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Kent Moore Cabinetsspecializes incustom-designed cabinetsfor single, multi-familyconstruction,remodels, andcommercial applications.

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The kitchen is considered the sexiest part of your home. Cabinets are the most visual part of the kitchen. We keep up with recent trends and styles but aren’t afraid to set a few trends ourselves.

Kent Moore Cabinets has been serving Texans since 1971. You can leave all the details to our experienced custom cabinet professionals.

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The bathroom is the place in the house where you want to feel safe and comfortable. It needs to appeal and be welcoming to yourself, your family, and your guests.

We house one of the most extensive style libraries offered anywhere in the world today, from amazing door styles and edges to a nearly infinite combination with wood types, stains, glazes and distressing. You can add decorative elements and customize to your hearts content.

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Storage Spaces

Along with aesthetically pleasing, storage spaces must be fully functional to hold all your precious art, books, plants, etc.

With the latest in machine technology, computer-aided design, and the most environmentally friendly finish found anywhere in the world today, Kent Moore Cabinets is the cabinet maker of choice for Texans.

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