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description:Austin-Healey Sebring Sprites of John Sprinzel and others, including replicas

Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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The late John Sprinzel and Brian Archer at Lancaster Mews, London in Nov, 2005.

21 Oct 2021
Another on the road
20 Oct 2021
Two new Sebrings
16 Oct 2021
Question answered
14 Oct 2021
Unidentified LSD!
11 Oct 2021
Stained Glass
5 Oct 2021
Rene Bloemen update
29 Sepr 2021
Sebrings for sale
24 Sept 2021
Sprites at Grattan Raceway
23 Sept 2021
John Sprinzel's Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite (and other special versions of the Austin-Healey Sprite)

I established this website as a celebration of John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupés, of which only about 6 examples were produced by his London tuning business, and which were raced and rallied by him and other enthusiasts, in the 1960's. The alloy coupé tops and fibreglass Sebring bonnets were built by Williams Pritchard. Two of the cars took part in the 1961 Sebring 4 hours race in the hands of Stirling and Pat Moss. There were other similar examples, including a fastback version produced (more cheaply) by Peel Coachworks, and I have been gradually expanding the site to include the Donald Healey Motor Company's works cars as well as other body variations of the Sprite which were produced in period, and more recently.

Below are just a few of the many categories covered by this site. Photos now number over 3,000 and historical research into the early cars continues thanks to your help and input. The Sprinzel Sebring Sprite Coupés Peel other special-bodied Sebring Sprites Standard-bodied Sebring Sprites Healey Works cars 1959 - 64 Healey Works cars 1965-69 Sebring Replicas WSM Sprites Lenham Sprites 90 magazine articles
1958 to the present Latest News day by day Technical pages Books Regalia
This Website:

I should clarify that I am not an engineer or a motor trader nor am I involved in business - this is my personal website and I have no financial or other connection with any organisations referred to. I have built up good relationships, and friendships with numerous individuals and companies before, during and since building my own car in 1993. Items or cars offered for sale are done so purely as a favour to individuals without financial reward or involvement.


Please let me know if you like my site, or have any suggestions for additions or improvements. I would be most grateful to receive your contribution of information via Feedback or photographs by email to me.

Martin Ingall

(Created in 2000 - Version 3 launched March 2011 and last up-dated 21st October 2021)

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Austin-Healey Sebring Sprites of John Sprinzel and others, including replicas

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