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What is Wave Break?

Wave Break is an arcade-style SKATEboarding BOATING game, with a splash of guns, kickflips and explosions - set in an 80s crime-filled Miami Vice inspired world.

Kick-flips and pop clips while you carve the cool waters in Wave Break, the world's first skateBOATING game.

Our Usual Suspects

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Experience the rivalry firsthand between Mafia’s Big Pin and Detective McHutchenson in an episodic storyline involving guns, kickflips, and blood money.

Hotspots of Criminal Activity

High Tide Hotel - Definitely not a front Polar Petroleum - It's cold because of the ice Canyon Cartel - Nefarious operation in the mountains Quad City - Seedy futuristic downtown city Previous Next

From tropical beaches to frozen tundras, play on a variety of detailed and fresh new environments and experience skate parks in a new way.

Use your kickflips, grabs and rail grinds to chain tricks for mega-point combos

Build up your meter using combos and collect power-ups to do high-scoring special tricks.

Hunt down and KILL other players for an action-filled online multiplayer bloodfest!

Play With Friends

..Or Compete Online

Trick Attack - How many sweet tricks can you combo together within a short amount of time?

Deathmatch - Fight your enemies, friends and lovers to the death using a variety of firearms.

Turf War - Occupy and control/defend zones on the map while building up your gang.

Trick Out Your Ride

..and get new threads too!

Boat Loads of Customization - Deck out your boat with decals, paint jobs, antennas, and attachments

Character Customization - Swag out your characters from head to toe with a wide array of shirts, hats, and eyewear.

Available Now

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