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International Organization of Internet Clock Watchers

This is (tick, tick, tick ...).The grand organization name is simultaneously silly puffery and serious.There is a more detailed explanationof what is about.One day, when we find where we put that box of 'round-to-its,we'll complete the project which inspired this domain.

What's Here

The items of note on this web server are:

Network Time Protocol (NTP)documentationsome interesting home pages:Jean Marie DiazErik FairSean DoranJosh SimonErik GibbPreston PharaohDamon PsarrisJennifer RedingWilliam H. Avery, IIIAnthony PerrySteve BlairDarrel FarrisSean HowleyMatt HargettChris Chin


We are grateful to the Vicious Fishesfor having provided a space in which this humble system did exist in the wakeof career changesthat happened to its owner back in 1997.It's good to have friends.

Another set of friends who run a proper ISP also provided services to thissystem for many years: IdiomInternet Services. They're a small operation, but they're run by realcomputer people who also know how to run a profitable business - an idealcombination for an ISP. I highly recommend their services.

We are similarly grateful to the NetBSD Projectfor finally making the promise of UNIX come true: a modernoperating system that is computer architecture independent.NetBSD is the same regardless of whether you're cursed with anIntelPentiumCPU at the heart of your computer or blessed with one of the manysuperior RISC alternatives (e.g.PowerPC,Alpha,ARM,SPARC,MIPS).This makes it possible for you (and me!)to buy whatever computer hardware is best, for the lowest price.The icing on the cake is that the entire source code to thisoperating system is FREE, to study and learn from.Therefore,

Isn't the Internet just the coolest thing?Now, if everyone would simply write software that was compliantwith its standards ...

In the Internet of today, too much of the traffic still goes"in the clear" - anyone who can tap the wires, lawfully or not,can see all.Modern personal computers, with strong encryption software,can give us our privacy back again.

Some agencies of the United States Government (notably theFederal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)), want to prevent the deployment of encryption technology.They want either encryption so weak that just about anyone can break it,or they want a copy of every key used with strong encryption. Thiswould be equivalent to a town with no locks on the front doors, or wherethe sheriff has a copy of every door key (just in case he has to searchthe house).

Tell Congressthat this is wrong.

In the mean time, use strong crypto likeSSH andPGPto do your communications with so as to frustrate those who want to spy on you.

The Internet community in the U.S.A. has won the first round against the opponents offreedom of speech and free expression,but the struggle against censorship isn't over yet;the oppressors have vowed to try again (and again), despite the ringing 9-0decisionagainst them by theUnited States Supreme Court.

A hearty "Congratulations!" to theCitizen's Internet Empowerment Coalition (CIEC)who were the plaintiffs inAmerican Civil Libterties Union (ACLU)versus Janet Reno(United States Attorney General)for their pivotal part in the victory for liberty, but one must never forget that,"Eternal Vigilance is the price of Freedom."

There are other clocks out on the Internet, including:

Clock of the Long NowAtomic Doomsday ClockDigital Doomsday ClockHow a clock solved the Longitude ProblemYour friendly webmasters //webmaster@clock.orgLast modified: Mon Jan 4 19:31:16 PST 2021

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