand reputation? There are several ways in which a press release can help boost your brand reputation. A well-written press release will do so much for your brand, and it is those things that we aim to list in this article. One of the most popular business goals is to be well-known for the right reasons. To achieve this feat as a brand,...Continue readingComments off ||

How to Manage Brand Reputation on Social Media

Do you know how to manage brand reputation on social media? Before venturing into any business, individuals should know that the success of their business is dependent on their target audience. Your target audience is where your customers and fan base will be generated from. Hence, their opinions about your business can make or mar your brand reputation. Never underestimate the power of your customers. One bad review from them...Continue readingComments off ||

What Makes a Successful Mentoring Relationship?

What makes a successful mentoring relationship? Mentoring is an appropriate way to help individuals without experience grow and develop in a particular career path or profession. As a mentor, the job you have at your hands is to help your mentee build needed skills as a leader or strategist, to guide your mentee into making good, sound, and positive decisions that would positively help your mentee in their career path....Continue readingComments off ||

How to Protect Your Online Brand Reputation

Do you know how to protect your online brand reputation? It is common knowledge that the internet is an entire community on its own. Sadly, it is a community without a sole leader. Hence, making it quite difficult to control what goes on, on the internet. As a business owner, your brand is your most intangible asset. Your brand is what people see and how they feel about your business....Continue readingComments off ||

4 Ways Business Mentoring Creates a Lasting Difference

Like every other mentor, business mentors mentor people, their mentees, in the business landscape. Here are ways business mentoring creates a lasting difference. In our everyday life, people need a guide, usually, someone with the knowledge they seek or with the experience they lack to help them with a guide on how to scale problems and advance towards unchartered territories. An individual who wakes up one morning and decides to...Continue readingComments off ||

How To Improve Business Reputation?

How To Improve Business Reputation? As an entrepreneur, having an idea of how your business is perceived by your customers or even other business owners are important. Your business character cannot please everyone, but how many percentages of people can say they love your business character? Carrying out a statistical poll to ascertain the answer might be difficult. But if the rough estimate is below 60% then you have a...Continue readingComments off ||

What is Reputation Management?

What is Reputation Management? Every business requires a good reputation to keep it afloat. A brand with bad reviews from customers will perform very poorly in the market. The truth is poor performance incurs a business loss, and nobody wants that, do they? The answer is generally a big NO! To avoid this, business owners would need to look into building their brand name and reputation. Well, this is where...Continue readingComments off ||

5 Brand Management Strategies for Success

Do you have brand management strategies for success? Starting up any kind of business is not easy. Sustaining that business is a different ball game altogether. Good sustenance will keep you in business but it does not equate to success. What determines success then, you may ask. It is how your brand is perceived by your customers and people at large that determines the success of your brand. Established brands...Continue readingComments off

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What to Consider When Branding a Business? How To Guide5 Benefits of Leadership and Management Training ProgramCan a Press Release Help My Brand Reputation?How to Manage Brand Reputation on Social MediaWhat Makes a Successful Mentoring Relationship?How to Protect Your Online Brand Reputation4 Ways Business Mentoring Creates a Lasting DifferenceHow To Improve Business Reputation?
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