If you'd like to join my mailing list please email me your request at otto@eBAYONET.comTo be added to my mailing list please include your name and address with your request. Why? Because at some point you'll ask me to estimate shipping and I won't be able to do so without your address.CONTACTOTTO HEREPlease take a moment to rememberour troops who are risking their lives so we can enjoy our freedom andsafety here at home.SPECIAL!Otto's personal collection of AIRBORNE regaliaAfter over 30 years of collecting Paratrooperand other Airborne insignia, equipment etc. on the side I've decided torefocus my colleting efforts and am selling off my Airborne collectionin Lots. If you have bayonets or collectable military rifles fortrade I am interested in swapping. It will take me YEARS to geteverything posted so please check back often if you are not on my mailinglist.Please see my "BOOKS AND LITERATURE" section for copies ofmy eBooks "Bayonets of Afghanistan"and "Observations On Turkish Bayonets". They both contain a tremendous amount of material which has not been publishedpreviously anywhere.NEW ARTICLE for your enjoyment - The M1938 Carcano Bayonet Did you know there were actually 5 variants instead of just the 4 shown in earlier books? Take a look;-) ARTICLE for your enjoyment -"DiscoveringYugoslavian M95M Rifles and Bayonets" is an abridged edition of a more detailed articlethat will be part of my next eBook project.The following is a list of items I have available forsale or trade. ALL Items are GUARANTEED ORIGINAL unless otherwisenoted. If you would like to purchase multiple items or any of themore expensive ones my prices may be negotiable so feel free to make offersif you are interested in the better items or multiple cheaper ones.("Make an offer" means offering a specific dollar amount for something.Just asking for my "best price" is NOT making an offer and won't get youany kind of discounts.) Keep in mind that the more you are buyingat one time, the more price flexibility I will have and shipping will beeconomized. If you are not the type who likes to haggle please contactme HERE andlet me know which items interest you BY THEIR ITEM NUMBER and I'll be happyto work up a discounted price on the lot. (This applies to multipleitem purchases only.) Because discounts become progressivelylarger as more items are added to an order there is no such thing as "mybest price" so please don't bother to ask about "best price" since thereis no such thing.PAYMENTAND SHIPPING INFORMATIONMost items have pics available by clicking the linksin their descriptions. In cases where I have several identical itemsI may use a representative pic as opposed to an actual one of each identicalitem. These will be noted as "example" pics if it is necessary.If you are interested in an item that I haven't addeda pic, description or price for, please contact me HEREwith the item number and any questions you might have and I'll geta pic and price up for you ASAP.NOTE: Some items may already be gone since thislist was last updated or may be unavailable due to a pending deal in progress.All prices are subject to change without notice.PLEASE CHOOSE A CATEGORYHOMESPECIAL! Otto's personalcollection of AIRBORNE regaliaBAYONETSAfghanistan-FranceBAYONETSGermany-GuatemalaBAYONETS.Haiti-MexicoBAYONETSNepal-SyriaBAYONETS Taiwan-Yugoslavia(Includes UNIDENTIFIED section at the end)BOOKS AND LITERATURE MY eBOOKs on CD-ROM OBSERVATIONS ON TURKISH BAYONETS and BAYONETS OF AFGHANISTAN ARE AVAILABLE IN THIS SECTION! THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED AND ENCOURAGED ME ALONG ON THESE PROJECTS IN THE PAST AND CONTINUE TO HELP ME IMPROVE THEM!HELMETS, HATS, CAPSETC.INSIGNIAANTIQUE GUNS, STOCKS,PARTS + ACCESSORIES, AMMO + ORDNANCEUNIFORMS, FOOTWEARAND MISC. EQUIPMENTPAYMENTAND SHIPPING INFORMATIONINFORMATIONALLINKSTo place an order,make an inquiry about an item before orderingit OR to inquire about my CONSULTING FEES for identifying or appraisingYOUR bayonetsplease contact me HEREIf you would like E-mail notification when this list isupdated please EM your request to me.NO ONE will be added tothe list without their expressed request! 2000-2020 DENNIS D. OTTOBREALL MATERIALS ON THIS WEBSITE ARE COPYRIGHTED AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCEDOR OTHERWISE USED WITHOUT MY EXPRESSED PERMISSION.charge $20 per bayonet in advance to identify and appraise. Hourly rates are available for larger collections. If you would like E-mail notification when this list isupdated please EM your request to me HERENO ONE will be added tothe list without their expressed request!THE OBLIGATORYRECIPROCAL LINKS SECTIONThis BayonetCollector's Web Ring site is owned by DennisD. Ottobre.[ Previous5 Sites | Previous| Next| Next5 Sites | RandomSite | ListSites ]MilitariaWebring.comLEGAL NOTICE. My domain name "" is my own and standsfor e-bayonet (electronic bayonet) in keeping with the character of mybusiness and current internet naming trends used by a broad base of domainholders. It should not be confused or associated with eBay auctionsor any subsidiary thereof in any way. It definitely does NOT represent"eBay-onet" which just sounds stupid to begin with. So if you areone of eBay's lawyers looking for an excuse to sue someone, take a hike;-)

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