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Cartagena, located on the Caribbean Sea, experienced a rapid rise to become a trading metropolis after it was founded in 1533. Today the historic port facilities and the largest urban defense system in South Only a few remnants remind of the great history of the city, in which around 20,000 people lived in its heyday. From 500 to 900 Tiahuanaco was the capital and religious center of the The large stone sculptures, the so-called moais, on Easter Island, which the indigenous people called Rapa Nui, are world-famous. According to pharmacylib, 3700 km from mainland South America and 4200 km from Tahiti, Easter According to softwareleverage, the city ​​founded by Manco Capac in the 12th century in the Peruvian highlands at an altitude of around 3,400 m was the political and spiritual center of the Inca. After Before seminars, student parties and sightseeing, there are questions about suitable foreign health insurance, the right credit card and the perfect accommodation. Because before studying abroad can begin, students should know some practical things Have you found your university in the land of your dreams? Then it goes into the application phase. The requirements for applicants differ according to the university and study program, so applying to study Those who have a bachelor s degree are often faced with the decision: career entry or further studies? Many students decide to take on a master’s degree. Almost five percent of all German Bachelor graduates The close proximity to Germany, the impressive natural landscapes, the cultural and historical wealth of the cities, the traditional university landscape with its modern study system there are many reasons that speak for Singapore is just as big as Hamburg. Nevertheless, you can get to know the whole diversity of Asia in the tropical city and island state for example during a semester abroad in Singapore. From the beginning it was clear that I wanted to do my semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country and since South America has always fascinated me, this decision was made quickly. What turned out I study medical technology at the Trier University of Applied Sciences and I spent my semester abroad from the end of July 2017 to December 2017 in Chile at the Universidad Viña del Mar Preparation In preparation I dealt with the continent of South America, the culture and of course the country Peru in particular. It is also recommended, if you do not already have a basic knowledge So much for the general things, now I will try to give you a few tips and tell you a few things, just to make the start easier for you. First of all, starting Despite my negative evaluations for USIL, I would like to say in advance that I am very happy that I did the semester abroad and would do it again at any time. It was Dear foreign enthusiasts, I was at the Universidad Viña del Mar in Chile last semester. I found out about the country and its people beforehand, but only after I received precise information from MicroEDUs In the courses I took, getting good grades was quite easy and I was able to approach university in a fairly relaxed manner. I had Monday completely off and used the extended weeks as Travel through South America After the somewhat stressful last two weeks of the semester full of submissions, presentations and exams and the last farewell parties with the students, I started the last two months I spent the last winter semester 2018/19 in Lima, at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola Lima and had the opportunity to get to know and travel to the country of Peru and My name is Manuel Klein, I am studying business administration at the University of Gießen and I did a semester abroad in Chile at the Universidad Viña del Mar in the German summer semester The first week, when I think back on it, was a bit chaotic. When I think back to my first bus trips…. Old, rickety, crammed microbuses, no stops, screaming cobradores (cashiers) If you want VINA DEL MAR The city of Viña del Mar located in the heart of Chile with its population of almost 300,000, its location in the Pacific and its good infrastructure, is a After a three-hour relaxing boat trip to the island of Amantani, we had to climb a steep cliff with our luggage. Once at the top, we were welcomed by our host father. The next University lectures The campus for the language courses is in the middle of the city. Carlos also has his office here and is available for all questions and problems. Here I was together The weekly queries, submissions, presentations, etc. don t make it easy for you. Getting the best grades is not easy either. My host mom explained to me that it is very unusual to get 20 For all those who are just thinking about it, or who have doubts or are afraid to take the step to Viña del mar, 12,000 km away: It will be a crazy time! Probably A leisurely excursion into the mountains…. And then we went straight back to the mountains This time a slightly different excursion, with my host mom and her friends. We spent a very cozy weekend. In addition, you will be assigned a Chilean Hermano / Hermana (brother / sister) and someone from another country. During the semester there are a few tasks that you can do together and you The hike begins. The first challenge was to cross a small river. We also had our own caballo (horse) with us. In case someone can no longer walk. After a while, this allowed itself Application process At the beginning of my studies it was clear to me that I really wanted to do a semester abroad. Since I am fluent in English and I wanted to learn a In the following experience report I would like to give you an insight into as many facets as possible of my six month stay in Peru. I will start by explaining why I decided Everyday student life: All in all, the university is fine. I had interesting courses and great professors. The professors I had were all pretty relaxed, it was completely normal to be on two terms.

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