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Continuously expose the earliest indications of risk


OSINT distributes them


incident responders report them


a threat actor executes their mission

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Cybersixgill Named in 10 Hottest Cybersecurity Products at Black Hat. Learn More.

Discover What Attackers Are Planning BEFORE They Strike

Cybersixgill has proven to have the broadest threat intelligence collection capabilities available, covertly extracting data from a wide range of sources including content from limited-access deep and dark web forums and markets, invite-only messaging groups, code repositories, paste sites and clear web platforms. We enrich this data with context to provide security teams with comprehensive insight into the nature and source of each threat.


Disrupt The MaliciousSupply Chain

Cybersixgill captures, processes and alerts teams to emerging threats, TTPs and IOCs as they surface on the clear, deep and dark web.

Using advanced AI & machine learning algorithms, we immediately prioritize, enrich and score data according to our customer’s unique assets and attack surface, swiftly publishing profiles and identifying behavioural patterns that enable teams to apply timely, practical, proactive solutions to minimize risk exposure before a new attack mission is launched.

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Our Threat Intelligence Is Your Best Defense

Cybersixgill provides organizations with exclusive, real-time access to the largest database of deep, dark and clear web threat activity available. 


Uncover threat actor activity in any language, format or platform. Our fully automated crawlers infiltrate and maintain access to limited-access sources that are inaccessible to other threat intelligence vendors, extracting and processing data in all languages and formats, including image-to-text content as it is posted.


Capture and block threats as they emerge, before they can be weaponized in an attack. Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms index, tag and filter threat data, enriching and delivering it to customers within minutes. Our unique DVE score performs real-time analysis of over 200K CVEs at any given time, often identifying a high-severity CVE before a CVSS score has been assigned.


Seamlessly integrate our threat intelligence according to your unique assets, needs and workflows. We currently have 24 integration partners and 40 API endpoints for a broad range of use cases. Our dedicated integrations team are always available to provide the support you need, when you need it and can create a new integration specific to your environment within two weeks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Harness dark web monitoring to advance vulnerability management and incident response capabilities. Cybersixgill offers the most extensive fully automated, intelligence collection available from the deep and dark web including closed access forums, instant messaging apps, paste sites, and more.

Vulnerability Management

Know which vulnerabilities will be targeted, get insights around emerging threats, trends and context on actors and their intent.

Ransomware Protection

Get real-time alerts and essential context to combat ransomware, malicious malware, and vulnerability exploits.

Compromised Credentials

Stay ahead with automatic notifications in the event of leaked employee credentials.

Incident Response

Analyze and detect threats earlier. Perform investigations on the dark web to optimize the incident response life cycle.

Threat Hunting

Use agile threat intelligence to enable you to make the right decision, at the right time, in the right place in order to take the right action.

Data Leaks

Customize automated alerts warnings of leaked organizational data, including OCR extracted text from images to identify logos and designs.

Brand Protection

Receive advanced warning of brand abuse such as rogue applications on app stores.

Compromised Credit Card Detection

Stop leaks fast with real-time alerts in the event credit card credentials are leaked or sold on underground markets, IM apps or IRC chats.

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The Importance of Dark Web Threat Intelligence

The deep and dark web is the epicentre of cybercriminal activity providing the perfect platform for malicious threat actors to communicate and collaborate as they plan their next attack. Within this thriving underground economy, business is booming, with threat actors transacting billions of dollars worth of stolen data, compromised accounts, hacking tools and “as-a-service” offerings each year – with everything they need to launch cyberattacks available at the click of a button.

Without visibility into the primary arena of cybercriminal activity, organizations are forced into a reactive cybersecurity posture, only receiving warning of cyber threats after an attack is already in progress.

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Know What's Out There

Live Threat Map

Trusted by global enterprises, MSSPs, government & law enforcement agencies

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Overall experience has been very good. Information is presented well with the ability to deep dive further if/when needed. Any and all questions were answered fully with explanations and tips to help understand. Our current vulnerability scan tool feeds into the portal to give specific findings and information for my customer environments. Theconsolidation of multiple sources into one platform. This saves time from having to research CVEs on my own, or missing information that may be included from a source I did not check.$1B North American cybersecurity services company about DVE ScoreThe solution’s approach of using limited open source intelligence and focusing, instead, on the Deep Web and Dark Web is what seals the deal. That is why I like them. I have other tools that I can aggregate all the open source intelligence from. I value Cybersixgill because it provides access to things that no one else does.Lead cyber threat intelligence analystState university“Cybersixgill helped us to track and gain insight into Dark & Deep web intelligence. The coverage is incredible; compared to other vendors we used and tried, they have the best snapshot of dark & deep web forums, chats, and markets.”Fortune 500 Threat intel Analyst about Darkfeed"I participated in Cybersixgill's DVE beta and look forward to using it. Cybersixgill’s DVE Score helps us measure the attack surface and severity while giving us the ability to watch how a particular vulnerability is evolving. It also serves as a force multiplier for me, as I can easily see all relevant vulnerabilities along with any POC exploit." Maitreyee PalkarSecurity Engineer, F5Cybersixgill Investigative Portal allows you to search social networking because it treats the dark web and deep web like social networks. This affects the security operations inmy company, but also my customers. For example, if new malware or ransomware start popping up, then we can set up alerts regarding them. Head of cyber intelligenceMSSP providerThe ease of use on the platform to find intel quickly and efficiently. Also, the ability to work with the product and development teams in request for new features and services that are constantly coming. Being able to search a vast data lake containing valuable intelligence allows our team to provide relevant research into upcoming and viable threats to their assets. Site and actor profiles allow for deeper understanding of patterns of behavior for specific actors and the sites in which they are active. APT ransomware sites also provide value in seeing activity upticks by groups that specifically target industries that some of our customers reside which enables us to warn them of potential threats.$2B North American cybersecurity services company about Investigative PortalSixgill also provides threat actor analysis capabilities... Not all members of dark web forums are serial cyber criminals. Sixgill's threat actor analysis capability provides us with that threat actor's reputation on the forum and helps us know whether a post is very serious or not. We can understand who the threat actor is and whether he is a serious hacker or not. It's very useful information.Manager of cyber intelligence centerglobal consultancy companyPreviousNext

Threat Intelligence Resources & Deep Dark Web Insights

Access our latest threat intelligence reports, market surveys or listen to our Dr Dark Web podcast, hosted by Chris Roberts, one of the world’s foremost experts on counter threat intelligence and vulnerability research.

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Automatically gain access to remediation information for each vulnerability directly from NVD, MITRE and other vendor sites.

Receive a full intelligence picture of the vulnerability, complete with context – including a comprehensive audit trail of the data we have collected on the actors and their discourse, exploit kits, attribution to malware, APT and ransomware. This includes a score of the likelihood a vulnerability will be exploited over the next 90 days, hours after the CVE is first published. Unlike CVSS, this score is continually updated in real-time in response to the threat intelligence we gather.

Map vulnerabilities to MITRE ATT&CK framework to anticipate how, when or why criminals will exploit each vulnerability, listing the CVEs used in the context of each technique to assess the risk to your organization and prioritize remediation efforts.

Accurately match organizational CPEs identified in step 1 to specific, related vulnerabilities (CVEs) to determine which vulnerabilities are exposing your systems to attack.

Discover and scope the relevant organizational assets (ie. CPEs) and vulnerabilities (ie CVEs) or identify specific CPEs and CVEs that are of interest.

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