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Products Profile News EuroConstruct Contact Buildecon is focusing on applied construction economics. Please discover our latest service improvements here or choose the country of your interest. Charts Data type We display an array of our data in bar charts. Comparisons can be made
between years and countries. Data type applied here is level at constant price. Beside our conventional data-sets, we provide all 3 data types where applicable.
Current price, constant price values and real growth rates are available for the
whole time series.
EBI Construction Activity Report is our latest research for better now-casting and short-term forecasting. We conduct it in cooperation with ELTINGA and iBuild. This article explains what it is and Q1 2022 results are accessible on
Buildecon is the founder and research center to EECFA (Eastern European Construction Forecasting Association). It is the improved continuation of the service we used to provide on Eastern European construction markets. The Summer 2022 EECFA Construction Forecast Report is released on 27 June 2022 and can be purchased at
Buildecon is the Hungarian member to EUROCONSTRUCT. The new construction forecast for 19 European countries was released at the 93rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference on 10 June 2022 and can be purchased from us.
Bulgaria Croatia Romania Russia Serbia Slovenia Turkey Ukraine 8
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