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description:Applied DNA Sciences provides molecular-based supply chain authentication and security solutions that help protect products, brands, governments, and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud, and diversion.
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Molecular Based Securitykenmac7222021-10-26T12:22:12-04:00Keeping life real and safe. Together.
PCR-Produced DNA

Our LineaRx business provides large-scale DNA production using PCR delivers highly purified DNA, without the complications of plasmids. This DNA is used in cell therapies, vaccines, diagnostics and gene therapies. We can meet CRO and CMO needs with linear DNA at any scale. 

Linear DNA is currently being used in COVID-19 vaccine candidates, CAR T therapies, RNA therapies, DNA and RNA vaccines against infectious agents and cancer.

COVID-19 Vaccines Diagnostics

 The Linea™ COVID-19 Assay Kit provides a high-throughput solution to help laboratories address the urgent need for patient testing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Learn more about the impact of SARS-CoV-2 69-70del mutation
on the Linea™ COVID-19 Assay Kit

The Applied DNA Clinical Labs COVID-19 Surveillance Program helps prevent virus spread by quickly identifying infected members within your household, school, or business.

Supply Chain Authentication

The CertainT® platform has three technology pillars (Tag, Test, Track) that allow for molecular tagging of raw materials and products. Tagged materials can be tested as they travel through a global supply chain. All data points associated to tagging and testing are tracked in a secure cloud database.

The CertainT platform can be used across industries such as textiles, cannabis, and pharmaceuticals.

White Paper: Revolutionizing nucleic acid-based therapies with linear DNA
APDN sees demand for tagged textiles rebounding to pre-pandemic levelsCombining molecular science, data and system integration for healthcare and business solutionsHear from our partners and customersPCR-PRODUCED DNADr. Giuseppe Del Priore
Chief Medical Officer of TYME

“We are impressed by the distinguishing character of the iCTC assay…which directly mimics the behavior of metastatic cells in the body, by capturing iCTCs after they invade a cellular adhesion matrix directly from fresh blood. These live metastatic cells can be counted and characterized by unique biomarkers from LRX. iCTCs can be cultured and analyzed by the latest genomic methods.”

COVID-19Mitch Goldman
Director, Camp Chateaugay

“Applied DNA was an integral part in creating a COVID-19 free bubble in which our campers and staff thrived throughout the summer. The team was incredibly responsive, thorough, and detailed in their work. I highly recommend them for any testing protocols.”

Joint President of Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd.

“Traceability has now added more authenticity and credibility to the entire textile supply chain and is becoming an integral part of the recycling process. With Applied DNA and CertainT, our customers can now trust in the original tagged synthetic fiber and verify product-related sustainability claims.”

Quality. It’s in our DNA.

At Applied DNA Sciences, everything we do is motivated by Quality. From concept to commerce, ADNAS employees have been trained to comply with external regulatory guidance defined by ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and current Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Applied DNA Sciences provides molecular-based supply chain authentication and security solutions that help protect products, brands, governments, and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud, and diversion.

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