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What is the Goal of Wildlife Conservation?


Money This, Money That: The Idea That Hijacked Humanity


The Human Cost of Food

What We Stand For

Your neighbors are transcending scarcity by building a moneyless society and resource-based economy. Our mission is to facilitate a networking space and resources hub for bringing world changers together.

We already live in an abundant world. People go hungry or without shelter not because humanity lacks resources, but because it fails to organize those resources compassionately and rationally. Markets create artificial scarcity instead of accounting for human needs. The world we want to create is one that accounts for everybody, where all live with rich abundance, free from the daily oppression of wage slavery.

What We Do

Our role in all this is to bolster the people who are already doing work by giving them free exposure, networking them to each other, and creating an ecosystem of mutual aid. We scour the web and our personal networks to find ongoing projects that could cause paradigm shifts in economics, politics, production, food, labor, and other facets of our lives, and share those projects on our website. In addition to networking, we are creating various media to educate about the state of socioeconomic affairs in the world, and about pathways to a more caring civilization. We already produce articles and a podcast, and soon we will release a movie, book, and TikTok account.

On top of the activism we do through our organization, the members of Moneyless Society are running some of these projects themselves.

As Moneyless Society evolves as a collective, we will be able to engage more directly with making these paradigm shifts happen.

Calls To Action

Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet? Do you want better infrastructure? Are you tired of living in a world that's controlled by money and the people with the most?

Much of the media of today is written in past tense, and sometimes future. It rarely covers the present tense: things that are in the process of happening and which you can affect. While it's important to discuss what is happening in the world, and to imagine what kind of world we want to live in, we also need to collaborate on how to get there. From designing the building blocks to constructing the buildings, there are many aspects of blueprinting, creating, and sustaining an exploitation-free society that could directly use your support. The scale of the undertaking often scares people away from entire thought process, and away from the people whose are actually starting to pull it off. If you feel the call of a making world where everyone and everyone's grandchildren can live freely, there's no better time to start than today:

Realize you're not the only one. Use our Facebook group to meet likeminded thinkers and activists.

Use our website's "Contribute" and "Resources" pages to learn about projects currently being undertaken to make a more beautiful world.

Read our articles to learn about the context for our movement.

Follow our social media and podcasts.

Donate to our Patreon if it's within your means.

Reach out to people whose projects inspire you.

Check out our direct action recommendations.

Invest your time and thought into the issues facing our world by learning what's happening and documenting it in the wikis we list on our "Resources" page.

Make an account on Communiivate and socially network with leaders of world change.

Make an account on Magnova to get involved with designing and building the new world. This website's homepage has its own calls to action.

To contribute directly:

(see how it helps)

Navigating Our Website

Moneyless Society has compiled a wealth of contacts, project links, videos, articles, and other information. It is organized in a few ways:

Content format (main menu)

Topic (tag)

Field of study (categories in the main menu)

Type of activism (Resources pages).

If you would like to read the most recent articles about current events and social theory, simply scroll down past "Calls to action" and peruse the "Latest" feed. We have also curated a feed of socially-minded publications that appears in the silver menu. On desktop, this is to the right. On small screens, this is at the bottom of the page.

If there's something specific you're looking for, you can use the site-wide search at the top of the same silver menu. We tag our content as well, so you can explore content related to what you just read by clicking the tags at the bottom of articles.

Top Menu

If you are looking to develop your knowledge about a field, open the main menu at the top of the screen (on small screens, open it with the button), click "Read", then choose the knowledge you want.

If you have a penchant for videos, click "Watch" directly the right of the "Read" for a list of good ones.

Driving? Laundry? Yoga? Catch up on our Podcast! It's hosted on our own site (to the right of "Watch"), and also on seven streaming platforms: Youtube,Spotify,Pandora,PodBean,iHeartRadio,Google Podcasts, andApple Podcasts.

Ready to change the world, but need tips on where to start? Click "Contribute"! We've handpicked some movements, wikis, and organizations we know are equipped to create systemic change.

For people who know what kind of help they want to give, all our most actionable content is found on the "Resources" page. Whether you're looking for groups you can join, learning curricula, visionary profiles, or infrastructure that needs building, this is your gateway to other creators of a more sustainable world.



What is the Goal of Wildlife Conservation?

When many of us think of wildlife conservation, we think of national... Read MoreEconomy

Money This, Money That: The Idea That Hijacked Humanity

Have you ever noticed that corruption and money usually go hand in hand? It’s true, they do. Have you ever noticed that over 90% of all crimes are financially motivated? Interesting, right? Don’t believe me? Read MoreAgriculture

The Human Cost of Food

The food comes from the land and from the farmworkers who put in the labor of cultivating the land to grow our fruits and vegetables and tend to the animals. Farmworkers do back breaking labor for minimal pay to bridge the gap between the land and our table. Seventy Three percent of farmworkers are immigrants, many of them illegal. Many live in fear of being hunted down by ICE while doing the very important job of feeding us. Read MoreEnvironment

In US Ecology Should Be Top Priority

The US ecology needs to become a top priority, more so than... Read MoreHealth & Wellness

COBID – Capitalist Overconsumption Backlash Involving Depopulation

Cobid has taken center stage the last few years as it has... Read MoreSociology & Psychology

Violence Begets Violence – Feedback Loops and Structural Violence

There is no doubt that nature is inherently a violent thing. Things... Read MorePolitics

Council Communism

Council communism, also known as councilism, is a far-left movement originating in... Read MoreResources

Vanguardia Liberal / The Liberal Vanguard

The Vanguardia Liberal (meaning the Liberal Vanguard in English) is a newspaper... Read MorePolitics

Green New Deal Pros and Cons

The Green New Deal is a resolution that lays out a plan... Read MoreHuman Rights

I Love My Freedom. That’s Why I Want to Obsolete Money.

I love my freedom just as much as anybody. I love being... Read MoreLoad more

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What is the Goal of Wildlife Conservation?Money This, Money That: The Idea That Hijacked HumanityThe Human Cost of Food

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What is the Goal of Wildlife Conservation?


Nikhil’s Blueprint For A Beautiful World


Poverty Is A Weapon Of The Powerful: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


A Force of Change, But Not Change By Force


Why The Main Argument Against Withdrawing US Troops Is Bogus



Money This, Money That: The Idea That Hijacked Humanity


Conflicting Goals: How Profit Creates Poverty

EconomyMovements & Organizations

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Be Alive




Healthcare Gouging: The Price We Pay

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EconomyMovements & Organizations

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Be Alive

Movements & Organizations

Who/What is Moneyless Society? What Do We Do?

Movements & Organizations

Do your neighbors want an egalitarian revolution?

Movements & Organizations

One Community Global

Movements & Organizations

The Zeitgeist Movement and InterReflections Premiere

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This Geothermal Greenhouse Grows Oranges in the Snow

Science & Tech

Space Colonization Is A Capitalist Perception Management Op

Housing & Architecture

The Circular Economy (And Recycling Human Waste)

Science & Tech

Automated Gardens Are The Future Of Food

Science & Tech

This Huge Robot Will Drive Up and Build You a House [Video]

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Sociology & Psychology

Violence Begets Violence – Feedback Loops and Structural Violence

Sociology & Psychology

Can Positive Reinforcement Motivate People to Work For Free?

Sociology & Psychology

The Mass Media Will Never Regain The Public’s Trust

Sociology & Psychology

Justifiable Hypocrisy: The Great Side Quest

Sociology & Psychology

The Hierarchy of Motivation -A Rebuttal To The ‘Lazy’ Argument

About This Site

Here at Moneyless Society, it is our mission to facilitate a space that functions as a post-scarcity informational resource hub, providing utility for individuals to come together in the name of implementing a moneyless society and resource based economy.

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