What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that occurs after parts of the brain controlling language are damaged (eg after a stroke, head trauma, brain tumour). It impairs a person’s ability to speak, write and/or understand words.

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Aphasia SG

Aphasia SG is a not-for-profit organisation supporting persons with aphasia and their caregivers. It is run by a core team of dedicated speech therapist volunteers.

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Flagship programme

Chit Chat Cafe™

A free monthly “pop-up café” for persons with aphasia (PWA) and their caregivers to interact and enjoy a cup of coffee together.

Chit Chat Cafe™ was conceived by speech and language therapist (SLT) volunteers who wanted to create a safe space for socially isolated PWA to have meaningful supported conversations while increasing their opportunities to forge new friendships.

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Flagship programme

Aphasia SG Choir

The Aphasia SG Choir empowers and enriches the lives of persons with aphasia though music and singing.

Music bypasses a person with aphasia’s injured brain cells (typically located in the left hemisphere) using rhythm and memory to prompt the words. By tapping into the intact right hemisphere of their brains, our choir members, even the ones with severe expressive aphasia, find themselves articulating big words with ease!

The Aphasia SG Choir is conducted by music therapist volunteers and has weekly evening rehearsals at a central location. 

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