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very helpful , can you add repo users management instruction to it...Thanks for the great article this is very useful info thanks for the wonderful p...Thanks, It worked!!...What about ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream? Mine worked on local PC but fa...The below works, but I do not need the time, only the file's date. Can this be d...Just want to say ! wow!!! very nice exact what i am looking for! thank you very ...very nice article and helpful. can you please also mention how to replace or im...Thank you very much!...Java technology is used to develop applications for a wide range of environments...Hi, could you explain how to set an svn:externals to point to another local repo...Helpful information, Thanks. I found related issue and blogged on that on my ...Nice Article. How it help to developer in terms of balance the day to day life....Great! Explanation with examples and real paths. Make the classpath explicitly e...This is simple, beautiful and powerful. Thanks for sharing!...This was great, just what I needed to remove the passphrase from my rsa key unde... Setting up subversion (svn) repository: on mounted or network drive, using symbolic link (symlink), dynamically under SVNParentPath. Howto, what works and what all...Migration from Maven2 to Maven3. Roadmap, example use case, what to expectWe will discuss the migration process from maven2 to maven3. This article doesn't answer all questions regarding that process, but can serve as a road map all...Maven3 pom using Groovy, Ruby, Scala, Yaml (Sonatype Polyglot)During maven3 evaluation I have found this cool feature. Maven3 pom can be pom.groovy, pom.ruby etcread all...GIT for beginners guide. GIT tutorial for subversion usersWe begin with one empty GIT remote repository. Repository is called "test-repo" and located under "test-project" project in gitorious . We will pay no attention to the server side all...Selenium grid hardware and system requirements. Optimizing for just one GRID or many GRIDs in paralellSelenium is very sensitive to system configuration. Particularly memory requirements are huge. Here we explore how to setup optimal Selenium Grid system. read all...Subversion status and future (what to expect from SVN 1.7)The future of subversion. I was lucky to visit the "Subversion day in Berlin 2010". Subversion developers talked about the current state of SVN and things to come. Discussed known problems with this tool and features it needs all...GAnt vs. Ant (comparison, advantages and drawbacks GAnt)Ant is great and stable tool and yet it has many issues and limitations. GAnt is a newer and yet-not-mature alternative which has no limits. So, is it a time to port your Ant scripts to GAnt?read all...Port or convert Ant builds to GAnt. Example with maven integration (embedded GAnt)GAnt may make things simpler. For example, it is a replacement for AntContrib, which served well the ant builders. Porting from ant to gant is actually straightforward, but slight differences in both tools might cost your days of all...Parsing TeamCity log output. Analyse, find reasons for unique or systematic problemsWhat is great in TeamCity is how it logs things. You can have it write down every bit of information in the way, that allows you to understand the build process and problems with itread all...SVN refactoring and other operations made simple (Eclipse and Subversive)There are many ways to work with subversion in Eclipse. Some will cost you time and are more error all...Chmod permissions (flags) explained: 600, 0600, 700, 777, 100 etc..Want to know what the numbers in chmod mean? Using flags is an easy and short form to set user all...Copy or move Hudson instance to another server. Add slave node to new instanceWe have this build Hudson CI, which is always busy. It has old hardware, located in the subnetwork with lots of limitations and thus is always a bottleneck during our builds. We need to all...Developing TeamCity plugins with groovy and spring. Explained, step-by-step exampleRecently, I refactored one TeamCity plugin, called groovyPlug. Here is what I learned about developing with Groovy for all...Test and Review for Samsung YP-R1 Media PlayerI bought this MediaPlayer gadget about 2 weeks ago and used it ever since. Here are my all...Choosing continuous integration (CI) tool. Comparison : CruiseControl, Hudson, Continuum vs. TeamCityComparing CI tools: TeamCity vs. the pure Open Source CI. You choosing your CI Tool, what are advantages and drawbacks of commercial CI in comparison with Hudson or Cruise Control?read all...Using "cntlm" as proxy tunnel"cntlm" is an alternative to ntlmaps proxy/tunnel. It handles most versions of NTLM authorization from linux to windows and is very all...Artifact released twice!Someone in your team or yourself released the Artifact twice or more times. The source was different on two or more occasions. It may be a huge problem! Why, and how can you fix it?read all...How to combine JOIN ON and WHERE in one query. Versions in SQL and HQL.In SQL it is not a problem to combine both statements. But there are some syntax differences between the SQL versions. In HQL the JOIN ON can be challenging. Here are some ideas and all...Corrupt digital right management (DRM) problem.You try everything but windows media player just doesn't want to play the DRM protected media. It is the same if you run in browser or standalone.Often, there is a code C00D10B5 error. What can be done?read all...Step by step guide on installing Windows XP under VM Ware and LinuxStep by step guide. Here is how you can have multiple OS's running on the same system. Use VM Ware. Result will give you two systems in one box, nice performance, mobility, and for beginners, it also costs nothing(with VMWare Player Edition).read all...Parsing server logs in bash. Simple bash script to visualize the call statistics.Most servers do write log files. Here is how you can see you site load and where it goes. You can do log file analysis in bash, using grep and awk, and render output in some chatring software. Here is all...Different methods of j2ee logging system. Their advantages and drawbacks.During design of the j2ee application, one of the challenges is to create logging systems. Here are some ideas and considerations on how to apply log4j, commons all...Maven2 projects with custom local jarsYou face the fact, that jars for you new maven project just too custom to be in any repository. Time is an issue. Can you hav maven2 project in 5 minutes? Yes!read all...Windows active directory, LDAP, Ssl,? Apache, and mode Svn configuration. Analysing "Access to ... failed, reason: require directives present and no Authoritative handler" error read all...Selenium browser (firefox) problem. Can't stop them, can't kill them... fix was so simple. read all... 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