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CameraCameraOne or more cameras can be managed and controlled with the Fieldeye® Information System.Images of 2x 13 MPImages of 2x 13 MPCamera picture time, managing groups and user administration as well as registrations can be modified.Daily ImagesDaily ImagesThe timing allows a detailed setting, when and show often the high resolution images are to be uploaded.Normal ViewNormal ViewIn the normal view an image of the field can be seen - „100% of the image area“.Zoom ViewZoom ViewIn the zoom view flowers, leaves and fruits can be viewed at higher resolution.Makro Zoom ViewMakro Zoom ViewThe macro zoom is controlled with a „mouseover“, i.e. a touch with the mouse enlarges an image section at an even higher resolution.AlbumAlbumBrowse through a static album page with all the images of a camera.Infrared Camera (optional)Infrared Camera (optional)In order to record and store stress data during growth, a Fieldeye® element can also be equipped with an infrared camera.Infrared ImagesInfrared ImagesBrowse through the infrared images of one location.Location ComparisonLocation ComparisonComparison of two locations or cameras on one screen.SlideshowSlideshowAll images of an album can be viewed as a slideshow.Time LapseTime LapseTime series of images stored for further analysis. All images from an album can be viewed as a video of growth.ProductsProductsSelection view of product groups and fruit groups.Selection by Location and/or ProductSelection by Location and/or ProductSelection view by geographical features or content.MapMapMap with all albums and groups.MapsMapsOverview and selection map.LocationsLocationsCreate and edit new locations of the Fieldeye® cameras.Quality ControlQuality ControlPermanent quality control of the plant development.Integrated Weather StationIntegrated Weather StationWeather station data and detailed weather information.Excellent Value for MoneyExcellent Value for MoneySolar PanelSolar PanelGPSGPSEasy InstallationEasy InstallationCloud Data StorageCloud Data StoragePersonalised Web InterfacePersonalised Web InterfaceGroup-based User ManagementGroup-based User ManagementLogos IntegrationLogos IntegrationEmbed Album in Home PageEmbed Album in Home Page 

Information System

Products, Development and Success – Compare with the Fieldeye® Information System Daily Pictures from all Locations!

The observing and monitoring of the growth and yield is a complicated and time-consuming process in the agricultural economy. Fieldeye® sends automatically daily high-resolution photographs with up to 2x 13 megapixels on the user-friendly Fieldeye® Internet platform.

The images are available at all times, from any place and on any device - computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. A notable new feature is the integration of an infrared camera, that can also transmit to the Information System „stress data“ of plants during the growth period.

Analysis and Documentation - Daily Image

Photos, photo series, temperature and rainfall records (optional) can be saved throughout the year without further manpower and viewed and analysed over time, a direct comparison of different locations is integrated.

The time lapse allows statistical interpretations on growth, seed, fertilizer or weather effect for the entire period of use.

Cost-effective solution for the data collection on products, growth and yield with an integrated map-element.

Technical Details

GSM-GPRS or GSM-UMTS is used as an interface for the data transport. The Fieldeye® camera system is completely independent from any power supply through an integrated solar cell. A special version of the interface for seed or fertilizer manufacturers integrates the product name, product classes or the manufacturer logos, but also the location names and descriptions. Optionally, a pest module can be integrated. The Fieldeye® images can also be inserted (embedded) into an other existing website.

Basic Version of the Fieldeye® Information System
1 Camera, resolution of 2x 13 MPManually adjustable telescopic rod from 1.5 – 3 metersDetachable floor anchor3D adjustment of the camera unitSolar PanelGPSEasy to use and password-protected Internet platform for various users
Infrared CameraIntegrated Weather StationWebsite IntegrationApp-control for mobile phones and tablets

Fieldeye 3.0

Original Album

Fieldeye® Live

View up to date Fieldeye® locations ... • The Information System
Fieldeye GmbH • Wildgrubgasse 12 • A-1190 Wien, Austria • • Privacy Policy

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