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Old Mother Hubbard’s yummy snacks start with all-natural ingredients like chicken, cheddar cheese, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Each biscuit is slowly oven-baked to preserve the natural flavors in all the varieties dogs love to catch, chew and eat.

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We slowly bake every treat to preserve the natural flavors dogs love to catch, chew and eat.

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“ Leia came into our lives as a pup & quickly became the center of attention, as any terrier will have it. She has grown up with the Old Mother Hubbard Classic Original Assortment Oven-Baked Dog Biscuits and can tell the smell of the different flavors. She will sniff & turn her head to the side if that’s not the flavor she wants. Such a little diva! ” Ali D., Long Beach CA
“ I was tired of going through the pet store looking for treats or cookies that my dogs would like. There are so many out there that I just couldn’t decide. One day I found Old Mother Hubbard and gave it a try. My large breed dogs got to try the Mother’s Solutions Skin and Coat Dog Treats first and then we decided to try the crunchy biscuits (we call them “cookies”). They all really like the Chick’N’Apples, that is their favorite. Now Ginger is on the Low Fat Mother’s Solutions treats due to her being over weight. She loves the Old Mother Hubbard brand – once she tried Old Mother Hubbard she wouldn’t eat other brands of dog treats ever again! ” Tina K., Fort Lauderdale FL
“ Chloe has just joined our family and she loves long walks in the woods, playing in the water, watching the chickens, and working on her skills! Her favorite skill to practice is “roll over” where every time her ears flop back as she rolls over and then she waits for her favorite Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Puppy Biscuits! ” Sara G., Gilford NH
“ Alfie was a present from my husband. I couldn’t ask for a more affectionate, loving four-pawed baby. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. My husband, Matthew is a canine handler and I was very close to his partner, Inka. When she died from cancer in the summer of 2010, I took it very hard. (I work with cancer and MS patients on a daily basis.) To cheer me, my husband got my little ray of sunshine: Alpheus the Noble. Alfie is only around 85 pounds but he still has some filling out to do. The children in the neighborhood call him ‘the wolf’ because of his striking golden eyes. Alfie loves Old Mother Hubbard biscuits, his favorite being P-Nuttier, which he gets every night as a bedtime snack. He also loves the Extra Tasty Assortment Minis, which dad uses as a training treat. Thank you Old Mother Hubbard for such a wonderful treat! ” Cora E., Pontiac MI
“ Tolo came to me at only 7 weeks old, and we instantly bonded. I had just retired my former service dog, and my trainer and I were looking for the perfect pup to take her place. Tolo was just that. His personality, smarts, and attentiveness made us certain he would be a great service dog. He is now a little over a year old and is soaring in his training! He always trys his hardest to please me and will stop at nothing to help me. We are hoping to have him ready to go to college with me, which would calm my nerves by a lot! Aside from being a service dog in training, we also enjoy doing agility, and soon are going to start showing in conformation. Tolo, coming from show bred Golden Retrievers, has perfect features of a Golden and that luscious coat to match! So when Old Mother Hubbard came out with the Mothers Solutions™ Skin & Coat Soft & Chewy treats, I was so happy! Tolo can be picky about treats and usually doesn’t like crunchy treats, but he loves the new soft ones! I’m glad I can make him happy by giving him one of your treats, since he makes me so happy every day! ” Anna C., Roanoke VA
“ Our Jack Russel Terrier mix, Forrest Gump is very particular about his treats. He only eats Old Mother Hubbard Classic Biscuits Original Assortment dog treats which makes us so happy since they are good for him. It’s become a joke in our house when someone offers him another brand because Forrest won’t even look if it’s not Old Mother Hubbard. He may have been the runt of the litter, but he makes up for that in taste and smarts! ” Kathryn J., Suwanee GA
“ Lilly, a four year old Golden Doodle and Jasper, an eight year old Golden Retriever will do almost anything for one of your Old Mother Hubbard Just Vegg’n Biscuits (including sitting for a long time while I take pictures).They have been enjoying Just Vegg’n since they graduated from your Classic Puppy Biscuits and really love them. Thank you for making such wonderful natural products! Jasper and Lilly are happy because they get to eat treats, and I’m happy because they are eating healthy ones! ” Elissa G., Hicksville NY
“ Buddy is a fun-loving dog. He rarely will turn down treats but his favorite is by far the Soft Mother’s Solutions Hip and Joint treats. They’re good for him, too – you cannot beat that!! Thanks WellPet, we love all of your products! ” Cory G., Schnecksville, PA
“ Kaden, a rescue, was a Christmas gift to me this past year as we had lost our other chocolate lab, Fudge, in the fall. Kaden loves going to his dog training classes where his favorite treat is the Mini & Training Soft Bitz® Meaties Liver Flavor treats. At home we use the Mini & Training Soft Bitz® Meaties Assorted Flavors treats on our daily walks. ” Sue Z., Warsaw, IN
“ Hello , this is Opus my 2 year old Border Collie/Brittany Spaniel boy. He eats only a raw meat diet, though his one allowance to break this is that he snacks on Old Mother Hubbard® Bac’n’Cheez® Classic Biscuits. These are his favorite all time cookies and I love that they have natural ingredients and flavors. We live in British Columbia in the country-side where Opus loves to run at top speed on the dykes and fields. His coat is shiny and smooth, his eyes bright and intelligent. He is my baby boy and I am careful what he eats. Thank you OMH for making such a wonderful product. Opus runs into the living room with his Bac’n’Cheez like he is carrying away a treasure, then noisily and quickly devours it. Cheers to you and your biscuits! ” Rebecca J., Abbotsford BC
“ Maddux is an 8 month old German Shepherd. Maddux loves Old Mother Hubbard® Extra Tasty Recipe P-Nuttier® Biscuits. Maddux loves Old Mother Hubbard products and so do we because it is free from meat by-products and great for him. ” Vanessa Hiscott, LaSalle ON
“ Your biscuits are the only ones both my dogs will eat! I keep a bag in the car because I know if I get stuck in a blizzard, I could eat them, too. ” Anne A., Needham, MA
“ Ruger loves his OMH biscuits…they are the only ones I trust for his sensitive tummy! Plus I know that he is getting wholesome food in each one. He doesn’t travel anywhere without them! ” Jena V., Edmonton, AB
“ Oliver and Sebastian are half brothers (Oliver foreground). They love each other dearly. They are particular about what they eat come dinner or snack time. It has been many years since we’ve added a new element to their diet just because their tummies are sensitive. Last week I was at a small pet specialty store in Philadelphia while on business and P-Nuttier® was one of the products they sold. P-Nuttier ingredients seemed all natural and something Ollie and Seb would enjoy. I thought I’d buy the treats and see if the “boys” would eat them. They LOVE them! Now each morning when they see me get up, they trip over each other to be rewarded with their pre-breakfast snack. Upon returning to Boston, I immediately researched where to buy your product. Many thanks from Oliver, Sebastian and our family! ” Karen B., Weymouth, MA
“ Chick’N’Chedda®, P-Nuttier® or Original, Angus will come running when he hears me rattle the bag with his Old Mother Hubbard® treats! Amazing, that as just a puppy, he knows what that sound is! He needs the nutrition to develop, and especially the corn free ingredient in your product. Cairn’s are prone to allergies corn being a major issue in some dogs! Thanks to Old Mother Hubbard, Angus can be spoiled rotten and I have a free conscience! ” Teresa B., Houston, TX
“ I’ve bought Gizmo so many different treats, and he will take them, reluctantly, and either shove them off the car seat to the floor…or, push them under the couch pillows to get rid of them but, not these! He’s not a picky eater…we just had to find the “right” brand…and I feel we have with OMH! ” Debbie L., Echo, OR
“ We are Private Pug Breeders and know the value of good nutrition for our puggies. At the present we have four pugs, Peanut 5 yrs. old, Cowboy 3 yrs. old, Jellybean 1 yr. old, & Sugar Plum 7 mos. old! They are crazy for Old Mother Hubbard Treats!!! Peanut will do a high five or spin out of control, Cowboy will bark and give paw till he gets his, Jelly Bean will stand and spin like a ballerina, & Sugar is learning to sit & give paw! Needless to say they absolutely love them, & heaven forbid we run out!!! We wouldn’t give them any commercial treats (NO way) they only get Old Mother Hubbard! Keep up the good work! ” Kimberly B., Huntersville, NC
“ Bandit is a happy, friendly, tail wagging dog who is full of energy. He loves playing with his toys, going out for long walks and sleeping in the sun. Bandit is a very picky eater but Old Mother Hubbard cookies are the only treats he can not refuse. They are also the only treats that I can not refuse to buy for him. ” Melissa S., Markham, ON.
“ Annie Ilsa and her three brothers and sister absolutely love Old Mother Hubbard treats! I have bought them for at least four years because I like that they are all natural with healthy ingredients. ” Angela G., Bonneau, SC
“ Our PB loves your biscuits. We were trying to find food and treats since she was little that were not full of bad things and even tried some other brands and she got sick. Old Mother Hubbard® Puppy, Assorted and Bac’N’Cheez® biscuits are her favorites and she loves and goes crazy for them. Every time I need to give her a treat I feel good reaching for something I know she will love and that will love her right back. Thanks for an awesome product available in different sizes that works awesome for our preciously picky Pomeranian! ” Caroline J., New York, NY
“ My 14 year old cocker spaniel “Moody” passed away in March. He was very picky on food especially treats. The Old Mother Hubbard’s® original flavor biscuits are the only biscuits that he liked. It’s also the only treats that wouldn’t drive his tummy crazy. This is the reason why I give the same treats to Coady, my newly adopted 5 year old cocker spaniel. ” May N., Richmond Hill, ON
“ Gizmo’s still a tiny Shih Tzu puppy but has the appetite of a full-grown St. Bernard. He loves his Old Mother Hubbard® Bac’N’Cheez® biscuits and will do anything for them, but he’s so adorable that his mommy will usually give him the treats just for looking cute. ” Susan H., Cohoes, NY
“ This is Keira. She is a very active 7 month old black Labrador puppy, from Sparta, New Jersey. She has completed Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience, and is currently enrolled in a Puppy Agility class, as well as an off leash obedience class. She excels in all of her classes and loves to learn! As a reward for her hard work and her enthusiasm for learning, I give her Old Mother Hubbard Special Recipe Puppy Biscuits. They are a great treat during the day and a great way to recognize her great progress! She absolutely loves them and I love the fact that they are a healthy treat with no fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Great job! ” Keira
“ This is Callie. She is a 5 month old Border Collie/Lab Mix, from Salt Lake City, Utah. She spends her days in the backyard chasing anything that moves. If you throw it, she’ll fetch it! Her favorite toy is a small tennis ball (the one in her mouth, to be exact). After a long day of fun, she is rewarded with Old Mother Hubbard’s Liv’R’Crunch treats. ” Callie
“ Bocker loves his training sessions and learns very fast because he enjoys his special rewards – Bacon Bitz® and Liver Meaties®. Bocker has appeared in many print ads, commercials and on TV and has his own website (www.bocker.tv) with over 26,000 visitors. He is one happy and luck Labradoodle and we are glad we have OMH products to keep him happy and looking his best. ” Marie S., Athens, NY
“ This is Nellie, our adorable four month old Golden Retriever puppy. When preparing for Nellie’s arrival into our household, we looked at many different brands of treats. We chose Old Mother Hubbard® Special Recipe Puppy Biscuits because we knew they were the best option for keeping our little girl happy and healthy. Two months later, Nellie has grown quite a bit, and our love for her has too! Old Mother Hubbard® biscuits have helped her to stay strong and active, enabling her to be the wonderful pup she is today! ” Suzanne L., Bound Brook NJ
“ This is Prince Cooper, my 5 month old Papillion puppy. This is my first time having a small breed dog and I’ve been learning more about the small breeds over the past few months. I have learned a lot! One of the things that stood out most was the fact that they can live such a long life if taken care of. I knew I needed to feed my puppy the best food possible! My little guy LOVES the Old Mother Hubbard® Cupboard Creations. He gets 1 spoon of it each night at dinner time. He enjoys it and I know I’m keeping him healthy by feeding him a pure, natural brand. Thank you so much Old Mother Hubbard® for helping extend my puppies life and letting him enjoy your tasty treats also! ” Linda H., Normal IL
“ Paddy is a 9 year old Lhasa Apso who loves Old Mother Hubbard® Mini Original Flavor Biscuits. He has allergies and that has made finding milk and tomato free products a must. He thinks he’s the prince of the neighborhood since one of the neighbors buys Old Mother Hubbard® Biscuits to give him when he walks by. He always wants to stop there! ” Dani S., Burke VA
“ Ella is a fun loving and energetic 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier from Maitland Florida. She loves her Old Mother Hubbard biscuits. Her favorite is the Old Mother Hubbard® Special Recipe Biscuits. She is doing great and her vet says ‘she is the healthiest dog’ he has ever seen! Thanks Old Mother Hubbard!” ” Patti B., Maitland FL
“ Bella is a six year old Miniature Schnauzer from Johns Creek Georgia. She was slightly overweight so I put Bella on a diet using your Old Mother Hubbard® Special Recipe Just Vegg’n® Biscuits as her low fat treat and she lost weight! She loves them just as much as the other Old Mother Hubbard® biscuits! Thanks Old Mother Hubbard. ” Alan K., Johns Creek GA
“ I have two healthy happy dogs, our 8 month old Labrador Retriever puppy Cody and a 2 year old Schnauzer who both eat Old Mother Hubbard® Special Recipe Biscuits. I was given trial packs at a local pet food store and have used it ever since! Thanks Old Mother Hubbard! ” Cindy N., Markham, Ontario
“ I remember the day I saw Bashert, lying there inside the pen with the other rescue dogs. She had a face that called out to me since she resembled my childhood dog, and before I knew it, a few days later she was riding home in my backseat. To keep her teeth clean, she gets an Old Mother Hubbard® Char-Tar® Special Recipe Dog Biscuit every day for healthy teeth and gums! ” Vicki L., Solana Beach CA