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In April 2018, an inter-faith consortium comprising Faith to Action Network (F2A), African Council of Religious Leaders-Religions for Peace (ACRL-rfp), All African Conference of Churches (AACC) and Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) initiated an inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue program under the name Communities Richer In Diversity. The program’s goal was to enhance understanding, tolerance and respect for cultural and religious diversity among youth at risk of radicalization, and to leverage on the influence of faith leaders and institutions to promote cultural diversity and respect for equal dignity of all men and women in Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Burundi and Tanzania. Learn About CRID

Interfaith, Intergenerational and Life Dialogue

Learning Exchange


Interfaith & Intercultural Collaboration

Communication, Feedback & Engagement

CRiD Model

CRID’s intervention model is designed to respond to personal factors, relational factors and structural factors that inhibits appreciation and respect for religious and cultural diversity among communities, especially young people.

In the pilot phase, we encountered young people at their family spaces, religious spaces, cultural spaces and state spaces using multifaceted strategies in different contexts across the 6 Countries.

We increased their knowledge of their own and other people’s faith and culture. We also improved their attitudes, emotional response & empathy towards others, which helped them to overcome faith, culture and/or gender-based stereotypes and negative perceptions towards others.

The project has also imparted skills and practices of inclusive interfaith and intercultural activities and built common ground among people holding different worldviews.

The project actions have improved social and religious norms such as empathy, love for strangers, forgiveness, as well as gender norms. They have also strengthened community trust, support and influence, significantly reducing potential for conflict. These results inform our desire to take to scale this model.

The CRiD program acknowledges that there are many effective inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue approaches, processes, methods and tools that are being employed by faith groups and institutions yet not documented. In the pilot phase, the program carefully monitored, interrogated, catalogued and documented some of the approaches and models employed by its partners in the 6 Countries of focus.

In addition to undocumented inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue approaches, there were knowledge gaps within the faith communities on what religious ideologies and narratives were being used by violent extremists to radicalize and recruit young people to their groups and organizations. The program hence conducted studies on existing religious narratives that fuel intolerance and extremism across cultures and religions, and systematically documented religious alternative narratives in Christian and Islamic perspectives that support understanding, tolerance, respect and gender equality.

In appreciation of the larger context in which the targeted young people live, the program further commissioned formative research (baseline) in all the geographical project areas in the 6 Countries. The research collected, analyzed and presented information in relation to Personal, Relational and Structural factors.  


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CRiD has a replication and learning model that seeks to equip adopting institutions with knowledge and skills to apply in their specific contexts. In scale up, the project shall seek partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances that shall bring together the originating, adopting and financing institutions to take the model to scale.


Description of The Action and Theory of Change

When faith leaders join hands, they can exert powerful influence on leaders and communities for greater pluralism, diversity and peace. The “Communities Richer in Diversity (CRID)” project leverages this influence to promote cultural diversity and respect for equal dignity of all men and women in Burundi, Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda through interfaith and intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

The project’s focus on enhancing the understanding, tolerance and respect for cultural and religious diversity among 12,200 young men and 12,200 young women at risk of radicalization helps counter the most salient threats to pluralism in the region. Marginalised from political processes, lacking viable economic opportunities, and with an increasing sense of desperation, 78 million young people aged 10 to 24 years in Burundi, Egypt, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda are struggling to meet their basic needs and find their place in society.  

Faith organizations are uniquely positioned to promote pluralism. Religious beliefs and values exert a powerful influence on the actions of individuals and communities in target countries. Pew Forum found that 95% of Kenyans and Tanzanians, 93% of Ugandans and 75% of Egyptians describe religion as ‘very important in their lives’. Through their networks and structures faith organizations can spread messages of respect among many young women and men, and mentor vulnerable individuals and support initiatives against intolerance and religious hatred. 

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