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Creating is what I like.

I studied Hotelschool and got a computer on downpayments which made me built my first website.

After that I worked for several years in the event industry at TodaysArt Festival before fully diving into coding web applications followed by mobile apps.

Recently I got more and more interested into blockchain related projects and revived my organisatory skills by helping out with a couple of hackathons, family recipe pancake events and SteemFest.

I run a witness for Hive.

What keeps me occupied nowadays


Hive is a blockchain based social network where you earn money for your content creation. Due to it's decentralised nature there is no censorship and it is difficult to block access to the content of the blockchain anywhere in the world, making it accessible to any country with internet restrictions. To support the Hive network I run a server as a so-called witness, signing blocks and maintaining a copy of the blockchain.



Custom apps and a CMS for location based audio/multimedia tourguides. Multilingual, offline, gps and ibeacon driven mobile apps for getting your interactive stories and trips accross!


Poepfabriek / Little PoopFactory

Like every young parent nowadays you have to start your own webshop with babystuff as soon as your baby is born. We dedicated one to it's main job. Baby clothes with the poop emoji.

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