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A growing collection of circuits, pictures, data, history, observations, oddities, tips, tricks, traps, and links; concentrating on Australian and New Zealand valve amplifiers for band use, guitar, bass, accordion, harp, keys, and PA. The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side. - Hunter S. Thompson Introduction, Conventions - how these pages came about; and unit conventions used.Valve amplifiers operate at high voltages that can kill or seriously injure.If you are at all unsure of your skills please seek skilled assistance, or leave it to a competent technician.(or for instant OH S, touch 600 volts - you won't do it twice.)AC v DC electric shocks - body effects. the early era, pre-war to the 50's, typified by a small, cubic, single-speaker unit, such as the Amplivox to the Maton AM-3, the middle era of the 60's typified by Goldentone and Fender Twin look-alike combos, and lastly, the monolithic era of the 70's typified by towering Strauss and Trent stacks and brutal heads.Even some of the more significant imported, and early solid state era amps are included.Generally the models are arranged under each brandname from most to least powerful, then within that, less featured to more featured... generally. It's a bit arbitary. The latest contributions are (mostly) placed at the top of each section.Look out for our mystery amps and see if you can add any information. (p = picture, c = circuit, )AWA/STC (incl. Philips)- AWA PA774 (p,c), PA826 (p), PA828 (p,c), PA872 (p,c), STC PA1001 (p), AWA PA1002BY (p), AWA PA1003Z (p), PS1002 (c), XM392 (p), Philips 961 (p,c), Philips LowLine 10 PA (p)STC 6CM5 rebuild, 55W 6DQ6 (p), Jeremy's Critter , AWA Broadcast Monitor AmpConcord Allegro, Contina, Conquest, Contessa, Statesman, Super-Pro, Chief, Superchief, Constellation, 1964 Catalog, Professional catalog, Service Manual (circuits)Diason - tallboy (p,c), Bovine (p), Baby (p), Diason 30 (p), unknown 2, 3 and 4 (p), Solid State 40 Bass (p)Eminar - Serial Table, PA hex, 200 Watt, 2x 15 Celestions (p), 150 Watt PA (p,c), 100 Watt PA (p), 100 Watt (p), Apollo 80 (p), Apollo 160 (p), 50 Watt PAFi-Sonic - 30WGR (p), 4 Chan PA (p), combo, head, 5WG (c,p), 60 (p), EL84 2x12 (p), Fuzz-Blender MKIV (p), 2x12 extension cab (p)Fountain 15 watt (c), Mustang 30 (c), Thunderbird 55 (c), Fireball 125 (c)Holden/Wasp - 200XL (p), 4x 6550 Slave 200, Wasp 50 and 100 (p), 4x KT88 (p), Holden 100 4x 6CA7 (p,c), 4x KT88 Slave (p,c), Holden 50Lenard - GB 60 (p), GB 200 (p), SGB 150 (p), SGB 200 6x 6CA7 Head (p,c), PA output stage (c)Martstone (current builder) - Blues Breaker (p), 807 Lounge Toy (p,c), KT66 amp (p)Moody - Ultratone 18 (p), GA60 (p,c), GA40 (p,c,cabinet), Ultratone Custom 40 (p), BA40 (p,c), GA35 (p,c), BA17 (p,c), GA12 Vibralux 10/12 No name and homebuilt - David Timson's 6L6 build (p), Steve's build (p), Phil's DiyWatt 10 (c), Derek's 6CA7 (p,c), Shaun's AX84 (p), Howard's 6CA7 (c), Panky's 6CA7 (c), anon 6BQ5 (p), Tweed re-creation (p), Anthony's Warthog (p), GraemeD's mystery (p)Playmaster (R,TV H, EA) - Old amps, Guitar Speakers, Leslie , Unit 2 (c,p), 101 (article), 102 (p), 103 (c,p), 112, 113, 115, 116 (c,p,article), 117 (c,p), 125 (c,p), 134, 136, KT88 PA (c,p), valve tremolo (c), transistor tremolo (c), fuzzbox (c,p), phase vibrato (c), compressor (c), Miniwatt Hi-Z buffer (c) Savage - Combo (p), 85 (p,c), 100 (p) - a vintage solid-state warning (heatsink tips), Discussion and Mods (o/p stage)Sonola - made in Adelaide, 60's and 70's by Manfred Bear(?) for Ron Pearce MusicStrauss - NS120 (p), Lancer (p), Polka 200 (p), early 60W (c), Mouse (p), '200W' KT88 PA (c), Solid-state (p)Trent - Invicta, Invicta Super, Bobcat T60 (p), Bobcat Super T60, Cougar (p), Super Cougar, Panther, Super Panther, Panther Bass, Super Panther Bass, Panther P.A. (p), Tygon (p), Tygon P.A. (p), Sonic Boom A/B/C/D (p), Sonic Boom P.A., Wildcat A/B/C/D (p), B150 (p)Vadis - ET20 (p,c), BR20 (p), 408R (p), LB60 (p), LB61 (p), 601 (p,c), PA60 (p), ET10 (p), Escort (p,c)Vase - Split/Sound KT88's (p), Bassman 150, Bassman 120, Bassman 100, Trendsetter 120 Deluxe, Bassman 80 (p), Dynabass (p), Trendsetter 80 (p), Trendsetter 60 Deluxe, PA 200 (p), PA100 (p,c), PA60 (p), Hybrid 100 (p)(Yamaha) - Flexion speaker TA-20, TA-30, TA-60, TA-90, RA-50, R-60 (p)If your amp should be in this archive please see How to Submit. A rock show is just like cooking in a busy kitchen - hot, loud, smells funny . . .. . . you always get burned, and someone invariably complains - Dan KellySoftware reviews of FTP Commander and LT-Spice IV, Speaker Cabinets including the Fane cabinet book, Farfisa (revisited - reproducing a missing power supply)Silicon Chip reply to Sean Kerrigan re: valve preamp, Jan 2005The stages of a typical valve guitar amplifier, from input to output. (large page, 26 circuits, 5 photos)A walk-through tour of common period guitar amp practice. Bringing the mains into the amplifier. No need to die for your art.Heaters, wiring, and hum. Bright and quiet is good.Internal signal grounding arrangements. Many amps can be noise-improved.Pots or volume controls . Some characteristics.Tonestacks, how they work, and some popular ones considered. Endless tinkering fun.Stability problems in valve guitar amplifiers. Symptoms and what they mean.Standby switching, why, and what's the best way? Some cherished guitarists myth exploded.How to build stomp switches that are tough, neat, and road-worthy. A good first project.Some reverb lines compared electrically. Operation in detail. Put the boing back in your amp.Reverbs, tremolos, and other add-in's. Fit missing features.Tremolo LFO filter for speaker pumping on older amps. A simple and effective solution.Pickups - magnetic and piezo, as a signal source. The character of your amp signal source.Variable Damping, current feedback, and Damping Factor . Sort the gems from the hype.Applying 100-volt PA line transformers as valve output transformers, including examples.New build or repair, this is the answer to a prayer.Output stage choking under overdrive. Cause and possible solutions.Data on larger transformers from A R Sonar and Ferguson, power and output.Some popular period tranny info.Mains filters, theory, construction. Reduce noises off in performance and recording.Decoding factory and date codes on old valves. Find where and when was it made.Valve abuse, some failure modes illustrated.Voltage regulator tubes data, applications, and some other gas tubes. These still turn up.Cabinets - speaker enclosures, including the Fane cabinet book. 18/4/12Resistors - why the strange values? Colours; and how they relate to your fretboard.Hum mechanisms within valves - Tim Robbins investigates the causes.Mixing and modulation theory - tremolo, vibrato, ring mixers, Leslie's.Formants - how do all those frequencies go down one wire?Not really tone but sonics, beer, cabinets, drivers, output stages. And sheep.Do you break out in a cold sweat if somebody mentions maths? A phrasebook for tourists.Vibrators in old battery operated gear. ID, operation, repair.Generators and DIY stage power. Shows in the Bush.Tape-loop echo units. Keeping them going.Scope soldering irons, and some soldering and desoldering tips.Valve-based test equipment - VTVM's, Oscillators, and CRO'sHistory and some really old valves (slow page, lotsa big pix).What I really think of High Fidelity .Silicon Chip 12AX7 preamp - why, and who for? Failed to exceed my already low expectations.Plugpacks/wallwarts for musicians. Selection, and repair tips - FAQ.A/B/C/D Switch/Fx selector - more than just an A/B box. A couple of design ideas for tinkerers.Found an old amp? Don't just plug it in! Read this first.Farfisa Transicord Deluxe electronic piano accordion.Power supplies for Transicord, Deluxe, and Compact.Leem Pro 4-Channel mixer.E-Mu Proteus/1 rack-mounting flagstone.Roland D-50 Synth common socket fault.The Superboard - the shortcomings of instruments. Calibration and standards.MiTAC 6120 Notebook recovery. Blow by blow with Windows.Soft toy repair - put the cackle back in your Kooka.Sony TA-1010 stereo amp (S.S.) - repair and mod.Electric fence energiser repair.Circuit collecton - a random collection of circuits for non-ANZ amps and stomps that the ANZ service tech might encounter, with comments. Many of the stomps are buildable.(what the Melbourne Hot-Rod Show 2006 organisers should have read before putting the dates and prices on their web site. ;)Related chords for all major and minor keys; working out songs.Transposing instruments, or why the brass is in B-flat .Some of those moments when things go wrong on stage.More moments when things go wrong (2).More wrong (3) - greyplanet reviews the motherf**king death set.New Years Eve 2001.Electro-Quackery Looks great, but whatsit do? The Worlds Biggest Guitar Amp Sony BMG virused their music CD's? Yep. Read all about it on my omnibus blog. (Now archived on the WayBack Machine.)Review of the Countdown Spectacular at the Rod Laver Arena 9/9/06.Can't find it here? Selected links to valve data, circuits, circuit theory, and related material; with reviews.Spread the word about AVA with this small poster you can print out for your favorite music shop or musicians hangout, cafe, laundrette, web shop, etc. Put one on your fridge door for your mates.A single thread mainly frequented by amp techs and builders, and technically-inclined musicians.Multiple threads on general equipment matters of interest to the serious guitarist.Solid State Guitar Amp Forum (requires simple free registration).Multiple threads primarily concerned with solid-state amplifers but also covers valve/tube and hybrid amps, mainly of American or British origin.Vale - the halt, the sick, and the lame, and obituaries.The Fine Print:While every care is taken to keep this compilation as accurate as possible, by its nature the information is presented as-is without warranty of any sort. It is intended only to provide assistance to those struggling with repairing an amplifier who have no other information. You should keep in mind that any information here may be wrong or misleading. Corrections are most welcome.We hate pop-ups, spam, marketing calls, junk mail, door knocking, trojan mailing list or address-book hacking or mis-use - AVA doesn't have a mailing list.E-mails received may be quoted or used on this site and may be edited. All contributions will be credited to the e-mail name unless otherwise requested.Contributor e-mail addresses will not be published except by specific request.Specific requests for information we can't directly supply may be forwarded with your e-mail address for direct reply to, an editor, contributor, or ANZamp forum.Established July 2004Site URL (2016- ) - - thanks to Greg HallSite URL (2010-2016) - - thanks to Andrew Krespanis2004-10 (offline) - thanks to Jeffrey Nicholls and the E-CrewMirror URL - (offline) - thanks to Darren Inwood of Lucidtone in NZMirror/archive (2010-2015)- (redevelopment) - thanks to Gavin VanceWhole site Copyright 2004-2016 Roley Roper, 2016-2017 Greg Hall.

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Classic Australian and New Zealand Valve Amplifiers for guitar and P.A. - pictures, circuits and data.

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