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IndustryAllFeedFoodPharmaCategory AllBenefitsCommercialEditorial copyPress ReleaseScientificTrendsNovember 17, 2021Webinar: from powder to DC oral solid dosage form.

Join our live session on December 2nd to discuss the powder characteristics of the galenIQ direct compression grades and how these grades can be used conveniently to make oral solid dosage forms.
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READ MORENovember 11, 2021World Diabetes Day 2021 – Anke Sentko, VP Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition Communication at BENEO on “Access to Diabetes Care”

This year’s World Diabetes Day (14th November), initiated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), is raising awareness of the fact that people living with, or at risk of diabetes, need better access to diabetes care and prevent...

READ MOREOctober 27, 2021Positive EFSA Opinion on BENEO’s Health Claim application for isomaltulose in the EU.

BENEO welcomes the positive EFSA opinion on the company’s health claim submission on isomaltulose. The proposed claim that reflects the scientific evidence according to EFSA is “isomaltulose contributes to normal energy-yielding meta...

READ MOREOctober 13, 2021Overcoming challenges in effervescent dosage manufacturing.

Easy to use and with improved technical properties, BENEO’s galenIQ 721 filler-binder optimizes the production of fizzy tablets and powders.
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READ MOREOctober 12, 2021Rice flour as a gut-health-friendly piglet feed ingredient.

Ionnis Mavromichallis, phD and consultant for the animal feed industry shares his perspective on rice ingredients in piglet feed.
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READ MORESeptember 23, 2021Eyeing innovation opportunities in dairy-free chocolate.

With consumer interest in products that promote healthy indulgence continuing to rise, the BENEO-Technology Center is eyeing innovation opportunities in the fields of bakery and dairy-free chocolate.
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READ MORESeptember 8, 2021BENEO transforms settling pond into wildlife haven.

Bats, birds, deer, foxes, frogs, rabbits and beavers are some of the species that will thrive under the biodiversity programme BENEO has launched in conjunction with Natagora and Natagriwal.
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READ MOREJune 18, 2021Pandemic Triggers Increased Demand for Healthy Energy Boosts.

New research results show that this pursuit for health will have an influence on the energy product market, as consumers demand healthier alternatives to boost their struggling energy levels.
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READ MOREMay 12, 2021Approved prebiotic claim for Inulin and Oligofructose in Indonesia.

The National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Indonesia (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan) has approved a prebiotic claim for the chicory root fibres inulin and oligofructose.
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READ MOREApril 26, 2021Long-term study proves BENEO’s Orafti®Synergy1 reduces infection duration for infants in first year of life.

A recently published study from an EU-funded project demonstrates that the prebiotic enrichment of infant formula milk with oligofructose-enriched inulin (Orafti®Synergy1) reduces the duration of infections in the first year of a baby�...

READ MOREApril 8, 2021Smart excipient improves powder flow for sachet-based products.

BENEO presents galenIQ 721 for highly flowable and stable sachet powders.
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READ MOREMarch 24, 2021BENEO barge investment to cut CO2 emissions by 20%.

BENEO will halve the number of truck movements to and from Wijgmaal by increasing the volumes transported over water.
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READ MOREMarch 23, 2021BENEO Appoints Stefanie De Roover as Sales Director EMEA.

Stefanie De Roover will lead the company’s sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from BENEO’s site in Tienen, Belgium.
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READ MOREMarch 1, 2021Overcome the excipient challenge with a multifunctional filler-binder.

Get to learn more about trends in excipients and why the right filler-binder can make all the difference!More on the excipient challenge

READ MOREDecember 21, 2020galenIQ: good taste, stability, shelf-life of probiotic supplements.

To support the stability of probiotic formulations and the viability of microorganisms for a healthy gut, BENEO presents galenIQ 721 at CPhI Festival of Pharma 2020. galenIQ for probiotic supplements

READ MORENovember 24, 2020BENEO Launches First Ever Instant Functional Rice Starch for Clean Label Applications.

The launch of BENEO’s new precooked functional native rice starch, Remypure S52 P allows food manufacturers to produce clean label food preparations with an instant functional native rice starch. Read More on Remypure S52P

READ MORENovember 19, 2020Consumers in Latin America clean up their diets for better health.

Consumers in Latin America are cleaning up their diets for better health.
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READ MOREOctober 21, 2020COVID-19 intensifies interest in well-being and eco-friendly products.

Healthy ingredients and label transparency are more important to consumers than ever before following the COVID-19 pandemic, concludes a new global survey commissioned by the market research company FMCG Gurus on behalf of BENEO.
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READ MOREOctober 16, 2020Transparent labels help pet parents make healthier choices.

With claims such as ‘all natural’ becoming ubiquitous in both human food and pet food, many pet owners are now looking to optimise their furry friends’ diet.
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READ MOREOctober 8, 2020Boost taste and stability of probiotic supplements with galenIQ.

To support the stability of probiotic formulations and the viability of microorganisms for a healthy gut, BENEO presents galenIQ 721 at CPhI Festival of Pharma 2020.
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READ MOREOctober 2, 2020Digestive health is a key purchasing driver for India’s consumers.

53% of consumers cited digestive health as a key concern, with many looking for natural solutions to improve their digestive health and overall well-being.
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READ MORESeptember 18, 2020BENEO moves further towards carbon neutrality at its Oreye facility.

As a result of a 10-year program of energy saving, BENEO has announced a 40% reduction in specific carbon emissions at its Oreye facility in Belgium.
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READ MOREAugust 3, 2020Human nutrition trends in the world of pet food.

While people become more aware of their personal health and nutrition, pet-food companies are successfully appealing to them with attributes that they can personally relate to.
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READ MOREAugust 3, 2020Confectionery’s bright future with permission to indulge ingredients.

Eating is about pleasure, and delivering confectionery with added benefits is giving consumers what they most want – permission to indulge.
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READ MOREJuly 9, 2020BENEO invests €50 million in increasing capacity at Wijgmaal.

BENEO forecasts that the growing demand for natural and clean label products will intensify in major existing markets, including Europe and the Americas.
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READ MOREJune 10, 2020BENEO expands portfolio with new organic ingredients.

Following rising market demand and growing consumer interest for organic products BENEO has announced the expansion of its chicory root fibre and rice starch ingredient portfolio with two new organic solutions.Read more

READ MOREJune 1, 2020Pandemic places spotlight on keeping healthy for Chinese consumers.

New research proves the importance of controlled blood glucose levels to stay healthy. In a new study, 80% of consumers in China revealed that they will pay more attention to their diet, even after the pandemic subsidies.
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READ MOREMay 18, 2020Covid-19 crisis throws spotlight on diet and blood glucose control.

Many existing food and nutrition trends have been accelerated by the pandemic crisis – and one of them is the big challenge of blood sugar management.
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READ MOREMay 14, 2020galenIQ for sugar-free medicated high-boiled lozenges.

For medicated hard-boiled lozenges, galenIQ 900 is the number one choice. Learn more it´s long shelf-life stability and a sweet taste whilst being kind to teeth.
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READ MOREMarch 20, 2020BENEO invests more than €50 million to increase capacity in Chile.

In order to keep up with rising interest in chicory root fibre, BENEO invests significantly into expanding the production facilities in Pemuco, Chile.
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READ MOREFebruary 18, 2020Scientific study shows successful weight management.

A recently published scientific study has shown that BENEO's slow release carbohydrate Palatinose delivers greater loss in body weight and fat mass.
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READ MOREFebruary 18, 2020Sugar-free confectionery with worldwide authentic flavours.

BENEO unveils its latest Sweets Collection, a compilation of inspirational, sugar-free candies that contains authentic flavours from around the world.
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READ MOREFebruary 1, 2020A better way to formulate oily plant extracts with galenIQ.

Our water-soluble filler-binder galenIQ can overcome formulation issues. It offers a high oil-binding capacity, agglomerate stability as well as flowability, and allows for fast tablet disintegration.
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READ MORENovember 19, 20192020 The year of Inulin according to Julian Mellentin.

The prebiotic fiber inulin was awarded as ingredient of the year 2020 by food and beverage consultant Julian Mellentin.
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READ MOREOctober 8, 2019BENEO at FNCE®: The latest on prebiotics and gut microbiome.

Learn how to use prebiotic chicory root fibers in your daily practice or company to address dysbiosis and improve digestive health, bone health, blood glucose response, manage weight and inner defense.
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READ MOREOctober 3, 2019Chinese consumers seeking better nutrition for improved gut health.

In a recent consumer survey conducted by the market research company InSites on behalf of BENEO, 72% of Chinese consumers believe that diet plays a major role in building a healthy lifestyle.
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READ MOREAugust 29, 2019Celebrating 10 years of supplying sustainable pet food protein.

We are very pleased to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our plant-based vital wheat gluten protein BeneoPro W.
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READ MOREAugust 1, 2019Nurture your inner well-being with prebiotic chicory root fibres.

Chicory root fibres have a unique prebiotic effect as they help the good bacteria in your colon to flourish, triggering positive health benefits.
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READ MOREMay 21, 2019Infographic: Dive into inulins intrinsic health benefits.

David Feder, executive editor of Prepared Foods, recently wrote about a “Gut Health revolution” in the market. A subject close to BENEO’s heart…
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READ MOREMay 8, 2019Ice hockey player Brent Raedeke tested Palatinose: “ Lasting energy.”

Professional ice hockey player Brent Raedeke talks very favourably of his experiences from a private trial phase with BENEO’s Palatinose during the last season.
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READ MOREMay 6, 2019Prebiotic chicory root fibre maintains childrens microbiota.

New study reveals that prebiotic chicory root fibre can maintain microbiota balance in children – even following antibiotic treatment
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READ MOREApril 25, 2019BENEO is now capable of producing organic inulin from chicory roots.

BENEO is now capable of producing organic inulin from chicory roots, being the first ingredient manufacturer to do so.
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READ MOREMarch 19, 2019World Oral Health Day: BENEO’s healthy toothfriendly ingredients.

World Oral Health Day 2019 focuses on the link between oral care and overall health and well-being: ‘Act on mouth health – a healthy mouth and body go hand in hand’.
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READ MOREMarch 4, 2019Sponsorship with Team Rynkeby hohes C – powered by Palatinose.

BENEO supports Nordic charity cycling team.
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READ MOREJanuary 25, 2019Healthier indulgence with first toffees containing Palatinose.

BENEO showcases the first toffees with its functional carbohydrate, Palatinose at ISM 2019. The new product concept offers consumers a healthier toffee alternative.
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READ MORENovember 27, 2018Consumer gut health trends reach pet food sector.

With pet product innovation often following human trends BENEO explores the increasing focus on health and wellness and how this trend is being addressed within functional pet food nutrition ingredients.
Read more on heatlh trends in p...

READ MOREOctober 23, 2018Consumers agree that the more natural, the better.

For different reasons, people are increasingly aware of the impact a balanced diet can have on their wellbeing.
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READ MOREOctober 8, 2018The gut microbiome and prebiotics.

Join our symposium on the gut microbiome in Philadelphia, USA! You will learn what prebiotics are and discover the science that demonstrates their role in supporting health and in managing metabolic disease.
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READ MORESeptember 26, 2018Sportification moves into the mainstream for BENEO at HiE.

At HiE 2018 in Frankfurt BENEO will be presenting the latest developments on emerging industry trends, including sportification. Triathlete Marc Rink will be offering insights into his xperiences of using Palatinose.
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READ MOREAugust 16, 2018Chicory root fibers improves childrens digestive immune health.

A recent scientific study has shown important health benefits in kindergarten children aged 3 to 6 years as a result of consuming chicory root fibers.
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READ MOREAugust 15, 2018Visit us at FNCE®, 20-23 October 2018, Washington DC.

Get new insights on the benefits of chicory root fibre ranging from the prebiotic effect to overall well-being as well as Palatinose – the unique slow-release carbohydrate.
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READ MOREJuly 17, 2018BENEO launches new clean label rice starch at IFT 2018.

At this year's Institute of Food Technologists Expo (IFT18) in Chicago BENEO launches its new Remypure S52 clean label rice starch.
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READ MOREJuly 12, 2018Scientific study about better athletes performance with Palatinose.

A scientific study by Professor Daniel König and his team has shown that with a pre-load of Palatinose endurance athletes maintained a more stable blood glucose profile and higher fat oxidation.
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READ MOREJuly 12, 2018Label-friendly texturisers: natural ingredient solutions.

Our specialty rice ingredients and Orafti® functional fibres offer ways to modulate goodness without altering taste or texture.
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READ MOREJune 18, 2018Chicory root fibers included in FDA’s list.

Success for BENEO as Chicory Root Fibers are included in FDA’s “Approved Dietary Fibers” List.
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READ MOREJune 15, 2018BENEO’s chicory root fibers in “Approved Dietary Fibers list.

BENEO’s Inulin Oligofructose from chicory root are now officially on the list of approved dietary fibers published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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READ MOREMay 29, 2018World Digestive Health Day Prebiotic fibres and digestive health.

May 29 is World Digestive Health Day. Digestive health is an increasing focus among consumers and both consumers and manufacturers are becoming more aware of the gut microbiota and the benefits of prebiotics.
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READ MOREMay 29, 2018Digestive wellness is a key trend for 2018 – new prebiotic logo.

With BENEO's new on-pack prebiotic logo manufacturers can further support the promotion of digestive health and wellness achievable through our prebiotic chicory root fibres.
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READ MOREMarch 16, 2018Active and sports nutrition – merging segments.

As most of us like to be in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, we find our balance between exercise and nutrition – but what works for one, will be insufficient or over-the-top for the other.
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READ MOREDecember 22, 2017Palatinose is well-tolerated in follow-on formula.

Clearly confirmed was the safe use and good acceptability for infants of PalatinoseTM in follow-up formula and grown-up milk.
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READ MOREAugust 1, 2017Growing trend towards healthier snacking and indulgence.

While snacks are becoming the ‘new meal’ there is a worldwide trend to combine healthier snacking and indulgence. Although taste is important, consumers are increasingly aware and mindful of what they eat.
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READ MOREAugust 1, 2017Sponsorship cooperation with athletes – powered by Palatinose.

We are glad to announce a new sponsorship cooperation with two German endurance athletes – professional triathletes Matthias Knossalla and Marc Rink.
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READ MOREJune 1, 2017Chocolate chip cookies with improved nutritional profile.

Recent technical trials with 30 % sugar-reduced chocolate chip cookies containing BENEO’s chicory fibres showed that taste, sweetness and crunchiness of the cookies were similar to the full sugar control version.
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READ MOREMay 1, 2017World Digestive Health Day – growing importance of the gut microbiome.

This year’s World Digestive Health Day on 29 May 2017 is encouraging people to become more aware of therapies available for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD).
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READ MOREMay 1, 2017“A Better Day with BENEO” Healthier Snacks at IFT 2017.

At the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Expo in Las Vegas from June 25 – 28 BENEO will focus on solutions for healthier snacks. Research shows that snacks have taken center stage in consumers’ preferences.
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READ MOREApril 1, 2017Toothfriendly snacking opportunities with Isomalt.

The rise of food-on-the-go consumption and our snacking society makes sugar avoidance difficult.
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READ MOREApril 1, 2017BENEO is raising the bar on sugar replacement – naturally.

Reducing sugar has become a key concern amongst consumers and there is a strong demand for healthier food and snacks.
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READ MOREFebruary 22, 2017Innovative low-glycaemic carbohydrates.

A smart choice can contribute to a healthier life. It is the quality of carbohydrates that matters and a low glycaemic diet that counts. Tasty, lower glycaemic food can be achieved in various ways.
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READ MOREFebruary 1, 2017Studies confirm better digestive health with chicory root fibres.

BENEO-Digestive-Health-Prebiotic-EffectTwo recently published scientific studies show that BENEO’s prebiotic chicory root fibres support digestive health.
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READ MOREJanuary 22, 2017Studies confirm benefits of Synergy1 in reducing risk of diabetes.

Two new scientific studieshave shown three major beneficial effects of BENEO’s chicory root fibre Orafti®Synergy1 in reducing the risk of diabetes.
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READ MOREDecember 1, Expert views on chicory root fibres.

BENEO's Expert views on chicory root fibresThe role of dietary fibre in nutrition and health is the topic on the new expert platform
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READ MORENovember 22, 2016Research: Palatinose enhances memory mood in school-age children.

A recent scientific research shows that children perform significantly better on mood and memory after eating a breakfast with PalatinoseTM compared to glucose.
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READ MORESeptember 1, 2016U.S. consumers prefer a healthier sugar from natural sources.

BENEO-graph-ideal-sweetener-USA-2016A recent study commissioned by BENEO shows that U.S. consumers prefer nutritional foods that not only sustain energy throughout the day.
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READ MOREJuly 16, 2016Crossing boundaries with good sugar and prebiotic fibres.

Carbohydrates can behave very differently in regard to the question if and to which extent their energy becomes available to the body and if they qualify as nutritive carbohydrate or dietary fibre.
Read more

READ MOREJuly 1, 2016BENEO and Raffinerie Tirlemontoise invest 5 million in laboratories.

On 4 July BENEO and Raffinerie Tirlemontoise celebrated the official opening of modernised laboratories in Tienen, Belgium. This 5 million Euro’s investment, demonstrate how important RD is to both partners. Read More

READ MOREJuly 1, 2016New ingredient: Remypure, a natural clean label rice starch.

Naturalness and transparency are key for today’s consumers, who want to know what their food is made of. Clean label has moved past being a trend, it is the new rule.
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READ MOREJune 1, 2016IFT Food Expo 2016 in Chicago All things natural with BENEO.

At this year’s Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) Food Expo from 16 to 19 July 2016 in Chicago, BENEO will focus on natural solutions. The topic will be "New Clean Label Options for Better Texture and Digestive Health". Read More

READ MOREApril 8, 2016New authorised 13.5 health claim for BENEO’s chicory root fibres!

We are pleased to announce that the Standing Committee on Plant, Animals, Food and Feed agreed with the EU Commisssion to authorise a second 13.5 health claim for our chicory root fibres.
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READ MOREApril 1, 2016New blood glucose 13.5 health claim for BENEO’s chicory root fibres.

We are pleased to announce that the Standing Committee on Plant, Animals, Food and Feed agreed with the EU Commisssion to authorise a second 13.5 health claim for our chicory root fibres.
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READ MOREMarch 1, 2016Clinical trial confirms that slow release Palatinose is safe.

BENEO slow release Palatinose is safe and well-tolerated in follow-on formulaOffstein, March 2016 - Under the lead of Prof. Koletzko, Munich and within the EU7th Framework Program EarlyNutrition.
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READ MOREMarch 1, 2016Vasa race 2016 winner powered by Palatinose.

Mannheim, March 2016 - Our next generation sugar Palatinose supported the winner of the largest cross-country ski marathon in the world.
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READ MOREFebruary 1, 2016Edible digital selfies with ISOMALT – you can eat everything you see!

Mannheim, February 2016 - Selfie-candies with ISOMALT are among the top innovations of this year’s ISM. BonchaBoncha from Taiwan applies selfies (or any other favourite design) to sweets printed with edible food colours.
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READ MOREJanuary 1, 2016BENEO presented new chewing gum coating technology at ISM 2016.

BENEO's chewing gum coating technology Mannheim, January 2016 - At ISM BENEO presented its unique ISOMALT translucent coating technology which offers new ways to create appealing gum products on existing production equipment. Read More

READ MOREJanuary 1, 2016Exclusive 13.5 Health Claim for BENEO’s fibre inulin!

Mannheim, January 2016 - As of January 1, 2016 customers working with Orafti® inulin can use a new claim on digestive health.
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READ MORENovember 1, 2015Research shows Sugar friend AND foe by European consumers.

Mannheim, November 2015 - More than 5000 consumers across five European countries were surveyed on their perception of sugar, carbohydrates and nutrition, with regard to blood glucose response.
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READ MOREAugust 1, 2015Indulgent solutions for sugar-reduced popcorn.

Mannheim, August 2015 - As the spotlight on sugar grows increasingly bright the healthy attributes of popcorn come under scrutiny. The good news is, indulgent solutions for popcorn with less sugar are possible. Read More

READ MOREMay 1, 2015Review from 33rd Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition in Toronto.

BENEO-Institute was sponsoring this internationally renowned symposium from June 9 to 12 with 230 delegates from 20 countries.
Read More

READ MOREJanuary 8, 2015BENEO’s inulin proven to promote digestive health.

Based on a 13.5 health claim application BENEO has gained a positive EFSA evaluation for its prebiotic fibre inulin improving the effect on bowel function by increasing stool frequency.
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READ MORESeptember 8, 2014Chicory root fibers and inner protection for children.

Brand new study results on the strengthening of the inner protection were presented for the first time by Prof. Decsi, Department of Paediatrics, University of Pécs, Hungary.
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READ MOREJanuary 10, 2014Positive EFSA claim for BENEO’s oligofructose!

Mannheim, January 2014 - A dossier for an EU Art 13.5 claim was filed to show the link between oligofructose and improved blood glucose response after intake. Read More


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