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MARGO BERDESHEVSKY, born in New York city, often writes in Paris. Her latest collection: "Before The Drought," from Glass Lyre Press (A finalist for the National Poetry Series.) A new poetry collection, "It Is Still Beautiful To Hear The Heart Beat" is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry,( spring 2022). "Kneel Said the Night (a hybrid book in half notes)" waits at the gate from Sundress Publications (end of 2022.). Author as well of the poetry collections 'Between Soul & Stone,' and 'But a Passage in Wilderness' (Sheep Meadow Press.) Her book of illustrated stories, Beautiful Soon Enough, received the first Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Award from Fiction Collective Two (University of Alabama Press.) Other honors include the Robert H. Winner Award from the Poetry Society of America, the & Now Anthology of the Best of Innovative Writing, numerous Pushcart prize nominations. Her works appear in the American journals Poetry International, New Letters, Kenyon Review, Plume, Psaltry & Lyre, The Night Heron Barks, The Collagist, Tupelo Quarterly, Gulf Coast, Southern Humanities Review, Pleiades, Prairie Schooner, The American Journal of Poetry, Manoa, among many others. In Canada,Canadian Women Studies les cahiers de la femme. In Europe her works appear in The Poetry Review (UK) PN Review (UK,) Under the Radar, Levure Littéraire, The Creative Process, The Wolf, Europe, Siècle 21, Recours au Poème, & Confluences Poétiques. A multi genre novel, Vagrant, is waiting.... She may be found reading from her books in London, Paris, New York City, or somewhere new in the world.

Her “Letters from Paris” which include many of her photographs... have appeared for many years in Poetry International online. Here is one:

For more information, kindly see: *************************************************************************


................Her latest book: A book of powerful poems from Glass Lyre Press.....................




Also now on Amazon!! :


Margo: reading "No Modifier At All"

this is one poem...from "Before The Drought" ...

!! REVIEW by Alicia Ostriker... here:


"Margo Berdeshevsky  is here to remind us that poetry can both dive and soar. She inhabits a world on the eve of destruction, a self on the ridge of despair, but she doesn't surrender for a minute. Writing a woman's body she is fearless, luscious, passionate..." Alicia Ostriker



"...a work of radical suffering and human indifference but also sensual transport. " (Carolyn Forché) 


* Excerpt from a REVIEW of "Before the Drought" in INTERIM:

...from an insightful review in “Interim, a journal of poetry and poetics” by Carol Ciavonne, of Margo Berdeshevsky’s “BEFORE THE DROUGHT” : “The title can be read as a looking back, or as a forewarning of times to come. This is an important distinction, but the feeling of mourning is the same. And yet, in the book as a whole, Margo Berdeshevsky has compiled an atlas of the beauty that exists in nature, culture, and ourselves. Perhaps Berdeshevsky is recording and collecting these individual instances of our personal and collective lives, to be remembered and read later, perhaps by us, perhaps by future beings. Maybe this is the record we will use to prove we made beauty, we felt compassion, in spite of the wars and greed that ended in decimating our planet. Maybe our mourning will be redemption of sorts. And since we are beings in time, what else do we have but these remembered instances of beauty and kindness to comfort us?...”


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Before the Drought is a lyric meditation on corporeal existence, suffused with atavistic spirit and set in historical as well as cosmic time , a work of radical suffering and human indifference but also sensual transport. The tutelary spirits of these poems are the feminine principle, and a flock of messengers that include blue heron, ibis, phoenix, egret, and blood’s hummingbird. In the surround we find ourselves in the magical world of a floating balcony, and a field of cellos, but it is a world in peril, now and in the time to come, on the night of the Paris massacres and in a poisoned future . In the City of Light, Berdeshevsky writes poems commensurate with her vision, poems that know to ask How close is death, how near is God? Hers is a book to read at the precipice on which we stand. — Carolyn Forché

............."I WILL HAVE TRIED TO LOVE AGAIN............" (Margo Berdeshevsky)

**Now READ + LISTEN to a poem from her forthcoming book, (published in "The Night Heron Barks") **

First published in the journal "The Night Heron Barks."  "ASCENSION."  Read it and listen to the audio ! From her forthcoming book, "IT IS STILL BEAUTIFUL TO HEAR THE HEART BEAT" (Salmon Poetry/ 2022)



**And here: Read and listen to her new Poems @ PLUME**




in PLUME #120


AS THE LAND LISTENS in PLUME #91 (from her forthcoming book from Salmon Poetry: It Is Still Beautiful To Hear the Heart Beat )


!! & FEATURED ON POETRY DAILY..."From The Winter of..." !!

Read  "From the Winter of..."  (from Summer 2019 issue of PRAIRIE SCHOONER.)

The poem is now in her forthcoming book, "It Is Still Beautiful To Hear the Heart Beat"


**Memoir of Never A Capulet: Have you read this?**

 "No I didn't kill myself...."



 Here are her BOOKS....AND 2 MORE... TO COME... 

forthcoming...from Salmon Poetry: "It Is Still Beautiful To Hear the Heart Beat" 

forthcoming from Sundress Publications:

"Kneel Said The Night"


.................."IT IS STILL BEAUTIFUL TO HEAR THE HEART BEAT" ...soon.... from SALMON POETRY!!!


Link to Amazon Author page for all her books!:





Order directly from the publisher: 





PODCAST from Shakespeare and Company in Paris

**Podcast of launch reading @ Shakespeare and Company, Paris** 

    Margo Berdeshevsky reading from "Before the Drought"


Review in  the Brooklyn Rail ...

"So...what we get is brilliance, the voice dominant, the intelligence demanding, and, in this book by this writer, a wholehearted recognition of the body, particularly the female body, in all its phases.”

                                      —Kelly CherryTHE BROOKLYN RAIL  

The Brooklyn Rail calls Margo Berdeshevsky's "BEFORE THE DROUGHT" from Glass Lyre Press of the BEST BOOKS OF 2017! 


Review in Gravel... 

"This new collection—praised by Kevin Prufer as “marvelous, deeply humane,” and by Carolyn Forché as “a book to read at the precipice on which we stand”—was a finalist for the National Poetry series in 2015 in its earlier stages. A forceful proclamation, Before the Drought is a mature meditation on the raw mortality of the human experience. The collection is ancestral, sensual, and aware; its fragmented composition resonates in our world’s growing uncertainty. Berdeshevsky delivers a complex patchwork of beliefs, death, courage, and vulnerability." —Stephanie Papa—GRAVEL





**  Please listen here to KPFK Radio interview 

...............for The Poets Cafe....

from Los Angeles..................








+now: this:


.....And... "Here Is My Body" .... From "Before the Drought"

"Here is My Body"....

...stairway to the poetry room at Shakespeare and Company in Paris...

May he rest forever now, in peace and poetry...dear William Merwin.



One precious visit...

One precious visit...

In September 2017 I had the huge honor and joy of reading one of my poems from "Before the Drought" to my once-upon neighbor and dear one, W.S. MERWIN. The poem is a "Blason" written for him. Elderly and sage, he listened and thanked me, and our friend made a discreet photo. I also brought him a bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape for his 90th birthday which was the following  day. Not sure which one he liked most, but so very honored and happy to have been with him to share poetry and grace. xxxx, margo

 **ART + Photographs     ......+COLLAGES**......

Visual Poetry Exhibition:

** Follow this link to the Visual Poetry Exhibition**

... Autumn in Giverny: Ghost of Monet watching me ...Fooded with ghosts and the tiny mice of memory...nibbling at my edges.

AND YET, we will make   POETRY  IN  WARTIME

Until Soon....

***To Contact Margo*** :

                                               To Contact Margo Berdeshevsky:



......."If you do not love me/ I shall not be loved" (quote from samuel beckett)........

....... On The Bookshelf at Shakespeare and Company in such company!! ...

?? Do you have a copy of: "BEFORE THE DROUGHT" ??


from Glass Lyre Press :

. ......................................... & Yes, she loves Rothko!! ............................

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