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Magnets for the new and brighter ESRF storage ring

Manufacturing and testing of 328 magnets in progress at our new production facility


Study of rare isotopes to understand the mysteries of exploding stars

The SECAR Project at Michigan state University will play a significant role in the research of this area.


Compact magnets for MAX IV

Since opening 21 June 2016 and up to the summer shutdown MAX IV Laboratory will have received 21 groups of scientists, involved in circa 50 different research projects. They have performed experiments at the beamlines BioMAX (12 groups), NanoMAX (5 groups), FemtoMAX (2 groups) and HIPPIE (2 groups), all situated on the 3 GeV storage ring.

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High performance particle accelerator technology

Danfysik accelerator system and accelerator components are in service at most particle accelerator facilities worldwide.

From accelerator components to turn-key systems.

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From special magnets to power supplies and beam diagnostics

We have more than 50 years experience in delivering ion accelerators, magnets, synchrotrons, insertion devices and electrostatic devices

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First Quadrupole magnet series for ANL completed

Aug 09 2019 After award in 2017 the first Quadrupole magnet series named Q1, 81 pcs. for Arg…

Magnet series


Events and conferences

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