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HiCoFlex® technology, our innovative ultra-thin flexible high density multilayer printed circuit solution

Resistor Networks

High precision Ni-Cr thin film resistor networks with very high temperature stability.


Multilayer substrates are manufactured by thin film additive techniques and therefore possess a very high interconnection density.

Hightec MC AG is a state-of-the-art microelectronics manufacturer located in Switzerland, specialized in development and production
of high-quality custom-made products based on thin film technology such as MCM’s, Hybrids, superconductive flexible cryo cables
and HiCoFlex®, our innovative ultra-thin flexible multilayer-printed circuits solution. HiCoFlex® enables new dimensions for medical
devices; smaller, lighter and thinner.


Development Process

Your product with our technology.

Structured Substrates

Thin Film on 4” / 6” / 12” / 24” square substrates


Our equipment allows standard fine pitch structures down to 10/10 µm line/space