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NOTE: The original 1997 web site created at was deleted, along with all the other hometown/members/users AOL domain web sites on America Online, by America Online, on October 31, 2008. A single message sent October 1, 2008 at 5:13 am central time, was the only notice sent to subscribers. I ask your patience with the bad links as the site is restored here on the domain. AOL is ON MY LIST!!!!! Hi! My name is Valerie -- though you can call me Val : -- and I love doing word find puzzles, so I thought I'd make up a few myself! Yes, this page now is solely concerned with word find and word search puzzles. The various banners, magazine covers, and the quizlet have been moved to the web site, specifically to the Keeping You Informed page. Check it out : ! Find out about all of my web pages at the Valsadie Site Guide. I've come up with three puzzles so far, all three on things I'm interested in at the moment -- Michael Jackson, Hercules Xena, and Janet Jackson. The words in these puzzles are hidden across, down, and diagonally, both forwards and backwards! To make it a little challenging, first you have to complete the sentences below the puzzle, which are trivia questions, and these are clues as to what words are actually hidden in the puzzle. Also, to make it interesting, I've included links to the answers in these sentences, so you can find other places on the internet that talk about MJ and Hercules and Xena and Gabrielle and Iolaus and Janet -- well, I'm getting ahead of myself : ! If you're really stuck though, there are solution pages on all three -- Michael, Hercules Xena, and Janet. See the java version of the three puzzles at Valsadie Java Puzzles! You can solve the puzzles right there on your screen by clicking and dragging your mouse. Click over to find out the details. See the new Java word find puzzle at the Val's Pop Culture Puzzle and Quizlet Page, which features one puzzle on Latin musicians, one on boy bands, and one on teen female vocalists. And the new puzzle on girl groups is accompanied by a quizlet which asks you to vote for your favorite girl group, from a choice of the Supremes, the Spice Girls, Dream, TLC, Destiny's Child, and Expose'. Enjoy!! I'm trying to get MTV to grant Weird AL Yankovic their MTV Video Vanguard Award! Check out the banner below -- and go over and sign! (C'mon, you know he deserves it! You know you want to : ! At least click over and read my impassioned letter to MTV about it!) If my puzzles whet your appetite, here's links to other word find and word search puzzles pages on the world wide web (and also see the puzzle magazines below!): Word Search Construction Kit: The Desktop Publisher for Word Search Puzzles. Drop, place size word search, graphic and text components; Select fonts, colors, columns, borders, alignment, etc. Make puzzles in fun shapes (trains, flags, circles, etc), 30 x 30 grid, 330 words, 150 chars per clue, hidden phrase. Replace word list with clues, scrambled or partial words. Create bitmap, jpeg, metafile or Web Page. Home Page, new home to the Valsadie Site Guide!See all the latestentertainment headlines at theKeeping You Informed Page!See all the latestcool books, music, videotapes and DVDs, computer accessories, and oh-so-cheezystuff at the newKeeping You Informed Superstore!See the latestcovers of all the coolest magazines at the really newKeeping You Informed Newsstand! Also see the 2002Keeping You Informed Superstore(as well as the Val's 2002 Wish List edition) and the KeepingYou Informed Archives (1999-2001) and... Come and talk about Michael Jackson, Dorothy Dandridge, Janet Jackson, Weird Al Yankovic, the Jackson Five, Prince, and even more, in the Valsadie's Forum @! Valsadie Bookmarks at the Netscape Open Directory Project

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Entrance to Val's original internet word find puzzles based on Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Hercules and Xena. Plus fun links!

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