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OGA – Odroid Go Advance replace glass screen lens

I ordered my Odroid Go Advance back in January 2020 and since it was sold out I had to wait couple months for new batch to be produced. It was well worth the wait because I got delivered the new BE (Black Edition) with added L2 and R2 buttons and WiFi which was great.

If you are interested in getting one I can recommend ameriDroid for their great service and customer communication. You can check it out on this link.

After some couple of months of use I noticed that the plastic lens protecting the LCD screen is getting these small scratches and smudges and it started to bother me.

I saw this video where this user replaced his plastic lens with glass one and I wanted to try the same but Amaozon links show that product was no longer available.

eBay came to the rescue and I found it at dazzlestore.2016 and I ordered the silver one I thought it would look cooler than the black frame.

I can not recommend this screen lens enough it is made of high quality glass with 2.5D polish so it looks really slick. Image quality is a lot better with this lens and viewing experience is greatly enhanced.

It’s fairly easy to replace it, you just need plastic suction to remove the existing plastic lens then you can peel off the adhesive and mount glass lens to your OGA.

The photo does not do the lens justice since it looks a lot better than the picture.

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Add IP to CirrOS manually if DHCP fails

If CirrOS is not getting IP address automatically from Neutron because of some issue or simply DHCP is disabled for subnet then you can use:

ip a add <address/mask> dev eth0

To add IP address and mask to eth0. You will also need default route:

ip r add <default_gw> dev eth0
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PHPMailer plugin in Organizr is not working

Even if you disabled TLS in the Organizr configuration page, if your mail server advertises that it supports TLS PHPMailer will try to use it, which will fail.

In order to resolve this edit file api/plugins/php-mailer.php and add after line 127 following:

$mail->SMTPAutoTLS = false;

Now sending emails should work without TLS usage.

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Manually add files and folders to ownCloud

There are many ways to add files to your ownCloud:

FTP UploadSCP UploadLocal disk to ownCloud disk transferUSB disk to ownCloud disk transfer.

But it can be pretty slow and painful process if you are adding large number of files.

Easier way is to copy the files directly to your ownCloud data directory and scan them in order to be properly added and indexed by ownCloud.

First in order to do that you need to find the “occ” command which is usually found in the root of your owncloud web directory for example /www/owncloud/occ.

Then you copy your files and folders to the data directory where your personal files are located, it could be something like /owncloud/[USERNAME]/files/.

When your files are in the new location then you need to start the scan:

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ files:scan --all

Depending on the amount of files you are adding this can take some time, and will print out the results when finished.

That’s it your files and folders are now manually added to your ownCloud.

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Use wget to download entire web site for local browsing

wget \     --recursive \     --no-clobber \     --page-requisites \     --html-extension \     --convert-links \     --restrict-file-names=windows \     --domains \     --no-parent \

This command downloads the web site

The options are:

–recursive: download the entire Web site.–domains don’t follow links outside–no-parent: don’t follow links outside the directory fridge/chacking/.–page-requisites: get all the elements that compose the page (images, CSS and so on).–html-extension: save files with the .html extension.–convert-links: convert links so that they work locally, off-line.–restrict-file-names=windows: modify filenames so that they will work in Windows as well.–no-clobber: don’t overwrite any existing files (used in case the download is interrupted and resumed).