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Cost per parcel

Automating document handling


Automating your fulfilment centre

Space constraints limit expansion

Delivery times

Automating the loading process

Handling paperwork automatically

Removing bottlenecks in your facility


Reducing carbon footprint

Improving the work environment

A diverse workforce


Automating despatch process

Automatic loading & unloading

Reducing manpower requirements


Handling shipments automatically

Optimizing your warehouse facility

Pallets and loose cargo at the same door

Switching to loose-loaded cargo

Automatic (Un)loading



Telescopic Conveyors

Caljan Performer

A perfect match

A sustainable investment

Droop Snoot

Express Snoot

Caljan Classic

Individual Labelling Systems

Print & Apply — Inbound

Varied cargo

Print & Apply — Shipping

E-commerce logistics

Print & Apply — Pallets

Print & Apply Specials

Automatic Document Handling

Caljan Print & Place

Caljan Print & Merge

Caljan Print & Pouch


Conveyor maintenance

Help with breakdowns

Spare parts — Telescopics

Upgrading Caljan equipment


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How we can help

History of Caljan


Caljan DNA

Environment, health & safety

Work in your PowerZone to stay healthy

Risk Management

Quality management

The Principles

Caljan Conveyors just keep on running


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Darba iespējas Caljan — Liepāja, Latvia

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Cost-effective logistics

Take automation to the door — and reduce the cost per package

Parcel Carriers

Increase capacity and cut handling costs by optmizing how you (un)load parcels, packages and polybags. Improve the work environment too!

Online Retailers

Take away the bottle neck! Automate the whole of your despatch process from delivery note, packing, labelling through to loading the trailer at the door.


Keep your customers satisfied by getting their supplies out on time. Handle documentation, labelling and loading efficiently by automating the process.

Improving industrial safety and productivity
worldwide through quality and innovation

Mission statement, 2021

Automatic Loading

Filling trailers/trucks/containers with parcels, polybags and packages has never been easier.

AutoLoader, the newest addition to the Performer Telescopic Conveyor family, handles this process efficiently.

You can easily meet tight delivery windows, without extra manpower.

Read more about this new innovation

Increase throughput by 600%

Printing, folding and inserting delivery notes manually takes time.

Too much time.

You can speed up this process considerably by automating. Customers using Print & Pouch to handle B2B delivery notes, report that up to 600% more parcels can be handled in the same timeframe.

See Print & Pouch animation

The easy way to unload trailers

Raise your environmental profile, by helping employees unload trailers/trucks ergonomically. The Operator Platform brings employees up to an appropriate work height.

Working within the PowerZone reduces the risk of injury. 

Click below to see how Caljan Telescopic Conveyors can be configured to suit your specific application.

Get a perfect match

The right label, perfectly positioned

With Caljan Print & Apply systems, you can be sure your customers get the right package. The label is perfectly matched to the order, fully legible and positioned just where it needs to be.

Our unique 'Flying applicator' tracks the package and places the label at the predefined sweet spot — even over an existing label, if this is appropriate.

You can combine labelling with automatic document handling and include return slips too.

Read more about Caljan Labelling

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Global headquarters

Ved Milepaelen 6-8

8361 Hasselager, DK

CVR: DK-30205618


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