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Bulgarian Weather Network

Serving Bulgaria


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Bulgarian Weather Network


Метеостанция, Камера, Детектор мълнии, Метеостанция, Камера, Метеостанция Cluster - click to expand details

Данните са актуализирани:
Wed, 30-Sep-2020 20:30:57 EEST за Wed, 30-Sep-2020 20:40:20 EEST

Ако имате персонална метео станция в България, работеща с Weather Display, VWS, WeatherLink, Cumulus или WUHU software Ви каним да се присъедините към нашата мрежа. Включете се


8.2Great5 reviewsHotelхотел ресторант Чаирите СофияБългария, София28€7.6Very good45 reviewsHotelКняз Борис Хотел СофияБългария, София31€7.6Very good6 reviewsAparthotelEmirates Apart Residence СофияБългария, София232€7.4Very good20 reviewsHotelHotel City Inn СофияБългария, София41€7.8Very good23 reviewsHotelHotel Alexander СофияБългария, София37€8.4Great401 reviewsHotelБест Уестърн Плюс Бристол Хотел СофияБългария, София76€8.0Great82 reviewsHotelЗемята и Хората Хотел и СПА СофияБългария, София73€6.2Nice1 reviewHotelAlexander Palace Hotel Sofia СофияБългария, София31€7.0Very good4 reviewsHotelХотел Ротасар СофияБългария, София41€8.0Great12 reviewsHostelHostel 123 СофияБългария, София8€8.0Great32 reviewsHotelСемеен Хотел Агонцев СофияБългария, София76€8.0Great160 reviewsHotelHotel Central Point СофияБългария, София43€8.0Great6 reviewsAparthotelBlue Label Apart House Aparthotel СофияБългария, София42€7.8Very good4 reviewsHotelHotel Rai СофияБългария, София43€8.0Great46 reviewsHotelЕлейт Плаза Хотел СофияБългария, София99€

7.6Very good36 reviewsHotelHyatt Regency Sofia HotelБългария, София302€8.2Great84 reviewsHotelХолидей Ин София HotelБългария, София103€8.0Great20 reviewsHotelБутик Хотел Каса Бояна СофияБългария, София100€8.2Great127 reviewsHotelMaison Sofia Hotel СофияБългария, София84€8.4Great684 reviewsHotelХотел Анел СофияБългария, София94€8.0Great111 reviewsHotelАрена Ди Сердика Хотел СофияБългария, София151€7.8Very good228 reviewsHotelСофия Хотел Балкан, хотел от луксозната колекцияБългария, София99€8.2Great103 reviewsHotelSense Хотел СофияБългария, София137€8.2Great291 reviewsHotelIntercontinental Sofia HotelБългария, София158€7.8Very good31 reviewsHotelAll Seasons Residence Hotel СофияБългария, София99€

Join the Bulgarian Weather Network

The Bulgarian Weather Network (BGWN) is always looking for new members to contribute their data to the network. Our goal is to have the single most comprehensive view of weather conditions across Eastern Canada.


8.0Great70 reviewsHostelХостел Мостел СофияБългария, София28€

If you are a personal weather station owner / operator, please let us know and we will consider adding you to our network. We are especially looking for stations in the more remote parts of our service area.

8.0Great75 reviewsHotelЦарско Село Спа Хотел СофияБългария, София72€8.0Great16 reviewsHotelХотел Вила Бояна СофияБългария, София50€8.2Great47 reviewsHotelSpa Hotel Dragalevtsi СофияБългария, София86€8.8Great421 reviewsHotelRosslyn Thracia Hotel СофияБългария, София96€7.6Very good258 reviewsHotelBest Western Plus Expo Hotel СофияБългария, София87€7.6Very good48 reviewsHotelХотел Женева СофияБългария, София59€7.8Very good18 reviewsHotelBankya Palace HotelБългария, Банкя79€7.8Very good59 reviewsHotelHotel Coop, Sofia СофияБългария, София116€7.8Very good18 reviewsHotelОливс Сити Хотел СофияБългария, София78€6.6Nice25 reviewsHotelХотел Хил СофияБългария, София79€

System requirements: Contributors must of course have a personal weather station and that station must be connected to the Internet and continually updating to a website. At the current time, we can pull data from users of Weather Display, WeatherLink, Cumulus and Virtual Weather Station.


7.4Very good369 reviewsHotelИзи-Хотел СофияБългария, София30€8.0Great32 reviewsHotelZenith Hotel СофияБългария, София50€

To view instructions on how to configure these software programs to work with BGWN, please click here. If you meet these requirements and would like to join, please complete the form below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

8.0Great178 reviewsHotelХотел Арис СофияБългария, София52€7.6Very good284 reviewsHotelBest Western Art Plaza Hotel СофияБългария, София61€7.6Very good276 reviewsHotelБест Уестърн Хотел Лозенец СофияБългария, София51€7.2Very good146 reviewsHotelХотел Рочентро СофияБългария, София48€6.8Nice59 reviewsHotelХотел Орландо СофияБългария, София38€8.4Great7 reviewsHotelХотел Капри СофияБългария, София61€7.0Very good116 reviewsHotelХотел Форум - Безплатен Паркинг СофияБългария, София55€8.2Great5 reviewsHotelLatinka Hotel СофияБългария, София43€7.2Very good2 reviewsHotelХотел 4 Зона СофияБългария, София44€8.0Great61 reviewsAparthotelАдела Бутик Хотел СофияБългария, София74€

Full Name:

Please enter your name and correct e-mail address here.
A few people mistype their e-mail addresses, making it impossible for us to respond.
Please double-check carefully.


7.4Very good95 reviewsHotelХотел Хемус СофияБългария, София53€

E-Mail Address:
Location: City, ProvinceLatitude:Your weather site Latitude.
Use: + for N,- for S (ie: +46.361355)Longitude: Your weather site Longitude.
Use: + for E,- for W (ie: 11.028763)WX Site Name:Your weather site nameWX Site URL:Your weather site URLWX Station Type: Your weather station typeWX Software: Your weather station softwareWeather Station Data URL:URL of data file
Full url to clientraw.txt, VWS_stickertags.htm, WeatherLink_stickertags.htm, or WUHU_stickertags.txtAirport METAR nearest your location: ie: KAST (Required for WeatherLink, VWS and WUHU users)Do you have a lightning detector?
Do you have a webcam?
Will you add a link to our site on your weather web site?
Will you install a copy of the mesomap on a page on your weather web site?

We will give you easy instructions on how to install the map after you become a member.Comments:

We reserve the right to approve or deny applications, thanks for taking the time to submit an application.

Please enter the phrase in the image below:

7.6Very good56 reviewsHotelХотел Вега СофияБългария, София80€7.6Very good259 reviewsHotelЦентрал Хотел СофияБългария, София87€8.4Great77 reviewsHotelБутик Хотел Кристал Палас СофияБългария, София115€8.4Great12 reviewsHotelХотел Диана 3 СофияБългария, София38€8.0Great39 reviewsHotelХотел Грами СофияБългария, София94€7.4Very good610 reviewsHotelRamada By Wyndham Sofia City Center HotelБългария, София96€8.2Great85 reviewsHotelХотел Даунтаун СофияБългария, София84€8.4Great40 reviewsHotelHotel Adria СофияБългария, София75€8.0Great105 reviewsHotelФеста София ХотелБългария, София53€7.8Very good198 reviewsHotelХотел Метрополитън СофияБългария, София93€

About Bulgarian Weather Network

The Bulgarian Weather Network was founded in July of 2009 by Radmil of Stamboliski Weather in Stamboliski, Bulgaria. Membership is open to those with Personal Weather Stations in Bulgaria, and member sites can be viewed on the home page.


7.8Very good28 reviewsHotelFamily Hotel Madrid СофияБългария, София38€

The weather networking idea comes from Chris Arndt at www.sloweather.com, he is the founder of the Southwestern Weather Network.

The members of this site contribute their data to the map on the home page allowing for a clear and live snap shot of the weather in Bulgaria. It is a great place to visit when there is a storm predicted for Bulgaria or if you plan on traveling to or in the area.

7.8Very good70 reviewsHotelСемеен Хотел Свети Георги СофияБългария, София34€8.2Great1 reviewHostelХостел Елена СофияБългария, София25€HotelХотел Дарлинг СофияБългария, София33€7.6Very good34 reviewsHotelFamily Hotel Bansko СофияБългария, София31€6.4Nice33 reviewsHotelХотел Калифорния СофияБългария, София40€8.4Great107 reviewsHotelХотел ДИТЕР СофияБългария, София51€8.2Great155 reviewsHotelСити Авеню Хотел СофияБългария, София48€7.6Very good99 reviewsHotelХотел Консул СофияБългария, София39€8.2Great37 reviewsHotelAmsterdam Hotel СофияБългария, София52€7.8Very good384 reviewsHotelЛайт Хотел СофияБългария, София63€

If you have a weather website using a personal weather station running Weather Display, VWS, WeatherLink, or Cumulus software in Bulgaria, and are publishing weather data to a personal weather website, you are invited to join our network.

7.8Very good10 reviewsGuest houseMy House СофияБългария, София34€7.6Very good35 reviewsHotelХотел Горна Баня СофияБългария, София28€7.2Very good168 reviewsHotelХотел Славянска Беседа СофияБългария, София49€8.4Great227 reviewsHotelхотел Будапеща СофияБългария, София87€7.4Very good176 reviewsHotelЕвропа Хотел СофияБългария, София64€8.0Great353 reviewsHotelHotel Rila Sofia СофияБългария, София55€7.8Very good356 reviewsHotelNiky Hotel СофияБългария, София62€8.0Great117 reviewsHotelСуит Хотел СофияБългария, София78€8.0Great286 reviewsHotelХотел Ибис София ЛетищеБългария, София59€8.0Great256 reviewsHotelBest Western Premier Sofia Airport HotelБългария, София119€

Membership is free, Contact Us to get started. We offer a member mesomap for your site. The map style and rotating data display was a result of collaboration between SWN members as they built their network. Ken True from Saratoga-Weather.org supplied the backend programming that makes it all work.

Hotels with pool

8.4Great161 reviewsHotelХилтън София HotelБългария, София129€7.2Very good123 reviewsHotelХотел Монтесито СофияБългария, София51€7.6Very good83 reviewsHotelВитоша Парк Хотел СофияБългария, София52€7.8Very good83 reviewsHotelСИТИ Хотел СофияБългария, София80€7.4Very good272 reviewsHotelХотел Маринела СофияБългария, София240€8.0Great169 reviewsHotelArte Hotel СофияБългария, София64€8.0Great75 reviewsHotelХотел Атлантик СофияБългария, София79€7.8Very good111 reviewsHotelХотел Жасмин СофияБългария, София48€

Vitosha District

7.8Very good11 reviewsHotelВитошко Лале Хотел СофияБългария, София43€

Weather Network affiliations:

1390 stations in affiliated networks worldwide as of 2020-07-19 11:06:55 UTC

Africa Namibia Weather Network 27 Stations in NamibiaCanada Canadian Atlantic Weather Network 8 Stations in E-QC,NB,NS,PE,NLOntario Weather Network 8 Stations in ON,W-QCQuebec Weather Network 3 Stations in E-ON,QC,NB,NSSaskatchewan Weather Network 2 Stations in SKWestern Canada Weather Network 7 Stations in BC,AL

7.8Very good199 reviewsHotelХотел Акорд СофияБългария, София53€7.6Very good180 reviewsHotelХотел Света СофияБългария, София53€8.2Great307 reviewsHotelRosslyn Central Park Hotel СофияБългария, София115€8.0Great119 reviewsHotelХотел Фешън СофияБългария, София72€8.2Great25 reviewsHotelХотел Галант СофияБългария, София50€7.6Very good50 reviewsHotelТриада Хотел СофияБългария, София53€7.2Very good166 reviewsHotelGloria Palace Hotel СофияБългария, София45€
Europe Austria Weather Network 19 Stations in AustriaBenelux Weather Network 113 Stations in Belgium, Netherlands, LuxembourgBulgarian Weather Network 105 Stations in Bulgaria

8.4Great347 reviewsHotelГранд Хотел СофияБългария, София126€8.2Great82 reviewsHotelНовотел София HotelБългария, София114€8.2Great53 reviewsHotelХотел Легенди СофияБългария, София60€7.0Very good54 reviewsHotelХотел Зоо София България, София81€

HomestayBlue Room СофияБългария, София27€HostelHostel Sylvia СофияБългария, София38€8.4Great14 reviewsHotelХотел Елит СофияБългария, София34€8.8Great7 reviewsHomestayВила Понтика Apartment СофияБългария, София27€8.0Great39 reviewsHotelХотел 007 СофияБългария, София43€7.2Very good8 reviewsApartmentStay Nexus Galaxy Center СофияБългария, София42€8.0Great139 reviewsHotelBon Bon Hotel СофияБългария, София38€7.8Very good44 reviewsHotelХотел Чийп СофияБългария, София44€6.8Nice140 reviewsHotelАлабин Централ Хотел СофияБългария, София37€10.0Perfect1 reviewHotelЕди Хотел СофияБългария, София54€
Czech Republic Weather Weather Network 7 Stations in Czech RepublicEuropean Weather Network 469 Stations in EuropeGermany Weather Network 45 Stations in GermanyHellas Meteo Network 68 Stations in GreeceIberian Peninsula Weather Network 48 Stations in Spain, Portugal, AndorraPoland Weather Network 19 Stations in PolandPortugal Weather Network 16 Stations in PortugalScottish Weather Network 34 Stations in ScotlandSlovakia Weather Network 14 Stations in SlovakiaSlovenia Weather Network 20 Stations in SloveniaUnited Kingdom Weather Network 71 Stations in England, Wales, Scotland, N.I.Pacific Australian Weather Network 29 Stations in ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WANew Zealand Local Weather Network 75 Stations in North Island, South IslandUSA Alaskan Weather Network 5 Stations in AKMid-Atlantic Weather Network 37 Stations in PA, NJ, WV, VA, DE, MD, DCMid-South Weather Network 23 Stations in TX, OK, AR, LAMidwestern Weather Network 75 Stations in MN, WI, MI, IA, IL, IN, OH, MO, KYNorth American Weather Network USA: NationalNortheastern Weather Network 54 Stations in PA, NJ, NY,CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, MENorthwest Weather Network 24 Stations in WA, OR, ID, MTPlains Weather Network 17 Stations in OK, KS, ND, NE, SDRocky Mountain Weather Network 21 Stations in WY, CO, NMSoutheastern Weather Network 34 Stations in TN, NC, SC, MS, AL, GA, FLSouthwestern Weather Network 33 Stations in AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT

Курорти хотели

7.4Very good42 reviewsHotelХотел Брод - Безплатен паркинг СофияБългария, София44€7.8Very good66 reviewsHotelХотел Астра СофияБългария, София37€7.6Very good34 reviewsHotelхотел Надежда СофияБългария, София47€8.0Great18 reviewsHotelHotel Calipso Hotel СофияБългария, София50€8.2Great90 reviewsHotelХотел Дрийм СофияБългария, София64€8.8Great260 reviewsHotelХотел Фаворит СофияБългария, София52€5.4Guest rating15 reviewsHotelХотел Медик СофияБългария, София39€8.4Great210 reviewsHotelSofia Place HotelБългария, София60€8.2Great184 reviewsHotelХотел Свети Георги СофияБългария, София77€7.8Very good411 reviewsHotelХотел Лион СофияБългария, София60€

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Special thanks to Mike Challis of Long Beach WA for his wind-rose generator, Theme Switcher and CSS styling help with these templates.
Special thanks go to Ken True of Saratoga-Weather.org for the mesomap conditions display, and integration of the TNET Weather common PHP site design for this site.

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