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2023 National Overnight Camp Registration is Open!

Register for 2023 National Overnight Camp

Faceoff Factory Summit

View The 2022 Faceoff Factory Summit RECAPCongratulations to our 2022 Faceoff Factory Summit Champion!

Featured Nation-wide Training

JN91 Complete Faceoff Program (Next October 13)Massachusetts Weekly Faceoff Training (Mondays)TD Ierlan's Faceoff Factory School Buffalo (Tuesdays)2023 Faceoff Factory Summit (Dates TBD)New Jersey Faceoff Factory Training (Sundays)Denver Weekly Faceoff Training (Sundays)Best of the West Overnight Camp (Dec. 28-30)SoCal Weekly FaceOff Training (Sundays)2022 Faceoff Factory Fall Finale (October 10)San Diego Weekly FaceOff Training (Sundays)Tri-state Weekly Faceoff Training (Tuesdays)Rochester Weekly Faceoff Training (Wednesdays)Central Connecticut Weekly Faceoff Training (Sundays)Rhode Island Faceoff Training (Tuesdays)New Hampshire Faceoff Training (Sundays)Norwood Weekly Faceoff Training (Thursdays)Syracuse Holiday Development Days (Next November 23)South Florida Development Days (Next October 2)Salt Lake City Fall Development Days (Next October 15)Oregon Development Day (October 9)Atlanta Bi-Weekly Faceoff Training (Tuesdays)Connecticut Development Day (September 29)Rochester Offensive Training (Next November 2)Rochester Defensive Training (Next November 2)Wisconsin Development Day (October 1)Milwaukee Development Day (October 23)Nashville Development Day (December 3)Michigan Development Day (October 23)Dallas Development Day (November 6)Albany Development Day (October 2)Seattle Development Day (October 22)St. Louis Development Day (October 9)

Additional Offerings

National Events

1. JN91 Complete Faceoff Program -Register Now!

2. Middle of the Map Showdown (July 22) - Register Now!

3. OCTOBER 14 (Bel Air, MD) 2022 FOF/Apex Lacrosse Events Fall Finale – Register Now!

4. DECEMBER 28-30 (Las Vegas, NV) 2022 FOF Best of The West Overnight Camp – Register


5. 2023 National Overnight Camp July 2023 (Towson, MD) -Register Now!


Become a Master at the Faceoff X from your own home!

Development Days

Our FOF Development Days includes:

FOF warmup that couples fundamental faceoff skills with anticipation tactics, focus work, and competitive based hand speed exercises. Training will consist of a heavy focus on fundamental efficiency of clamping the ball, refining technical aspects of the faceoff following our clamp, advanced moves/strategies at the X, counter moves, proper footwork/body positioning, and discussions on wing play. Drilling will be competition based and take place in small groups (sorted by age and ability). Live repetition in the form of pre-tournament seeding signature and a double elimination competition. We will be filming the players during their live competition reps. Players will be able to view both instruction from the session and their live repetition on our youtube channel. Youtube.com/FaceoffFactory

Why Faceoff Factory? At Faceoff Factory, our main focus is to ensure that each of our students leave having learned someone and enjoyed their time with us. Over the course of 6 years, we have studied, tested, and developed the best possible curriculum to ensure we are preparing each and every student for success at the x. Our training has proven to establish proper fundamentals faceoff technique that will ensure immediate and prolonged success at the faceoff position.

Coaches: (Free of charge) – Our clinics are always open to coaches, free of charge. We allow coaches to take notes, record video, and ask questions during/following the event. This is a great way for coaches to get right in on the action, learn from the staff, reinforce what their players learn, and further educate themselves.


Salt Lake City Development Days (Next September 10) - Register Now! Chicago Development Day (September 18) - Register Now! Wisconsin Development Day (October 1) - Register Now! South Florida Development Day (Next October 2) - Register Now! Connecticut Development Day (September 29) - Register Now! Albay Development Day (October 2) - Register Now! Oregon Development Day (October 9) - Register Now! Seattle Development Day (October 22) - Register Now! Michigan Development Day (October 23) - Register Now! Milwaukee Development Day (October 23) - Register Now! Dallas Development Day (November 6) - Register Now! Syracuse Holiday Development Days (Next November 23) - Register Now! Nashville Development Day (December 3) - Register Now!

Please direct any questions to James Angelicola (Vice President) at james@faceofffactory.com

Thanks and best regards,

Faceoff Factory

FOF Weekly Training

Faceoff Factory weekly training is open to students with the desire to thrive at the X. Our focus is always aimed at teaching and reinforcing the proper fundamentals so we can progress towards implementing advanced techniques, strategy, and situational awareness that is crucial to succeed at the position. Over the course of 6 years, we have studied, tested, and evolved our program to ensure both immediate and prolonged incremental improvement. As the faceoff position changes, so does our curriculum. We take pride in offering the most complete faceoff training in Lacrosse.


Natick, MA (Monday’s) - Register Now! Buffalo, NY (Tuesday’s) - Register Now! Warwick, Rhode Island (Tuesday’s) -Register Now! Mount Laurel, NJ (Tuesday’s) -Register Now! Rochester, NY (Wednesday’s) - Register Now! Norwood, MA (Thursday’s) -Register Now! Orange County, CA (Sunday’s) -Register Now! Branchburg, NJ (Sunday’s) -Register Now! Denver, CO (Sunday’s) -Register Now! San Diego, CA (Sunday’s) -Register Now! Bedford, NH (Sunday’s) -Register Now! Central Connecticut (Sunday’s) - Register Now!

2022 Best of the West Camp

Register for 2022 Best of the West Overnight Camp

We are accepting applications for the 2022 FOF Fall Finale!

Apply for the 2022 FOF Fall Finale Here!

Featured Videos

National Overnight Camp

Development Days with Faceoff Factory

Faceoff Factory Summit Powered By Apex LAX Events

We are accepting applications for the 2022 FOF Fall Finale!

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