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A brand & digital product designer,
developer and consultant.

About milo

The name & logo of milo 317 originates from my graffiti tag.

As I come from a large agency background, this means that you can secure the very same services and quality for a much smaller price tag.

You are not paying for a big city agency, the corporate overhead, staffing costs, and executive perks, just the essentials.

milo 3oneseven, designer based in Munich, Germany. Available for freelance work and other types of collaboration: milo [at]

Specialized in creating responsive web sites for Shopify.

About miloCSS & UX/UI

r e n e w e d

Project A Swedish Shopify shop for r e n e w e d, frontend restructure with balanced collection & landing…

View moreCSS & UX/UI

Goppion Caffe

Goppion Caffe Project A German Shopify shop for Goppion Caffe products, collection & landing templates for exclusive coffee products. Goppion…

View more3oneseven

02 project

A dynamic Shopify ecommerce shop

View more♥ 501 Art & Style

Illustration is visualization

For me, the daily world's nature is in my eye, the imagination is not the finished piece, how the image is lit and composed can make or break the digital art. A beautiful picture can look like crap with poor ingredients and skills...


The art of style

By changing the way they paint, apply colour, texture, perspective, or the way they see shapes and ideas, the artist establishes a certain set of "rules". If other artists see the rules as valid for themselves they might also apply these characteristics. The works of art then take on that specific "style". An artist may give the style a name such as Expressionism, or a name may be applied later, as in the case of abstract art.

Art & Style


A good illustration should be seductive. Sexy. capture views, wakes up interest, makes appetite for more. The spectator gets the feeling. Illustration is a process of common transfer of written, thought and spoken words in a visual counterpart...

Art & Style


I enjoy the playfulness and irony of juxtaposing reality, fantasy and abstraction. In treatment of the subjects I often attempt to create the poetical, lyrical world with contemporary condition. Often, this process start from a few scribbles, and through steady erasing and redrawing is slowly refined and honed like a block of marble into something beautiful in the end.

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Web site design & development services:
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