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Online orders ship within Continental United States. Please call our office for all other destinations. When looking for a long-term roof solution, compare apples to apples. Butyl Liquid Rubber in most instances is a one-coat application, saving you time and money. There are no primers needed, and when you add up the cost of other systems that require primers and multiple coats, you have exceeded the cost of Butyl Liquid Rubber and now have an inferior sealant on your roof. Why add unnecessary weight to a roof by using multiple-coat systems? Cut your time and labor costs in half with our one-coat system. Butyl Liquid Rubber has an exceptionally thick consistency. One of the main characteristics that make this product so unique is the chemistry of the curing process. During the drying process, the product will chemically cross-link, creating a chemical bond with the coating and the substrate it is on which being applied. This is a superior solvent-based product and, good news, the catalyst is already in the container. There is no need to add a catalyst from a separate bottle. Also, as the product dries, the catalyst is hard at work, forcing to the surface what would otherwise be trapped air with other coatings. Other products may trap this air making future cracks inevitable as temperatures change or expansion and contraction of the roof occur. Our Butyl Liquid Rubber has a 500% elongation and over 1520 psi tensile strength. What you have when the product dries is a smooth seamless membrane. Repairing roof leaks with Butyl Liquid Rubber and EPDM Liquid Rubber Coatings is the only choice for a long-lasting solution. EPDM Coating’s rubber products work on more roofing materials than any other type of coating. Liquid EPDM coating has been the one product recommended time and again by contractors throughout the USA as an economical and long-lasting solution, a proven alternative to roof replacement. Butyl Liquid Rubber is applied in one coat at a 20-mil film (50 sq. ft per gallon) thickness and will still withstand extreme temperatures. That is the beauty of the product. Radical extremes in temperature where constant surface temperatures reach 250°F or above or -40°F or below is not an issue for this product. There is no need for a second coat. 25 years of field study and thousands of satisfied customers have made Liquid Butyl Rubber the roof repair solution for many applications. Butyl Liquid Rubber is so versatile it can easily be applied to metal, rubber, fiberglass, concrete, Hypalon TPO, BUR, foam and many other surfaces. Butyl Liquid Rubber has proven to outlast acrylic, urethane and elastomeric by a factor of three. There may be lower-cost products on the market, but none that have the long-term durability, waterproofing ability and tolerance to extreme temperatures like Butyl Liquid Rubber or EPDM Coatings. Other roofing coatings require two to three coats, so not only does this triple your material cost but also triples your labor expense. If you are looking to add less weight to your roof with a one coat system that has proven itself over the years look no further. Here is a sample of just some of the companies who have use our products and have returned time and time again! Application of EPDM Coatings is easiest when the surface is flat, clean and smooth. Like all painting projects, the most time-consuming aspect is often cleaning, repairing and preparing the surface for application. EPDM Coatings cost compared to the competition EPDM coatings has been featured in Article Insider, as well as Roofers Exchange, Building Service Management and recently won Metal Roofing Magazines product of the year. EPDM coating products have always been made right here in the USA. In addition, we source our suppliers from the USA as well. The product comes with the catalyst already in the can. Simply mix the product with a drill mixer and you are ready to apply. Application is with a 3/8-inch nap roller. Simply put the lid on the product to avoid air getting to it to avoid the curing process. For any material left in the can, fasten the lid tightly and you can store it for up to four years. For best results, the product should be applied between temps of 50-100 Fahrenheit. If you are using spray equipment; then 70 . The product requires daytime temperatures of at least 50° to cure. Temperatures can fall below 50°, and once they rise again above the 50° it will continue to cure. Any non-opened container can be stored up to four years without it losing its properties. Roof leak repairs are an unwelcome reality to every owner of a residential or commercial building, mobile home or recreational vehicle. Roof leak repairs can involve almost anything, including replacing damaged shingles, mending holes, fixing roof leaks, or repairing dents with roof coatings. Featured Customer Testimonials Residential Roof Recreational Vehicle Motor Home Application Butyl Liquid Rubber comes in three off-shelf colors, white, black, grey. For orders over 50 gallons; beige, light green, light blue, and tile red are available. You can have custom colors made with a minimum order of 200 gallons.The RV product RvRoofMagic is available in white. The RvRoofMagic coating is specifically designed for RVs, trailers and mobile homes; objects motion. Butyl Liquid Rubber, our commercial product, is available in white, black or grey. Approved Uses for Liquid EPDM Rubber. Butyl Liquid Rubber applied over generally sound single-ply EPDM can extend the life of the single-ply EPDM an additional 20 years. Save thousands of dollars on normal roof installations. Fix roof leaks while sealing and protecting surfaces. It’s a one-coat application that works great on existing EPDM rubber roofs. No primer or topcoat is needed; a truly simple application! It cures above 50 . Great for roof leak repair, commercial and residential roof leak repair, and industrial applications, pitch and non-pitch roof repair, trailer leak repair, camper leak repair, RV roof leak repair, houseboats, pond liners, basement waterproofing, roof seal leaks, shingles, gutters, steel roofs, air-conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel/metal roofs, unit-heater flues, smoke stacks and chimneys, fiberglass, and non-porous masonry surfaces and vessels. RV Roof Magic is great for roof repairs. Stop leaks in ponds and fountains with Pond Pro 2000, specifically formulated to be safe for fish and plant life. Compare the total cost of your project. Now look at what you save in labor by doing the project yourself! Roof leak repairs with roof coatings are often made after the damage has been done. However, you can avoid roof leaks and unnecessary damage altogether if you keep up with routine roof maintenance. A surprising 65% of roof replacements are performed due to roof leaks. Leak repair is a top priority among building owners and managers. Break the roof-repair cycle with Butyl Liquid Rubber Coatings. Liquid Rubber has also formulated custom EPDM Coatings and EPDM Rubber Coatings for your specific commercial and industrial needs. RvRoofMagic and Butyl Liquid Rubber are liquid products for leak repair that forms a membrane of 100% pure Butyl rubber when cured. This rubber coating is specially formulated for roof and leak repair. EPDM rubber coatings can be widely used for commercial purposes. Stop making the same repairs using less reliable products that are not Butyl-based, are not UV and ozone resistant, and do not have flexibility built into the material (causing them to crack). Butyl rubber will expand and contract with any surface as seasons change and will not crack because of temperature fluctuations. Other products will begin to bubble and crack in less than two years. Corporate Address: EPDM Coatings N.E Sales Office 494 Bridgeport Ave Suite 101, PMB 342 Shelton, 06484-4748, Call: 610-298-1989, Fax: 702-977-2936


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EPDM Coatings provides Butyl Liquid Rubber and Liquid RV Roof Magic coatings for roof leaks repair. EPDM Coatings Provides Cost Effective and Do It yourself Solution for residential and commercial roofing projects.

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