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Questions? (888)543-7345

Emergency Food

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Legacy Freeze Dried Emergency Food

We are proud to offer the full line freeze dried food storage products from Legacy. Buy online or call us to place your order. We urge you not to buy any emergency foods until you compare Legacy.

Free Shipping on all orders Freeze dried ready meals Larger serving sizes Lowest food cost per pound Voted Best Tasting 25 year shelf life Non-GMO Gluten-free options Made in the USA

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See How Legacy Premium Compares

Package Name Premium 720 Servings Ultimate 30 Day Package for 2 720 Servings Easy Prep 3-Month Bundle 632 Entree Plan 1440 Serving Bucket Total Cost (with Shipping) $2,045.00 $1,469.99 $1,699.99 $1,999.00 $1,646.99 $1,510.00 Total Package Weight 185 lb 90 lb 135 lb 99 135 lb 112 lb Cost per Pound of Food $11.05 per lb $16.33 per lb $12.59 per lb $20.13 per lb $12.20 per lb $13.48 per lb Total Calories 283,120 Total Calories 135,360 Total Calories 155,280 Total Calories 176,878 Total Calories 141,690 Total Calories 184,720 Total Calories Avg. Calories per Serving 399 Calories per Serving 226 calories per serving 216 calories per serving 83 calories per serving 224 calories per serving 171 calories per serving Cost per 2,000 Calories $14.21 $21.72 $21.90 $22.60 $23.29 $16.35 Gluten Free Options Available Total of 2,000 Calorie Days 141 days 68 Days 78 Days 88 Days 71 Days 92 Days Non-GMO No MSG or AYE added (autolyzed yeast extract) No Artificial Flavors Nitrogen Flushed Mylar Pouches Oxygen Absorbers in Every Pouch Unknown Residual O2 Content 0.11% Average Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Stackable Storage Buckets FREE Shipping Orders Over $199 Time to Ship 2-5 Business Days 9-13 Business Days 9-13 Business Days 7-10 Business Days 9-13 Business Days Unknown

Featured Products

HOT! 183 Serving Mega Sample HOT! 720 Serving Package HOT! 16 Serving Entrée Pack
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