Many years of experience in constructing vacuum tube amplifiers translates into excellent sound. Our clients love our amplifiers. Reviewers write a lot of good words.

High WAF

Due to the well thought-out design and many improvements, our amplifiers look different than most devices of this type. As a result, they have a high Wife Approval Factor.

3 years warranty

The use of good components and durable materials allows us to give a 3-year warranty. In addition, we give the opportunity to upgrade used amplifiers to new models.


Something very special is being created here: an exclusive tube amplifier with a dedicated concrete slab table. Encore One has been established as a result of the Encore Seven and Szostak Design collaboration. These two companies have merged to carry out a unique audio-design project that solidifies their experience in tube amplifier construction as well as artistic utilitarian design.

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The TanQ

We are proud to launch our top quality amplifier to date: The TanQ. From now on it is a lonely flagship in our offer and the opening of a new series. The power of 2 x 20W in A-class makes it a universal amplifier for most loudspeakers and all music genres. Unique shape, hand made with attention to detail – the perfect amplifier for an honest and demanding music lover.


Prestige Series


Classic Series

He is the Music Director of Antyradio, one of the most recognised radio stations in Poland, and at the same time the largest Polish radio station focused on rock music. In Antyradio he is responsible for the music policy and the whole music base. He also selects music for non-original radio broadcasts. He is the person who speaks to record labels, concert promoters, artists and their managers. He is also a recognised music reviewer.

In his private life, he most likes listening to music on vinyl records and he uses a set of our EGG-SHELL tube amplifiers: the Prestige PS5 phono preamp and the Prestige 12.2 integrated, thus proving that this equipment is a perfect choice on which to listen to rock!

Marcin Bąkiewicz

Music Director of Radio Station “Antyradio”

I am lucky that music is at the same my passion and a way of life. I listen to massive amount of music, like an addict, so the quality of sound reproduction is critical to me. And this is why I am so happy to have finally found an amplifier which is capable of delivering what I serach for in music – emotions!

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