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The most important piece of equipment to set up in your new aquarium is your filtration system. Filters are essential formaintaining a clean and healthy environment and therefore keeping your fish healthy! Here are the main types offiltration you'll need to have in your aquarium. Mechanical FiltrationMechanical filtration is the simplest type of filtration. It simply removes debris and particles from your water bypassing it through foam or some other type of spongy material that traps it and prevents it from re-entering your tank.It's really important to replace the filter's foam or sponge pad and clean it regularly as failure to do so will affecthow well the filter works. If left for too long without being emptied, the debris in your filter could begin to decomposeand harmful toxins could enter your tank water. Biological FiltrationThis is the most important filtration process for your aquarium. It doesn't actually involve physically filtering anythingout of your tank water, but instead involves cultivating a colony of beneficial bacteria to turn ammonia into non-harmfulsubstances so they can be removed when you change your water. These bacteria therefore help to maintain the nitrogen cycle,which is really important for the health of your fish. While mechanical and biological filtration are both vital, chemical filtration is an extra option for your aquarium.Chemical filtration refers to adding any filtering substance that is designed to change the chemical composition of thewater, but usually refers to adding activated carbon. Activated carbon pulls dissolved waste products and minerals from thewater by trapping them. It also helps to remove odor. Although you can have a healthy aquarium without chemical filtration,you'll need to change the water very frequently - so having chemical filtration is usually much easier! Canister FiltersA canister filter provides the best of all worlds, as it will carry out all three types of filtration. They can alsofilter large amounts of water quickly so are great for large tanks. The canister filter uses a tube to suck water from thetank into the canister where it goes through several layers of powerful mechanical filtration, and then throughchemical and biological filtration before the water is pushed back into the tank. Try All Pond Solutionsfor a range of canister filters in a range of prices to suit your tank size and budget. Keeping Your Tank HealthyCorrect filtration and regular cleaning really are vital to maintaining healthy water for your fish, so you need to knowthat you're doing it right. It might seem a bit of a hassle to choose and set up your filtration system, but once you haveyou can be confident that your fish are healthy and happy in their tank and you can really enjoy your new aquarium. Live Saltwater Animals to Your DoorFishing TipsIf you're planning on going fishing, and want to make the most of your time out on the water, then you should check out some fish finder reviews. You want to be able to catch as many fish as possible and make the most of your fishing experience.Fishing Staff is a great buddy for a fishing lover to provide the free and best resources of fishing stuff and most effective and updated fishing techniques.

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