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Useful Links: Scuttlebutt | EuroSail News | Sail-World | CupExperience | Official America's Cup Site Challenger Selection:
The Prada Cup

The 2021 Prada Cup, to select the challenger for the 2021 America's Cup, started January 15 in Auckland, NZ.Britain's INEOS Team UK, Italy's Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, and the USA's American Magic meet each other for the right to face defender Emirates Team New Zealand for the America's Cup trophy.

There were four Rounds Robin scheduled, running Jan 15-17 and 22-24, followed by a best-of-seven Semi-Final starting Jan 29, and the best-of-thirteen Final starting Feb 13.
See Prada Cup Format | Regatta Calendar | Race Courses | Race Areas

INEOS Team UK rebounded from their issues in the ACWS preliminaries last month, and won every race, advancing to the Final. Luna Rossa gave GBR a good fight, especially in their final race, but placed second in the RRs. American Magic, who looked to be the top challenger during the ACWS outing, was hard pressed to find success in the first three races. In their fourth race USA appeared to be back on form, out-pacing Luna Rossa, when a high-wind capsize brought disaster, nearly sinking the yacht, and throwing the team's continued participation into doubt.
See Round Robin results

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and American Magic met in the Semi-Final, after an heroic effort to rebuild the badly damaged Patriot and ready the boat in time for the start of the SF series. Much improved themselves, the Italians confidently took the first two races on Day 1, sailing in difficult conditions with the breeze edging over the wind limit at times. On Day 2, Italy sailed to another victory in Race 3, though American Magic made gains on some legs and showed signs they could get back in it. In Race 4, however, control issues with USA's foils left her uncompetitive, unable to tack or gybe at times, and she finished far behind as Luna Rossa swept the series 4 to 0.
See Prada Cup Semi-Final Reports

Prada Cup Final:
INEOS Team UK (GBR) vs. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA). Looking faster in most conditions, and sailing with a quiet confidence, Luna Rossa won 7 of 8 races to win the Prada Cup and become the America's Cup challenger. See Prada Cup Final Reports

Prada America's Cup World Series
December 2020

The first racing action in the history of the new AC75 yacht class began December 17 in Auckland.

Though the results did not affect the America's Cup Match and Challenger Selection, it was the first chance to see the teams size up their boats and their competition in a head-to-head meeting. The Prada America's Cup World Series Auckland was a double-round-robin that determines the seeding for the Prada America's Cup Christmas Race, a short bracket format regatta among the four teams.

Final Prada America's Cup World Series Auckland Standings:
1st - Emirates Team New Zealand (5-1) 5 pts.
2nd - American Magic (4-2) 4 pts.
3rd - Luna Rossa Pirelli Prada (3-3) 3 pts.
4th - INEOS TEAM UK (0-6) 0 pts.

See day-by-day Prada America's Cup World Series reports

Prada America's Cup Christmas Race

Sunday's Prada America's Cup Christmas Race regatta was planned as four races: ETNZ to face INEOS, the 1-4 pairing; and American Magic to face Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the 2-3 pairing. The losers of the opening races then to compete for 3rd place, and the winners of each pair then to race for 1st place. Wind conditions prevented holding the race on Sunday, Dec. 20, and with the start of Prada Cup competiton looming, there were no provisions to try again on following days, so the Christmas Race was not held.

Where to Watch

The racing action will be broadcast live or delayed in 120 countries around the world. Availability and cost vary from free to not free.

In the United States, the Prada ACWS, Prada Cup, and the America's Cup match will be available live on NBC Sports, where the Gold America's Cup package provides 4 streams, including a data stream and on-board channels. Cost is US $175.00, with a discount for American Magic Team supporters. Some replays and other content are available via NBCSN (NBC Sports Network).

In New Zealand, there are multiple live YouTube streams, one with the normal broadcast and commentary, another the broadcast audio while showing Liveline graphics and onboard cameras full time, and one each onboard the two yachts.

New Zealand - home country of Emirates Team New Zealand (Defender) - TVNZ
Italy - home country of Luna Rossa PRADA Pirelli Team (Challenger of Record) - RAI and Sky Italia
UK - home country of INEOS Team UK (Challenger) – BBC and Sky UK Ireland
USA and Caribbean - home country of NYYC American Magic (Challenger) – NBC Sports
Australia - Fox Sports Australia
Pacific Island Nations - Pasifika TV
France, Switzerland, sub-Saharan Africa and other French territories - Canal+
Sweden – TV12 and C More
South Africa sub-Saharan Africa - SuperSport
Korea - SBS
Taiwan - ELTA
Malaysia Brunei – Astro

Highlights, replays (depending on country), and clips are available at the official America's Cup website

New Zealand:

Prada Cup:
(Challenger Selection)
Jan 15-Feb 22
America's Cup Match:
March 6-21
(First to Seven)

America's Cup News:

While American Magic was rebuilding and Prada was tuning up for the Semi-Finals, what was the defender working on? New Foils. Photos at Sail-World

The America's Cup World Series will feature the first head to head racing in the AC75s - See PJ Montgomery's preview: Newstalk

Peter Burling warns it'll take more than just straight-out boat speed to win next year's edition of the America's Cup. Read his comments on the importance of tactics: NewsHub NZ

In a world lacking big events due to Covid-19, the America's Cup is just what New Zealand needs:

Protocol Released for Next America's Cup

(Nov 17, 2021) The Defender and the Challenger of Record (COR) have published the agreed-upon Protocol for the 37th America's Cup, establishing much of the structure and rules for the next America's Cup Match, though not announcing the location and dates, which are still to be determined but promised to take place between January and November of 2024.

The AC75 Class foiling monohull yachts from the 2021 match will be retained, with some modifications, and crews will be reduced from 11 to 8 sailors. An explicit 100% nationality rule for the onboard crew will be adopted, with nationality determined by passport or majority of recent residency. Challenges from emerging nations, in terms of modern America's Cup activity being those who have not entered since 2000 and have never held the Cup, may be granted dispensation from the 100% requirement on an individual basis.

New challenges will be accepted beginning December 1st, 2021, until July 31st, 2022. Late entries may be accepted until March of 2023. Power to control the event will be held by the Defender and COR alone. The decision of the venue and approximate dates of the 37th America's Cup match will be revealed by March 31, 2021.

The updated AC75 Class Rule, now Version 2, and technical regulations were also published. The number of sailing days for the existing Version 1 yachts will be restricted. Article 23 of the Protocol is intended as a binding requirement on competitors that if they win the Cup, the next event must be raced also in the AC75 Class yachts.


Emirates Team New Zealand Wins the America's Cup!

Challenge Accepted from INEOS and RYSR

(Mar 19) The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has accepted a Notice of Challenge from Britain's Royal Yachts Squadron Racing, represented by the Ineos team, as the new Challenger of Record. The 37th defense of the America's Cup will be raced in AC75 yachts, continuing the class that was introduced for 2021, allowing teams to build a single new yacht.

The venue, date, and format have not been decided, and are intended to be determined and announced within about six months. They also intend a 100% nationality rule for crew, with exceptions for emerging competitor nations, however that ends up being defined.

Read Announcements from RNZYS and RYSR (Press Release)

Announcement Pending

(Mar 17) The Royal New Zealand Squadron promises an announcement soon to let the public know whose Notice of Challenge they have accepted as the new Challenger of Record (COR). No timetable has been announced to provide specifics on the location, yachts, format, or timing of the next Defense.

A report at the NZ Herald suggests that Royal Yacht Squadron has been accepted as COR, which was widely expected in the last several weeks. A spokesman for RNZYS only confirmed that there is a new COR, but not their identity.

Read story at NZ Herald

Glenn Ashby of Emirates Team New Zealand, favors continuing with the AC75 Class yachts for another America's Cup cycle:

America's Cup Match Day 7
Wednesday, March 17

Challenger: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)
Defender: Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

First to Seven Wins (Best of 13) Contest.
At the start of the day, NZL leads the America's Cup Match 6-3.
New Zealand is on Match Point.

Wednesday, March 17, Two Races:

Race 10:
Warning signal 4:12 pm, Start 4:15pm
ITA (port entry) loses to NZL (starboard entry)
New Zealand wins the America's Cup 7-3

Race 11:
ITA (port) vs. NZL (starboard)
Start 25 minutes after previous race ends

Not needed

Course: Course Area A

Wind becoming ENE, average 12-14 kts, peaking 16 kts. Low tide 1659 hrs, with about 1 ft. swell (Repcast). Wind NE 8-10 kts, becoming NNE late (Official, via PredictWind).

This may be it. New Zealand is on Match Point, having won the last three races. In the last two, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was threatening to win, and just as well could be up 5-4 or better at this stage, but events just aren't working out that way. This is the rare America's Cup where it feels like either boat could have won, and Italy by no means couldn't go on to do that, but NZL seems to be improving faster and the balance looks to be tipping their way. They have modified their tacking technique, and no longer give up ground to ITA when the tack. Upwind, assuming everybody has their correct jib, Luna Rossa still has a slight edge, and a high mode that works wonders when needed, but their advantages have become narrower as the match proceeds. Francesco Bruni and Jimmy Spithill combined to sail an all time great match race against Peter Burling, but if New Zealand gets ahead, they are very hard to catch. (More so when that happens with only the downwind leg left.)

Today's forecast shows more solid wind, which could mean more great close action, but Luna Rossa has zero margin for error and winning the next four races would be one tall task. The trend is the friend of the Kiwis now, and it will be a surprise if they don't wrap up the country's fourth America's Cup victory sometime today.

Race 10:
Near even start, slight lead opens up for New Zealand as they get favorable wind on eh right side of the course, and then carry that to the left at the top of the first windward. Italy gets closer on the downwind leg, but gybes off pace in the gate, spotting New Zealand a bigger lead. Upwind, New Zealand this time extends to about 300m, and it's just getting out of reach. Not enough time or distance to make anything else work for them.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins the 2021 America's Cup! Match score of 7-3.

America's Cup Weather:
Repcast for March 17-18

Issued 0945hrs local time March 17th 2021 in Auckland

Situation at 0945hrs Tuesday:
It’s currently blowing due South at 8 knots peak, average 6 knots, at Bean Rock. The barometer is 1,019 hPa out the backyard, up 4 hPa since this time yesterday. A weak front lingers over the top part of the country with a weaker front moving in from the west later today.

Wednesday Race Day 5:
We are looking at S to SE winds this morning, then that NE flow fills in just after midday - I'd pick Course A and look for about 12-14  knots peak at around 16 knots steady ENE.  Repcast chance of racing is 90% - conditions should see reasonably clear skies - I'd see about 1 foot ENE swell with bottom of the tide at 1659 hours.

Thursday Race Day 6:
I'm still picking 14-16 knot easterlies - bigger swell up to 2 to 3 feet at both course A and E.  Repcast 80% for Thursday if required.

America's Cup Match Day 6
Tuesday, March 16

Challenger: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)
Defender: Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

First to Seven Wins (Best of 13) Series.
At the start of the day, NZL leads the Match 5-3

Tuesday, March 16, Two Races:

Race 8:
Warning signal 4:12 pm, Start 4:15pm
NZL (port entry) beats ITA (starboard entry)
NZL leads Match 6-3

Race 9:
ITA (port) vs. NZL (starboard)
Match Point Race
Start expected 5:45 as conditions allow,
Incoming Left Shift prevents laying an appropriate course, and the race is abandoned at 5:51 for the day. See you tomorrow!

Course: Course Area C

Wind WSW 8 kts at 4:00pm building to WSW 12-14 kts around 5:00pm, then becoming SW and easing as the sun starts getting lower; puffy, and given to holes. (See updated Repcast). Wind SW 8-10 becoming SSW 10-13 kts (Official, via PredictWind). Low Tide 1623.

Getting the bets on the wind right is looking to be a significant factor in this Cup. The foresail selection in particular. Shifting back to Course C might be a help, as the teams are more familiar with the interaction between environment and wind there. Luna Rossa got the short end of it all yesterday, with wind that went a little higher than expected as the first race progressed, and left them in a hole they had a hard time escaping in the second race. New Zealand made the most of it.

The Match is showing that in the AC75 yachts, though there are limited elements of the boat configuration to control, you had better get those absolutely correct for the conditions, and correct is a narrow range. With today starting out lighter, and probably building a bit though backing slightly, it might not be as tricky as Monday. Wednesday is showing stronger wind, and if Luna Rossa can survive until then, their chances might improve. But today the second race could be match point, and an America's Cup victory for the defender if they can take both races.

Luna Rossa needs something on the scoreboard today. They have so often looked fast and in sync with their boat and the conditions, and when have had good cards to play, they have won. Yesterday's gone, as they say, win for today, and maybe tomorrow will bring something good, too. New Zealand, though they didn't win the starts on Monday, had the speed to get through to the lead, the first passing of this Match. Was it a sign they have found so much speed they can win at will now? If they can post numbers like they did yesterday, the America's Cup will remain theirs for another defense.

Race 9:
A back and forth race, with the boats nearly even, and just seconds apart at each mark until the 5th leg. Brilliant match racing tactics from Luna Rossa, but one gap for New Zealand and they get through on a leftie wind shift at the top of the 5th leg. New Zealand is tacking better than ever, has upwind speed to match ITA, and is faster downwind.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins Race 9! They are one win from taking the America's Cup Match. Score is 6-3. Finish delta was :30.

Race 10:
Match Point Race
Start expected 5:45 pm. Subject to wind conditions as a shift to SW is in progress. Races must start by 6:00pm. After an attempt at 5:45, and another for 5:55, racing is abandoned for the day at 5:51. The predicted left shift from W to SSW was coming in, dropping pressure across the course, and with a 20 degree disparity in wind direction, the wind did not settle in time to set a new race course.

See you tomorrow! Possibly for the final race of the 36th America's Cup. Two races are scheduled.

Luna Rossa sailed wonderfully for most of the race, and kept pulling leads out of their hat with great tactics, their slick High Mode, and impeccable crew work. And this was despite New Zealand being able to close up and get even more than once. The sobering reality is that ITA sailed one of the best Cup races in memory, and still had trouble protecting their lead, and eventually lost it. It indicates that New Zealand has probably become faster than Luna Rossa, at least in these conditions. Maybe the Italians can respond in kind, but Match Point for New Zealand is looming and Italy needs to win 4 straight.

America's Cup Match Day 5
Monday, March 15

Challenger: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)
Defender: Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

First to Seven Wins (Best of 13) Series.
At the start of the day, the Match is tied 3-3

Monday, March 15, Two Races:

Race 7:
Warning signal 4:12 pm, Start 4:15pm
ITA (port entry) loses to NZL (starboard entry)
Finish Delta 0:58
NZL leads series now 4-3

Race 8:
Start 5:15 pm
NZL (port) beats ITA (starboard)
NZL leads series now 5-3

Course: Course Area E1

Wind NE 13-15 kts, northerly (NNE) wind direction funneled down Motuihe Channel, between Motutapu and Motuihe Islands, but mainly via the Sergeant Channel between Motuihe and Waiheke Islands. (Repcast) for Course E1. Low tide 1546. No significant current. Wind NNE 12-13 kts (Official, via PredictWind)

Forecasts for more mid-range wind conditions are better for Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli. The very light stuff was starting to look like a vulnerability and more reliable wind should at least make it a more straight-up sailing comparison. Likelihood of a favorable side should still reward match racing strategies by the boat leading up the course. Having seen each other on the race course a half-dozen times now, the teams are probably making adjustments to their state of tune to optimize their competitive footing, but with the yacht measurement process frozen during the Match, that is going to be a matter of choosing the right sails and making many small tweaks that hopefully add up to something larger. Can somebody pull away in the standings or is this going to go down to a 13th and deciding race?

Race 7:
Early jump for ITA, but NZL looks faster upwind, and gains downwind. Gybing at the bottom of the first downwind, ITA finds soft wind, and NZL gets something better, NZL pulls even, then ahead. NZL then proceeds to sail away with the race, much faster upwind and downwind in 10-12 knots. Perhaps it's sail selection (Luna Rossa with their larger J1.5, Emirates with their smaller J3), or maybe NZL just unlocked some speed they had been hiding, but Race 7 is quickly no contest.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins Race 7! Finish delta is :58 seconds. NZL leads the America's Cup Match 4-3.

Race 8:
Luna Rossa getting ahead and pulling away as Leg 1 unfolds, looking now like the right jib choice. On the first downwind, NZL starts closing in, then gybes as wind gets light, NZL off foils. Luna Rossa appears to sail off leaving NZL dead in the water. Wind keeps dropping though, and ITA comes off foils in rounding the downwind mark. NZL, flying again, catches up and passes before Luna Rossa can get back to foiling. Wind is very light and spotty. NZL opens a big lead. Race course is shortened to 5 legs from 6, with an upwind finish, to stay within time limit.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins Race 8! NZL leads the America's Cup Match 5-3.

Things broke the right way today for Team New Zealand today. They had the right sail for the eventuating wind conditions in the first race, when Luna Rossa probably was expecting a slightly lower range. And then after falling off their foils in the second race, and sailing negative VMG for minutes to get going again, the same thing happened to their opponent, who took even longer to recover in the increasingly patchy, lightening breeze. Certain defeat turned quickly into an easy winning margin. Nothing's over, but nothing is even on the scoreboard anymore, either. Luna Rossa probably still has a lot of gas in the tank, but can't have any more days like this.

Racing resumes tomorrow!

America's Cup Match Day 4
Sunday, March 14

Update 5:50pm
Racing Abandoned for Sunday. See you on Monday.

America's Cup Match Day 3
Saturday, March 13

Challenger: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)
Defender: Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

First to Seven Wins (Best of 13) Series.
At the start of the day, the Match is tied 2-2

Saturday, March 13, Two Races:

Race 5:
Warning signal 4:12 pm, Start 4:15pm
NZL (port entry) loses to ITA (starboard entry)
ITA now leads Match 3-2

Race 6:
Start expected 25 minutes after R5
ITA (port) loses to NZL (starboard)
Match is now tied at 3-3

Course: Course Area A

Winds NNE 10-12 kts, (Repcast). High Tide 1821. Winds NE 7-11 kts (Official, via Predict Wind)

In Race 3, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli used their upwind speed to open a small lead that they defended well against Emirates Team New Zealand. Lighter wind, slightly dropping from 9-10 knots to flirting with 8, changed the story. The Italians were coming out of tacks more slowly than New Zealand, which gave the Kiwis just enough leverage to get in front. A blown gybe on the first downwind set Luna Rossa even further back, and Race 4 was quickly out of reach. What for Saturday? Light wind under 9 knots down to the 6.5 kt minimum looks like Italy's Achilles Heel. 10 knots and above, anything can happen for them.

Race 5:
Good start for Luna Rossa as ETNZ is slow and not foiling. They defend the favored side upwind, holding off ETNZ, and don't give up anything downwind either.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli wins Race 5! Finish delta is :18 seconds. ITA leads the match by 3-2

Race 6:
Emirates Team New Zealand gets a clean start at the line, Luna Rossa hits a dead patch, and can't get to the line on time, is stuck off their foils. One they get going, ETNZ has a solid lead, :51 seconds at the first mark. Luna Rossa slip back a little as they go around, not making gains. The lead is out to 800m for ETNZ by Leg 4.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins Race 6! Finish delta is 1:41. The Match is tied at 3-3.

America's Cup Match Day 2
Friday, March 12

Challenger: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)
Defender: Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

First to Seven Wins (Best of 13) Series.
At the start of the day, the Match is tied 1-1.

Friday, March 12, Two Races:

Race 3:
Warning signal 4:12 pm, Start 4:15pm
ITA (port entry) beats NZL (starboard entry)
ITA leads Match 2-1

Race 4:
Start expected at 5:20
NZL (port) beats ITA (starboard)
Match is tied at 2-2

Course E is indicated Friday morning as the preferred location.

ENE 6-8 kts (Repcast). High tide at 1936. Minimal seaway. Tidal current on Course E may slightly help upwind foiling. Official race forecast wind ranges are from 3-5 kts early on both courses today at 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Wind forecast raises slightly by 6:00pm, showing 6-7 kts. Per the Match Conditions, the Race Director needs to see a measured 6.5 kts rolling average of True Wind Speed in the period from 9 minutes to 4 minutes before the start. A current correction factor complicates the measurement.

In Wednesday's, mid-range conditions about 14 kts or so, upwind the edge in speed is to Luna Rossa, and they probably tacked better, too. Downwind, the quicker boat is New Zealand. That's not an entirely different situation than the Prada Cup Final, where Luna Rossa prevailed over Ineos, but there's a lot less difference here. If anything, the Italians might be slightly favored to win the America's Cup in that range. In lighter conditions, usually one side of the course is favored, and we've seen that, even in AC75 yachts, a leading boat can usually protect that side with match racing tactics, at least enough to keep the trailing boat from passing. The current forecasts are showing light conditions this weekend and into the beginning of next week, which will probably amplify that aspect of the matchup even more.

So the outcome of the match may come down to light air performance, the thin zone between foiling in light air and dropping into the water and watching the other guy sail away. In December, ETNZ looked to have light air mastered, at least compared to the challengers. With new foils, refined sails, and more experience, the performance profiles of both yachts have probably since changed, but it's easy to expect New Zealand to excel in these conditions until proven otherwise.

Being able to start a race Friday or Saturday will probably depend on having a solid enough wind to lay the course and keep it oriented to the wind direction, and there are several specific rules to guide the Race Director in doing that. Even if Friday and Saturday slip, there's still no big wind in the immediate forecast out to mid-week, when most or all of the regatta may be complete.

What to expect for Friday, if racing goes forward? Winning the start in light air is such a huge advantage that both sides will probably press the opponent hard, looking to start ahead. We've seen the examples, though, that anybody coming off their foils or drawing a penalty may end up spotting their opponent an insurmountable lead. So aggressive but smart tactics, coupled with smooth boat handling, will be the order of the day. Remain Calm and Keep Foiling.

Race 3:
After a lee-bow after the first tack, Luna Rossa sails up and ahead of Emirates Team New Zealand, pointing much higher and sailing faster, an intimidating display of upwind performance in these conditions. NZL has to take extra tacks, while ITA looks faster. ETNZ's downwind speed doesn't close the gap enough. With the wind a little spotty, Luna Rossa has to chase pressure sometimes, and eventually ETNZ makes some gains, cutting the lead in half, but not really threatening much more. Full Report to Follow.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli wins Race 3! Finish delta is :37 seconds. ITA leads series 2-1.

Race 4:
A tight position with Luna Rossa starting just to weather of Emirates Team New Zealand forces ITA to tack away after the start. Coming off the boundary, NZL on port can cross just far enough ahead to force Luna Rossa to tack again to the boundary. NZL settles in on starboard and takes control of the leg. Though it's only a 9 second lead at Mark 1, Luna Rossa has some trouble gybing at the bottom of the downwind leg, and gives NZL a much bigger lead of 34 seconds at the downwind gate. The wind has just a touch lighter, and ETNZ is just sailing a little better in it. They continue to extend throughout the race.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins Race 4! Finish delta is 1:03. Match is tied at 2-2.

America's Cup Match Day 1

Challenger: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)
Defender: Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

First to Seven Wins (Best of 13) Series.

Wednesday, March 10, Two Races:

Race 1:
Warning signal 4:12 pm, Start 4:15pm
NZL (port entry) beats ITA (starboard entry)
NZL leads series 1-0

Race 2:
25 minutes following end of Race 1
ITA (port) beats NZL (starboard)
Series is tied at 1-1

Course: The Race Director has now selected Course Area E, though Area A had been originally intended as of Tuesday,.

Conditions: NNW 14-16 kts (Repcast). N to NW 10-13 kts (Official, via PredictWind.)

Rarely has an America's Cup come after so little competition among either challenger or defender candidates. New Zealand revealed little in their December public outings other than that they were already sailing well, and looking faster than the challengers. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli showed in January and February that they knew how to get faster, and quickly. Whether Italy's improvements are enough, it's impossible to say before the racing begins, which is what makes the first race of an America's Cup match so exciting. There are three years of anticipation behind it, and a lot hinging on the answer. The defender and challenger sport different thinking in terms of their foil designs. The challenger is more race tested, but defender ETNZ has historically excelled at this sort of sophisticated technical game, and probably has some aces up their sleeve.

Perceptions vary as to what weather conditions favor each side, and most of the comparison doesn't seem founded on much substance. Probably very little of the performance profiles seen in January or back to December apply in March. These boats, launched in October, have had to evolve too much in too short a time, and the crews have learned volumes over that same period. Speed is good, but the combination of speed and pointing ability to windward (VMG) is even better. ETNZ looked scary good at that in December. The situational awareness required to race these things is dialed up a couple levels, too. Luna Rossa has that experience.

Tactics? Starting Aggression? And a Race Strategy? INEOS risked nearly all to win starts, probably knowing they were slower. And they lost more in the starts than they won. More likely Peter Burling will look for the right opening in boxer Jimmy Spithill's approach, and if the Kiwis see it, they'll go at him hard. Spithill needs to pressure the New Zealanders at least enough to get even starts out of the process. As good as Spithill is, Burling handled him confidently in 2017 in Bermuda when position were reversed, and they both know exactly who they are facing again.

In light wind, Ineos showed the value of getting a controlling position on the first leg. It's hard to pass downwind on these boats and the narrow short courses, so the lighter the wind, the more premium on controlling the favored side of the course and using match racing tactics to stay ahead of your competitor. When the wind is up, as it may be later in the match, speed and smooth execution will be the story, too.

Here we go!

Race 1:
Emirates Team New Zealand just a little ahead up the first windward leg. Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli is hanging in. Downwind, NZL pulls steadily further out in front. Upwind ITA makes gains every time, but not enough to catch up. The pattern continues, and NZL banks Race 1.

Emirates Team New Zealand wins Race 1 by 0:31 and takes a 1-0 lead in the Match!

Race 2:
Luna Rossa takes a small lead at the start and defends a lead to a 0:13 delta at the top mark. NZL's gains downwind are big enough to offset the lead. Upwind ITA plays a good close cover game until the final upwind, and NZL gets almost to striking distance on Leg 5, with the threat of reeling ITA in downwind to the finish. But there's not enough race course and and extra gybe by NZL seals the race for the Italians. Hesitation in the pre-start by NZL left ITA able to lead across the start line and set up their race strategy.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli wins Race 2! Finish delta is 0:07. The series is tied at 1-1.

Rescheduled for March 10: Covid Alert Level 3 in Auckland was issued Feb 28, for seven days. The first scheduled weekend of racing in the America's Cup was postponed. Auckland returned to Covid Alert Level 2 on Sunday, March 7. Event organizers have accordingly announced that the America's Cup Match can begin on Wednesday, March 10. Preparations for racing such as yacht measurement and configuration declaration proceeded during the Alert.

Bob Fisher

The sailing world will be greatly diminished by the loss of journalist and sailor Bob Fisher, who passed away January 25 at the age of 85. Bob apparently knew everybody in the yacht racing world, was friends with everybody, and had probably not only written about them, but sailed with them, and regaled their adventures together afterward.

There was no greater delight in an America's Cup media center than witnessing the constant procession of friends greeting him and exchanging stories. Bob was a natural, inexhaustible storyteller with experiences worth telling. Whether it was last night's dinner with a billionaire owner, a midnight investigation of the latest America's Cup 12-Meter, races with Ben Lexcen long before there was a winged keel, or the not very surprising admission that the Little America's Cup had been conceived by Bob and his friend Reg White in a pub, he had plenty of them to tell.

Yachting books large and small, at least 30 of them from the tiny Catamaran Sailing to the immense two-volume America's Cup history An Absorbing Interest, were only part of his near constant output. And as much as he moved in sailing at the highest levels, he took as much enjoyment in recounting the building of his first boat as a child, discovering the principle of leeway, belatedly, and in seeing his grandchildren begin to find their own way upon the water.

Fish will be missed.

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Messages and Condolences on Bob's Facebook Page

For a great look at Bob's life and career, see this recent profile of Bob Fisher at Yachts and Yachting:
Bob Fisher, the second Wise and Witty Man

American Magic: The Fight to Save Patriot

Dramatic on-the-spot coverage of the all-hands effort from all four teams working together to rescue American Magic's AC75 yacht after her stunning capsize, and the team's resolve to rebuild her and race again by the Semi-Finals.

Watch the video at YouTube (7:51)

American Magic Press Conference

(Jan 18) American Magic Skipper And Executive Director Terry Hutchinson held a press conference in Auckland at 3:00pm/1500h, Monday. He states that the team is working hard with the expectation of having the boat ready to race in the Semi-Final, which begins January 29. The hull has been inspected manually and with ultrasound to locate any hidden damage, and determine the extent of repairs. American Magic's own personnel and many expert boat-builders throughout the New Zealand yachting industry are being engaged to manufacture and install the components needed to repair the hull surfaces and internal structures. All electrical components will have to be replaced, but the team has spares on hand in Auckland. The Foil Control System and associated controls will need to be replaced, also, but the team will swap that system from their first boat, Defiant, into Patriot. Defiant's systems have been maintained in good working order, and are ready to go. Hutchinson said that fortunately the hydraulics system on Patriot remained intact, holding fluid, and water was not taken in. The hydro components are much more specialized to fabricate, install, and tune, and might have been too complicated to replace in time.

Hutchinson was thankful to all the local NZ organizations who came to their aid, including Auckland Harbormaster, Coast Guard, and emergency services. He was especially warm in pointing out the spirit of the other America's Cup teams in leaping into action to help save the boat, and now that she's back on shore, in his competitors offering all possible help to get her racing again.

He attributes the damage to the boat to the height and heel angle at which she fell from her foils onto the water. The visible hole in the hull was due to structural forces that cracked the hull surfaces, not any objects loose inside her hull as some speculated. The initial cause of the capsize the team believes was a sudden steep burst of wind as they were completing their bearaway maneuver.

Though the rules limit the percent of an existing hull that can be modified, repairs returning a damaged hull to the original configuration are not restricted. Likewise, a challenger is permitted to source material and manufacturing in the country of the defense. Putting Patriot back in the water with time to check out all systems and go through the measurement process will take an immense effort, but the team sounds prepared and driven to accomplish exactly that. And then win.

American Magic Statement

Statement from the challenge:

(2320 NZT Jan 17) New York Yacht Club American Magic, the U.S. Challenger for the America’s Cup, capsized in a strong gust of wind while leading around the final mark of today’s second race of PRADA Cup Round Robins. All team members onboard were quickly accounted for by the team’s on-the-water safety personnel and declared safe.

The team’s AC75 racing yacht, Patriot, was damaged during the incident and began taking on water. American Magic received rapid assistance from the three other America’s Cup teams, along with America’s Cup Event Ltd, the race management team, the Coastguard New Zealand, the Auckland Harbormaster, and local fire and police personnel.

American Magic’s AC75 racing yacht, Patriot, after being stabilized, has been towed slowly back to shore and she is now safely back at the base.

(statement ends)

Emirates Team New Zealand skipper Peter Burling lifts the America's Cup in celebration after his team beat Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli 7-3 to defend the trophy. Image: 2021 ACE | Studio Borlenghi

Previous Stories: 2017 America's Cup Match

Challenger Emirates Team New Zealand, representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron defeats Defender Oracle Team USA, representing Golden Gate YC: Read Match Coverage

Louis Vuitton Challenger Selection Series in Bermuda:
Finals | Semi-Finals | Rounds Robin

Preliminary Events:
2015-2016 World Series Regattas

2013 America's Cup Highlights on CupInfo:

ETNZ/Oracle Team USA statistics for Boatspeed, VMG, Leads, Gains, Winds, Speed Maps, and more.
 Updated through Race 18: See CupStats
Also: Daily Race Coverage | Race Results

America's Cup 2013: 34th Defense: The Basics
Rules: A Basic Guide to America's Cup 2013 Rules

The Boats:
AC72 AC45 Cats | New AC72's Launched
Track AC72 Sailing Days | Wind Limits: Some History
Foils that Re-Shaped the America's Cup:
Part 1: Pete Melvin | Part 2: Gino Morrelli
Optimizing America's Cup Cats: Andrew Mason

J-Class Foursome

Click image to enlarge. Photo:©2012 Billy Black

Two of the original J-Class yachts, Endeavour and Velsheda, racing modern J's Hanuman and Ranger in the Bucket Regatta in St. Barths. Read More

Crash Time:
AC45 Makes a Splashing Debut in SF

Click image to watch video at YouTube.

(June 13, 2011) Oracle Racing AC45 Spectacular Pitch-pole in San Francisco Bay during exhibition race pre-start:
See Video at You Tube

Crew Shannon Falcone was injured, walking away but taken to the hospital by ambulance for X-rays of his ribs and further evaluation.  Russell Coutts, skippering #5, was thrown through a portion of the wing.  Thankfully, injuries to the crew were not more extensive.  Examination showed that Falcone dislocated rib cartilage, which is painful enough, but did not break any bones.
Read more at Oracle Racing Blog
and see Photo Gallery

Update: Follow-up stories Tuesday:
Reconstructing events, repairing damage, and plenty of interviews...  See Oracle Racing Blog

What Happened?
Conditions were said to be 20-25 kts, with a building chop against an ebb tide. The video seems to show #5 sailing off the wind, heading up slightly, then quickly bearing away and easing the wing.  This maneuver loads up the bows while presenting a broader wing profile to the wind.  With the bows dug in, the wind sends the cat right down the mine, and there wasn't much the crew could do about it once the sequence started.  "We got caught in the pre-start at the wrong angle and paid the price," said Coutts.

This capsize seems to continue a pattern from testing in Auckland, where the AC45 is remarkably stable in many conditions that would cause problems for lesser cats, and the long wave-piercing bows can be very effective at maintaining buoyancy and avoiding this sort of incident, especially upwind.  But if the wingsail gets into an undesired orientation relative to the wind, forces can overwhelm the boat much more quickly than with a soft mainsail.  Somewhat inherent in a hard surface airfoil, it appears to be much harder to depower the wing on short notice when in trouble, as attempts to ease the wing above illustrate.

On the other hand, both increased experience and improved control techniques could lessen the risks, too. There is still a lot to learn about these boats, even for expert crews, justifying the plan to climb the learning curve early with the AC45's and build skills and understanding in preparation for the AC72's which launch less than 13 months from now.

J-Class Regatta in Newport

Walking on water in Newport. Click image for Day 4 gallery. Photo:©2011 Daniel Forster

Race Results:

W-L  Sail     Yacht


1 2 3 4 5
1  J K-7  Velsheda - - - - 1 4  J 5  Ranger 1 1 1 1 -

(Jun 15, 2011) Ranger, a replica of the 1937 America's Cup winner, and Velsheda, one of three original survivors, are racing head-to-head this week in Newport, RI, historic yachts in a setting to match.

Ranger took Race 1 by just one second on corrected time, won Race 2 by 27 seconds corrected, won Race 3, and won Race 4 by 3:19 corrected.  Velsheda won Race 5 by 2:00 corrected.  Racing finished Sunday June 19.  Each race starting at 1 pm, conditions permitting, and sailed in sight of spectators on shore.
See Photo Galleries from Daniel Forster

2010 America's Cup: Dogzilla Stories

Up on one hull, BMW Oracle Racing, 9/3/09.
Click image to enlarge and see more.
Photo: ©2008 Gilles Martin-Raget/BMW Oracle Racing

BMW Oracle's monster multihull won the 2010 America's Cup in an unforgettably bold display of technology, imagination, and adventure.

Read collected stories of her launch and preparation.

Read CupInfo's coverage of the 2010 America's Cup Match

And be sure to see the Features Page for many more articles, interviews, history, and fun stuff for Cup Fans.

At CupInfo: More than 900 Books about the America's Cup:
Search the America's Cup Bibliography

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Recommended: History of Team New Zealand's historic 1995 America's Cup win:
 Part 1 at NZ Herald

Features: America's Cup Connections to Chicago History

(June 7, 2016) This is the first time for America's Cup racing on Lake Michigan, but connections to the famous yacht race, old and new, can be found in Chicago.
Read article at CupInfo

America's Cup: The Books

CupInfo now hosts the America's Cup Bibliography, an interactive list of over 800 books and other works about the America's Cup published from 1851 all the way up to now.  The bibliography can be searched, sorted, and filtered in multiple ways, and the books have been categorized as well by historic era and genre.

Whether you are new to the history of the America's Cup and just curious to learn more, or are doing serious research, we hope this bibliography will help you discover useful books.  And if even you are a long-time America's Cup reader, you are likely to find something you never knew existed.

Visit the America's Cup Bibliography

Books: Inside the Australia II Keel

Dr. Joop Slooff, Dutch research scientist and expert in fluid dynamics, worked with designer Ben Lexcen on the 1983 12-Meter yacht Australia II which, sporting the innovative winged keel, was the first successful challenger in the history of the America's Cup.  At the time of the challenge, controversies arose about the nature of the keel (was it class-legal and accurately rated?) and the country of origin (nationality rules applied to designers in regard to the country the yacht represented).  Australia sailed off with the trophy after a brilliantly run and hard-fought campaign, but passionate opinions on both sides have not entirely subsided in the years since, either.

In the charged atmosphere of the 1983 match, Dr. Slooff's work was mostly kept out of the spotlight, and, until now, his role in events has not been told in any detail.  But after 33 years, Dr. Slooff has written a memoir of his role in creating the revolutionary appendage and of his witness to the historic match that final summer in Newport.

The book, titled Australia II and the America's Cup: The untold, inside story of The Keel, is available electronically and in hard-copy via Amazon.

A Brief History of the Challenger of Record

Since 1970 there have been 13 matches with multiple challengers, with 12 teams serving as the initial Challenger of Record (COR).  Historically, one-third of the original COR's have resigned their position.  Including the upcoming 35th Defense of the America's Cup scheduled for 2017, the initial COR has resigned four times; three times also withdrawing from competition, and one time remaining a challenger. 

Read more at CupInfo, including a table listing all CORs since 1970


©2013 McGraw-Hill/International Marine/Photo ©2013 Gilles Martin-Raget

(Dec 15, 2013) The story of sailing for the 2013 America's Cup is told in a new 224-page book, from McGraw-Hill/International Marine. Winging It focuses on the sailing and racing of the 34th America's Cup, including selecting the AC72 yachts for the event, the races of the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the epic America's Cup Final that featured a stunning comeback and gut-wrenching loss.  Authors Diane Swintal and Robert Kamins covered the event in San Francisco for CupInfo, and Steve Tsuchiya witnessed the match on the water from start to finish.

Chasing the Big Cats

Photo:©2012 Chris Cameron/ETNZ

(Aug 21, 2013) A chase boat to support a 72-foot America's Cup wingsail multihull that can top 40 knots is a challenge in its own right.  Chris Salthouse of Emirates Team New Zealand explains how the Kiwis are tackling the problem: two hulls, four engines, and Chris's younger brother Greg...

Read more at CupInfo

Picturing the America's Cup

StarsStripes in Fremantle.
Photo:©1987 Daniel Forster/

Photographers Jürg Kaufmann and Daniel Forster have teamed up for the 33rd Defense.  CupInfo talked to them about what they've seen at the America's Cup over the years, plus how they approach the art and technique of sailing photography.

CupInfo: You have both been to many America's Cups, Daniel going back to 1977. Which was your favorite as a photographer?

Daniel: My favorite one as a photographer was the 1987 Cup in Perth/Fremantle. Every day by 11:00 am the Fremantle Doctor arrived, 25-30 knots of wind with big waves and bright sunshine and the 12mJI yachts sailed, unlike here!

Read Interview at CupInfo

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