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“Every good thing you do, every good thing you say, every good thought you think, vibrates on and on and never ceases.” -Peace Pilgrim

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Whether you have an existing website that needs work, or a new project that needs exposure, we will access your needs and team up to create the website that meets those needs and presents confidence to your supporters.

You supply the inspiration and together we will bring your project to life!

Since 1999, we have been creating attractive and user friendly websites for very special clients.

We partner with organizations and purpose-driven businesses to offer ongoing training and support so you can keep your site up-to-date, while we take care of the technology.

We will keep your site updated, maintained and protected so you can focus on your passions.

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We will help you create the best look for your website, and then work together to customize every detail to match your particular style. We will ask you for examples of thinks you like and then customize them to match your mission.

Responsive Design

We will not design a site without a great user experience on their computer, tablet, phone or any other device. We will make any necessary adjustments as needed so all of your visitors have a successful and easy experience with your site.

Multilingual Sites

Need a site in more than one language? We can help you with the technology to make seamless switching between languages. See our Portfolio for examples.

Non-profit Services

For our 501c3 organizations we can offer special services. These include free website hosting, access to free Google products like Gmail and advertising, as well as reduced rates on Software and credit card processing services for donations. If you are not 501c3, we still have great offers like $10/month hosting on our Virtual Private Server.


We offer 24/7 monitoring, verified daily backups, daily site updating and firewall protection on your site. 10,000 websites per day get attacked1, we provide the peace of mind that you will not fall victim to costly and time consuming problems.


If you are looking for a website that markets your unique products, we have experience in multiple platforms to launch and support an online store. With our partnership with the Bigcommerce platform, we take advantage of many tools to help you truly excel in your e-commerce performance.


We will optimize your site for search engine rankings and help you with the most advantageous content. Then we can help to promote your site to make sure your target audience is reached.

Newsletters and Email Marketing

We can help you with all aspects of managing your email addresses, designing great looking emails and tracking their success.

Training and Support

We have several plans that include training and advice. We are happy to answer any technical questions you have. We diligently research the best answers. We have the capability to do one-on-one training as well as a group presentation for your whole team.

Attack Recovery

If your website has been hacked, we can help get it back in working order, and put you on a plan of protection to reduce future problems. With our ongoing partnership we will then monitor and protect your site against future problems.

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Geoffrey has been beyond helpful. Before starting working together my website was based on wix platform but we were constantly facing challenges: payment options, adaptation of the website through a variety of devices, evolving the website with the needs of our growing project and much more. Although wix answered our needs at the start of our business with its user friendliness it was now very much needed to move towards WordPress platform to optimally support the growth of our business. Working with Geoffrey made the process smooth and we felt supported by an expert in the domain throughout every step. He has been very available, professional and delivered a good result. I couldn’t be more grateful for the continuous support even once we concluded the wordpress website and his involvement in wanting the best for our business beyond expectation.LaurenceSource CacaoGeoffrey Hennies at Lowthian Design has been without a doubt, the best webmaster we have ever had. In my over 11 years of experience as a social entrepreneur (with multiple companies and several websites), I've never been happier and more grateful for our website and our webmaster than I am now. A couple of years ago, our company page had become overrun by spam and was an outdated nuisance and Geoffrey completely revamped our website into a beautiful platform that now consistently generates new business for us. Since then, Geoffrey has patiently helped us manage the page, learn to do it ourselves, advised us on techniques to boost traffic, and is always extremely responsive to anything we might need. At CASSA, we love Lowthian Design, and give them the highest possible recommendation we can!!Tono Aguilar - CASSACassa GuatemalaWe have worked with Geoffrey for over 15 years and always enjoy what his great attitude and spirit bring to a project.He goes above and beyond to make sure that we are pleased with his work!Bill HarrisCafe CampesinoLowthian Design Works is one of the single most important partnerships that our organization, Programa Velasco has made since we were founded in 2007. We are based in the US but operate in El Salvador. Our web presence is the predominate way people learn and reference our work. Prior to partnering with LDW, we had a simple, uninspiring and unprofessional web presence. Therefore, our organization was seen as such. As a result of working with LDW, our organization’s website, online donation platform and e-newsletter campaigns all convey that we are a trustworthy, professional and legitimate organization that successfully carries our our mission. LDW’s staff trained our our staff to build, edit and maintain the site’s function. Our staff takes ownership in our web presence and feels empowered and competent to make improvements.Annie BoydPrograma VelascoAs a writer and journalist who works to feature the poor I am constantly on the move and I don’t have the time to manage or design a website. For a very fair price Lowthian Design Works has allowed myself and the stories that I tell to have a voice on the web. Lowthian Design Works has worked tirelessly with me. Together we have designed two English speaking websites and one Turkish website. The dedication, sacrifice and effort displayed by Lowthian is the best on web, bar none. If you are lucky enough to work with Lowthian Design Works you can know that Lowthian’s staff believes in your work and that you are a part of the Lowthian family.Sean David HobbsEmbedded Journalist - Cairo EgyptSeveral years ago, we lost control of our website—volunteers moved on and technology changed, and we were a small, struggling nonprofit who could not afford the price of professional help. Or so we thought. Lowthian Design Works came to our rescue—found us a free host for our site, pointed us to WordPress and helped us choose a template, then customized it just for us. What we have now is an up-to-date site that users tell us is very accessible and helpful. And we can update it easily ourselves. The folks at Lowthian have been quick to help us when issues arise, and they make sure the solutions are what we want. From start to finish, they have offered support for our vision rather than foist something on us. We could not imagine a better relationship.Ralph HuchinsonOak Ridge Environmental Peace AllianceGeoffrey was instrumental in helping the Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation develop a new website, and since it launched continues to provide expert guidance and support on a daily basis as we add content and features to it. He has tutored me in Word Press and always responds quickly to any issues I may run into as I learn. In addition to his professional expertise, Geoffrey is a wonderful human who is a delight to work with. I highly recommend him to any non-profit organization needing to enhance their web presence.Laura BauerExecutive DirectorPreviousNext
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