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Parenting: Science-Based Parenting Information and Advice You Can Trust


Parenting advice is everywhere. It’s hard to know what to listen to and who to trust. Find out how to be a good parent, according to science, without any guesswork or self-doubt.

10 Good Parenting Tips

Parenting Styles



Different parenting styles can affect child development differently

Authoritative Parenting

Controlling Parenting

Strict Parenting


A healthy brain makes a happy kid. A brain’s development ultimately determines how a child thinks and acts. Discover how brain science can help you raise resilient children.

Brain Development

Why My Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Emotional Self Regulation


Decode your child’s behavior and discover new strategies to handle your child’s behavioral problems. Be the best parent you can be.

Toddler Temper Tantrum

What Motivates Your Child

Teaching Kids Respect

Discipline vs Punishment

How To Motivate Child To Do Homework

How Does The Death Of A Parent Affect A Child


Developmental psychology theories that contribute to understanding children’s behavior


Classical Conditioning

Operant Conditioning


Reinforcement Theory of Motivation: Principles, Examples, and LimitationsCodependent Parent – 10 Signs and How To Heal From CodependencyRespondent Conditioning – What It Is, Examples, and PropertiesAttachment Anxiety –Causes, Signs & Healing In Children and AdultsAvoidant Attachment – 13 Causes, Signs & How It Affects RelationshipsPhubbing – How Parents Contribute to Teenage Cell Phone AddictionPCIT Parent-Child Interaction Therapy – What Is It & Does It WorkWhat Is Parallel Play And How Does Your Baby Benefit From It?10 Vital Tips on How to Recover from Authoritarian ParentingHow To Make Your Teenager Listen To You – 7 Effective StepsHow to Deal With Strict Parents as a TeenagerSelf Soothing: 7 tips for Teaching a Baby or Young Child to Calm DownAttunement – 5 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Emotional DevelopmentGood Enough Parenting – 5 Tips On Avoiding PerfectionThought Suppression – Why “Don’t Think About It” Doesn’t WorkParenting Teenagers – 9 Tips to Raising Healthy, Happy and Motivated KidsInstant Gratification – 20 Examples & How to Teach Kids PatienceGoal Setting For Kids– 5 Simple Steps and Pitfalls to Avoid9 Critical Reasons Why Punishment Doesn’t Work for Your ChildEvaluative Conditioning – Definition, Causes & ExamplesHigher Order Conditioning – Definition and 5 Examples in Everyday Life6 Types of Learned Behavior and Why Some Are So Hard to ChangeToken Economy – How to Improve Your Child’s BehaviorOverjustification Effect – Why Rewards Reduce Children’s MotivationManipulative Parents – Signs & Effects6 Critical Steps to Prevent Risky Behavior in Teens and Pre-teensPreoccupied Attachment Style – Causes, Signs, HealingSocial Competence in ChildrenPerspective Taking – 5 Effective Ways to Teach ChildrenWhat to Say to a Child Who Lost a Parent
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