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Welcome! The website of Fathers for Life is in defence of men and fathers. It promotes fathers within, not without families. Deadbeat fathers are a very small, minuscule minority and not representative of all men, just as deadbeat mothers are not representative of all mothers or women. However, we hear incessantly about deadbeat or violent fathers and men, while feminist activists and the feminist-dominated media sweep the issue of deadbeat mothers and far greater numbers of violent women in all cases of domestic violence (esp. when it comes to violence against children) under the carpet. Our website illustrates how the all-pervasive vilification of men, of fathers and of the traditional nuclear family grew out of the systematic implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family. Highlights: In The News Dads Things (our blog) How to navigate this website How to search this website Table of ContentsCanadian Children's Rights Council (off-site) The latest news on Men's Issues at angryharry.com (off-site) Trends and Priorities Mission Statement by Fathers for Life Warning! This site contains news and commentaries pertaining to fatherhood, fatherlessness, family issues, gender politics and the planned deconstruction of our society. The news items and other information found on this website reflect a conservative perspective and can be disturbing to liberals. Trends pertaining to fatherlessness Fatherlessness is a growing problem and a controlling factor for crime rates that is being driven by public perceptions. Here are trends of some of those perceptions: Click on the image, or on this link, to see more details and a view of the latest data on these and other perceptions through Google Trends. Pointers on how to navigate this website. The website of Fathers for Life contains a large collection of information, statistics, commentaries and references pertaining to the traditional nuclear family in the context of society and its evolution. Fathers for Life is best looked at as an encyclopedia of the family and the agenda of its enemies. There are various ways by which to navigate the website of Fathers for Life:The navigation bar on the left side of individual web pages;The table of contents on this page (as well as sub-indexes identified for some of the larger subject areas);The site map (a link to that is identified at the top of the left navigation bar);Extensive cross-linking from most of the web pages at Fathers for Life to related pages and sections at Fathers for Life and elsewhere on the Net (that is to provide a reading program for those inclined to explore the context of a given issue), and The search tools available at this website and on the Net. Tips on how to search this website. Table of ContentsThe old table of contents is no longer being maintained but still provides access to the web pages it provided access to over the years.The Old Table of Contents: A-E F G-J K-Z New Table of Contents IndexAbortion and Population ControlActivism Apprehension of Children by the StateChildren—Our most valued assets?Civil Rights Social IssuesFatherhoodFatherlessnessFamiliesDivorce IssuesDomestic ViolenceChild Access CustodyChild Support EconomyEducating our Children for the Global GynarchiaFamily LawFeminismGay IssuesHate, Hoaxes and PropagandaHealthHelp Lines for Men History Humour Law, Justice and the Judiciary Links Mailing List (free e-mail subscription) Mail to Fathers for Life Men's Issues News about and relating to the family Our Most Popular Pages Parental Alienation Paternity Paternity Fraud References — Bibliography Religion Families Shared Parenting Suicide The Media The Planned Destruction of the Family The Politics of Sex Trends — Fatherlessness Note:The Table of Contents serves to illustrate, by means of a fairly large sample of articles, what variety of information is available at Fathers for Life. It will never be exhaustive (the site map comes much closer to being that), as it would become far too large. Given the search tools that are available at Fathers for Life and through the search engines accessible on the Internet, there is no need to maintain such a massive table of contents.

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Fatherlessness is the absence of their fathers in children's lives. It is a large and serious social problem. Fathers for Life discusses fatherlessness, its causes and consequences.

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