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PM-WANI Compliant Access Point
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Platform as a service for PDOAs for Authorization, Accounting, Voucher Management and Payment GatewayWANI App to access public Wi-FiDevelopment and Maintenance of Central RegistryC-DOT is offering PDOA Stack and APP as Platform as a Service (PaaS) with nominal payment of Rs. 15,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- respectivelyAll the PDOAs and APP Providers who are signing-up with C-DOT will be able to roll-out PM-WANI services immediately without any extra financial overhead till further order

C-DOT PM-WANI Helpdesk

Phone(Calls) : +91-9971277474, +91-80-25119898, +91-80-25119595 (Mktg) WhatsApp : +91-9971892626, +91-9449959308 Time : 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Monday to Friday) Email : support.pmwani@cdot.in Email : pmwanimktg@cdot.in
As per the PM-WANI Framework, Public Data Office (PDO) maintain, and operate Wi-Fi router (also known as modem or Access Point) and deliver broadband services to subscribers in collaboration with any PDOA. More details about PDOs is available here . Details about PDOs and list of certified PDOAs is available at pmwani.gov.inPDOA and APP Providers are not required to make any payment to the Government. PM-WANI Framework and Guidelines also does not envisage any grant or subsidy by the Government.PDO’s are required to purchase Wi-Fi Router in consultation with certified PDOA and broadband / FTTH connection from TSP/ISP to start the service. Please verify the credentials of PDOA before finalizing any commercial arrangement with PDOA. Normally PDOs are not required to make any payment to PDOA except for the Wi-Fi router and some initial set up charges. Please ask the PDOA to arrange / provide the following before making any payment: Test of the Wi-Fi Router to be purchased under PM WANI framework. Proper invoice for payments being made Please take the receipt of payment being made.

C-DOT PM-WANI Helpdesk

Phone(Calls) : +91-9971277474, +91-80-25119898, +91-80-25119595 (Mktg) WhatsApp : +91-9971892626, +91-9449959308 Time : 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Monday to Friday) Email : support.pmwani@cdot.in Email : pmwanimktg@cdot.in Event Details Event Registration Join on C-DOT VC YouTube Live FB Live Watch on YouTube
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Making India Digitally Empowered

Making India Digitally Empowered

Developing Indigenous Technologies

Ensuring Connectivity Till The Last Mile

Securing The Nation's Digital Frontiers

Connecting India To The Future

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C-DOT and IIT, Delhi sign an MoU for cooperation in various emerging areas of Telecom including IoT/M2M, AI/ML, Cyber Security and 5G & Beyond technologies


C-DOT and NDMA organise All India Workshop on CAP based Integrated Alert System- SACHET to train state Governments to mitigate effects of disasters


Message of disaster will be received on the phone


NDMA & C-DOT to conduct workshop on CAP based Integrated Public Alert System for Disaster Management & Preparedness

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C-DOT's Amazing Turnaround to become India's R&D Powerhouse (Once Again)


Centre of Innovation for IoT/M2M New


Openings for Senior Manager / Manager & Technical Development Positions


Exploiting the Potential of Indian Telecom R&D Together - The Way Forward

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C-DOT to become world class telecom technology development centre.


To design and develop state of the art technologies, products, and solutions. To meet the telecom needs of India, particularly of national importance in strategic sectors and rural areas.


Work on telecom technology products and services. Provide solutions for current and future requirements of telecommunication and converged networks including those of national importance especially related to rural applications, strategic sector and security agencies etc. Provide market orientation to R&D activities and sustain C-DOT as a centre of excellence. Support telcos and service providers in the introduction of new technologies, features and services by optimal utilization of installed networks, pilots and studies. Build partnerships and joint alliance with academia, industry, solution providers, Telcos and other R&D organizations to offer cost effective solutions. To strengthen the Indian telecom manufacturing base, by transfer of technologies developed by C-DOT.

Dr. Rajkumar Upadhyay

Executive Director

Beginning the journey with digital switching systems, C-DOT has transversed the complex Telecom landscape, developing products in the area of optical, satellite and wireless communication from circuit switching technology of yester years, C-DOT has proven its expertise in ATM and Next Generation Networks. From a purely hardware development Centre it has diversified into development of Telecom software solutions like IN, NMS, Data Clearing House etc. and has journeyed from a protected environment of closed market to an open and competitive market. C-DOT has evolved, from a single mission oriented organization to an R&D centre, working on several important, cutting edge technologies. And, with the support it has been receiving from the Government, especially in Projects of National Importance, the Centre will strive to maintain its National relevance. Nearly 50% of present fixed line infrastructure, after allowing MNCs entry into the Telecom Market is from C-DOT technology and that in itself is a testimony to the Centre achieving its objectives fully. That C-DOT engineers have been striving to add value through regular up gradation to the fixed line infrastructure is a tribute to the commitment of C-DOTians to the original cause.

The Journey

1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1984

Conception / Birth : Established in 25th August 1984 by the Govt. of India registered as scientific society with a handful of people to develop and design a family of digital electronic switching systems (telephone exchange) in 36 months within the budget of 36 crores the slogan " In 36 months and 36 crores" beginning of great movement in India


• January 1985 : General technical specification for DSS (Digital Switching Systems) finalized• February 1985 : Board fully configured: G.B. Meemamsi, M.V Pitke, D.R. Mahajan, S.G. Pitroda (Advisor)• As a by-product of the main development, C DOT developed an A-128 port, fully digital PCM Electronic PABX within five months of its establishment• August 1985: 128p PBX demonstrated at Bangalore- Cost per line was drastically reduced


• March 1986: Agreement signed with 48 manufactures for transfer of 128 port PBX technology• June 1986: Line to line call on MAX prototype• July 1986: First 128p RAX inaugurated at Kittur. Country's first indigenously developed digital rural electronic exchange (RAX) of 128 lines capacity was installed at Kittur in Karnataka on 22nd July 1986• Dec 1986: MoU with ITI for setting up model production plant for C-DOT switches.


• Jan-Feb 1987: Agreement signed with 8 manufacturers for ToT of 128 RAX• May 1987: 512p MAX installed at Delhi Cantonment Exchange for detailed test and network validations• Aug 1987: First call through multimodule MAX at Ulsoor.• Aug1987: C-DOT celebrates 36 months.• Oct 1987: Report to the nation by the Prime-minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi at Vigyan Bhawan


• C-DOT completed the development of a Main Automatic Exchange (MAX-I) of 4000 lines in 1987 and India's indigenous 4000 line exchange became operational at Delhi Cantonment in January 1988• RAX-a-day programme was announced on April 1, 1988 to install a 128 port CDOT RAX each a day. This reached a scale of 25 RAXs-a-day in 1993 and it continued to accelerate further.


• Aug 1989: MAX-L cutover for commercial service at Ulsoor.• Sep 1989: C-DOT TRC merger.


• Jan 1990: Parliamentary committee to review C-DOT's working and progress Photo• Mar 1990: Parliamentary committee submits the report• Jun 1990 : ToT announced for single channel VHF, 2/15 Shared Radio System, 4RU-10, 6-RU10, and DMX-34• Oct 1990: New Board takes over: B.D. Pradhan, K.B. Lal, K.N. Gupta, S.G. Wagle


• March 1991: MAX-L at Ulsoor expanded to 4800 lines. Earns big money Rs.7.5 crores as revenue per year.• July 1991: installation of 10K lines Max-L begins at Ulsoor• Nov. 1991: First C-DOT export order worth US$ 65,000 signed with Vietnam. This involved sale of 57 128P RAXs.• Dec 1991: 256 p RAX system ready for extended lab trials.• Dec 1991: The 10,000 line MAX-L was dedicated to the nation by Hon'le MoS for Communication Rajesh Pilot.


• Feb. 1992: Ulsoor 10,000 line exchange cut-over celebrations and award distribution ceremony at Delhi and Bangalore.• March 1992: First 256P RAX commissioned in Anekal in Bangalore Telecom District.• April 1992: Satellite Based Rural Telegraph Network (SBRTN) inaugurated.• June 1992: C-DOT crossed One Million line mark in equipment supplies. First SBM TAX installed of Pattanamthetta in Kerala• July 1992: ToT of 256 P RAX announced.• First field model of 128P business Exchange and associated Terminal Equipment completed.• December 1992: ToT of OLTE (Optical Line Termination equipment) announced.


• March 1993: MAX-L at Ulsoor crossed 1, 00,000 BHCA mark Total no. of line commissioned went upto 52,000.


• C-DOT ASIC Design Centre was set up as a part of Indo FRG Collaboration in 1994.• The centre provided infrastructure for designing front end of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), FPGA and Programmable Logic Devices and worked as base infrastructure facility at C-DOT during 1994-2001.


• In Dec 1995, the commercial trial of a 30000 line MAX-XL commenced at Indiranagar in Bengaluru


• 30000 line MAX-XL exchange was dedicated to the Nation by the then Prime Minister, Deve Gowda in 1997.• On August 15, 1997, C-DOT commenced trials in Delhi of the country's first IN (Intelligent Network) service with the opening of free-phone service with C-DOT exchanges. (1600 toll-free)• On the Golden Jubilee Day of India's Independence the ISDN service capabilities of C-DOT exchange was demonstrated to the members of the Telecom Commission.


• The milestone of developing the state-of-art MAX-XL supporting 40000 lines with ISDN services and catering the high calling rates in metro areas of 8 lakhs during the busy hours, was inaugurated for commercial service at Yelahanka, Bangalore on 27th Dec, 98.• Visit of South African telecom minister and delegation


• Visit of MOC Mr. Jagmohan to C-DOT Bangalore


• On Jan 1, 2000, a total of 166 MAX XL were serving 1 million subscriber lines all over the country.


• ToT of IVRS ( Interactive voice Response System)• ToT of ATM technology to M/s BEL• Around 50% work of the super-structure for the main R&D building was completed.• C-DOT developed country adaptation in MAX for Egypt & Bhutan.• C-DOT technology deployed abroad in 9 countries and field trials in 15 countries• Jan 2001 Bhuj : C-DOT exchange was set up for disaster management


• 1st US patent granted to C-DOT on ATM Technology• C-DOT NMS deployed in BSNL Network.• By the end of the year 2002-03, a total of about 45,000 C-DOT exchanges had been delivered for deployment in the Indian Telecom Network.• The number of Intelligent Network (IN) Service Control Point (SCP) and Service Switching Point (SSP) installations had grown to 6 and 233 cities respectively.


• A high-level delegation, led by the Minister of Communications for Afghanistan, visited C-DOT on 27th March 2003.• ToT of Compact STM-1 to ITRC (Iron Telecom Research Centre and three Indian manufacturers)• Field Support for conversion of 256P RAXs to AN-RAXs • MOU between C-DOT and BSNL for field support• C-DOT constituted an IPR Cell during the year 2003-04 with the objective of protecting its processes and products.


• All C-DOT offices that were operational in rented buildings in different parts of Delhi, shifted to the new integrated C-DOT R&D Campus located at Mehrauli in June 2004.• C-DOT organized annual Telecom Symposium 2004 on the 25th of August 2004 at New Delhi. The focus was on the broadband, mobile and wireless telecom solutions.


• Joint venture of C-DOT with Alcatel Inauguration of CDOT Alcatel research Centre (CARC) at Chennai in Sept 2005.• C-DOT organized Annual Telecom Symposium 2005• Bangalore office shifted to the new premises at Electronics city, Bangalore


• Collaborative Project Agreement with CRC, Canada was signed on the 30th of January 2006 to develop hybrid the WiMAX/ MILTON system in 2.4, 3.5 and 5.7 GHz bands, that can be deployed as first generation systems.• C-DOT has entered into the agreement with BSNL for installation of LNMS at 40 BSNL sites. C-DOT has signed on MOU with BSNL for joint implementation and deployment of C-DOT's GSM Network Management (GNMS), used for performance monitoring of MSCs, BSCs and BTSs, in BSNL Network.• C-DOT has signed an MOU with Universal Services Obligation Fund Administration (USOFA) for providing technical consultancy for the project to support infrastructure for Cellular Mobile Services in rural and remote areas.• C-DOT has signed a MoU with BSNL for the NGN trial. 32 Channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment was developed and technology approval was obtained from TEC in July 2006.


• Project Agreement signed with the Directorate of Enforcement, Ministry of Finance for supply and installation of the Lawful Enforcement Monitoring Function (LEMF System) for Delhi zone.• TEC, Delhi accorded technology approval to the "8 Channel CWDM" system developed by C-DOT.


• C-DOT WIN system is installed for field trial in the BSNI.• WLL network in Rajasthan circle at Jodhpur.


• Data Clearing House for GSM National Roaming commercialized between East and North zones of BSNL and MTNL, Delhi and Mumbai w.e.f. 1st February 2009.• Visit of Hon'ble MoS , Sh. Gurudas Kamat at CDOT Campus, New Delhi


• Dec 2010 : Inauguration of GPON at Ajmer


• C-DOT's GPON technology was transferred to 7 manufacturers from the public sector (M/s BEL, ITI and UTL) and private companies (M/s SM Creative, VMC System Ltd, Sai Infosystems Ltd and HFCL).• NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed for contractual relationships in respect of various technology projects, namely, LTE-A, broadband wireless, NMS, DSLAM, ADSL CPE, TDM to NGN migration, and manufacturing of PCBs.


• C-DOT GPON technology's pilot projects in NOFN• A PoC trial of BBWT was done at IGNOU and C-DOT campus to emulate the real use case scenario of distribution of educational content of NMEICT (National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology) over WiFi to remote, off-campus learners.


• Project agreement signing process initiated with BBNL for NMS development for PAN-India• GPON deployment of NoFN• Successful trial of GPON technology at Military College of Telecommunication Engineers (MCTE) at MHOW, Indore


• DoT entrusted a project to C-DOT to examine data collection options from BTS for carbon foot print monitoring with a possibility to extend the work on pan-India basis, and PoC at one site has been demonstrated.


• Pilot Trial proposal of C-DOT GyanSetu Solution submitted to DeitY in December 2015.• During the year 2015-2016, C-DOT actively participated in Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) working groups for M2M Communication and contributed for the technical reports


AEGIS Graham Bell award in three categories: • Innovative Telecom Product Category: C-DOT Long Range WiFi• Innovative Managed Services Category: GIS-based Fibre Fault Localisation System• Green Telecom Category: C-DOT Green Power Supply Unit

Contact Us

C-DOT Campus, Mehrauli, New Delhi - 110030, : +91-11-26598262/26802856, 8800092683

C-DOT Campus, Electronic City Phase 1, Bengaluru-560100, : +91-80-28520050

Gour Niketan(GF), P108, Lake Town(A Block), Kolkata-700089, : +91-33-25210674

Email : cdotweb@cdot.in, : +91-11-26803477 (International Calls Only)




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