Save the dates!

Save the dates!

22.05 - 26.05 2023

22.05 - 26.05 2023

The festival where icelandic innovation meets the rest of the world.

Welcome to Iceland Innovation Week, a new festival celebrating and showcasing innovation taking place in the end of May every year. Different events in different venues will take place throughout the week ranging from panel discussions to company visits to an icy ocean dip and so much more.

That means not only founders and startups participate but also larger companies and public institutions. Our aim is to increase the visibility of the innovation sector, create a platform where knowledge can be shared and become a vibrant, international marketing window.


Look no further


Greener than grass

The impact of climate change is already showing in front of our eyes and in Iceland experts warn that Iceland's glaciers are at risk of disappearing entirely by 2200. The innovations we come up with to tackle the challenge of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions will hold the greatest potential to create value in the next decade. Lets tune in, listen and learn more about what we can do in order to transition.

food mood

All over the world, food startups are innovating. So this category is all about food and drinks. We have created a special program pairing food startups with restaurants, offering innovative twists on their products and menus. This category also presents events highlighting the opportunities and challenges the world is facing when creating sustainable food systems, presenting some of the groundbreaking solutions here in the Nordics.

everybody loves everybody (ele)

By the words of Jackie Moon, an important reminder of the importance of inclusivity. We like to dedicate one of our categories to discussing, celebrating and embracing diversity in all its forms.


Yes to techno, yes to Tech! This category is all about the wonders of technology. Go get inspired by amazing tech founders who are creating the change they want to see in the world or check out the new products and services that are being launched.

fun & games

It wouldn’t be a festival without some fun wouldn’t it? It is no secret that festival parties are the best opportunities to network and meet like minded people. Maybe even sing some karaoke. We’d also like to dedicate this category to the gaming community and learn more about the startups and companies playing their way to the top.

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