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Powerful Protection

The only securitysystem on the market that doesn't just prevent a break-in... It fights it in your absence!

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Your protection
is important to us

We are offering medical grade respirators at the lowest prices.

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Smoke Rhino offers several product options based onthe various needs of our customers.

Smoke Rhino F

For addition to existing alarms

COVID-19 Test - 25 pack

Get result in 15 minutes

Kid Face Mask - 50 Pack

Perfect size for children

Face Mask - 50 Pack

Disposable - 3 Layer - FDA Approved

Face Mask - 5 Pack

Disposable - 3 Layer - FDA Approved

Face Shield

Lightweight and clear for maximum visibility.

KN 95 Face Masks

Comes in packages of 5

Kid Face Mask - 10 Pack

In convenient reseallable bag

Face Protector

Flexible Reusable face protector

Lithium Battery

Lithium battery for wireless systems

Smoke Rhino S

Standalone unit, no need for existing alarm system

Smoke Rhino R

With remote control for panic situations


Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Isolation Gown

lightweight fluid-resistant

Shoe Cover - 100 Pack (50 pair)

Waterproof & dust protection

Motion Sensor

Detects motion to trigger system


Certified cartridge

Wireless Door Contact

Wireless door contact for wireless connection

Remote Control

2 Way Wireless control

Burglars can't steal what they can't see

That's the logic behind using smoke cannons and smoke systems.

When an alarm goes off, burglars know they have some time before anyone will come to intervene. SmokeRhino makes it impossible for them to use that time.

Smoke Rhino is the only smoke alarm system on the market that doesn't just prevent a break-in, it fights it in your absence.

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Smoke Rhino is a smoke alarm system that, through it's innovative technology,offers a compact design with a reaction time faster than any other existing system on the market. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Compact Design

SmokeRhino is quite small compared to its market competitors (approx.7in h x 3.75in w x 4.75in d), which makes it practically undetectable within its environment.

Rapid Filling Capacity

SmokeRhino offers remarkable environment-filling capacity covering spaces up to 700 sq. ft in only 15-20 seconds and releases dense and bitter smoke that lingers for 20/30 minutes.

Doesn't Require a Boiler

SmokeRhino doesn't need an internal boiler, resulting in reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance, and a lower chance of malfunction.

Reliable System

SmokeRhino uses a dual signal system, combining the sensors of the existing security system with an additional sensor for final verification.

Eco Friendly Technology

SmokeRhino uses replaceable, completely eco-friendly, and non-toxic incense-based cartridges. It leaves NO residues and requires no special disposal.

Can Be Used Anywhere

SmokeRhino can be used in combination with any existing security system as additional protection against intrusion and vandalism. The device can be connected to any alarm control panel, as it uses only three connection signals. We also offer independent our own standalone security system.

Budget-Friendly, Performing & Certified

SmokeRhino is available at significantly lower costs compared to an average market price of $700.00.

Guaranteed Quality

SmokeRhino's technology, features, and products are exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy.

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Are you an installer requiring technical information? Are you a retailer requiring info on costs and supplies?

Contact us now for more information about the super crime-stopping powers of SmokeRhino


Got questions? We've got answers.

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What is SmokeRhino?

Smoke Rhino is the only security system that will actively protect your property from robbery rather than just notify the authorities. Safeguard your home or business with security smoke: effective, safe, independent, and fast.

Do I need a security smoke system?

Absolutely. When an alarm goes off, criminals know they have some time before anyone will intervene. Even the fastest police response time gives intruders precious minutes to take your belongings, mostly because they usually study the location’s daily schedule and know when to act.

How does it work?

When activated, Smoke Rhino generates an incense-based smoke that within 15-30 seconds fills the area completely. It’s a proven loss-prevention/crime-stopper method that discourages the intruder before he/she gains access to your valuables.

Does the smoke activate smoke detectors?

Yes, Smoke Rhino will activate smoke detectors

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