Welcome, bienvenue, to the Barton Area, the center of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

The Barton area’s location near the Green Mountains, has gifted it with many spectacular lakes, rivers, and ponds. Beautiful shorelines and rugged mountains make the Barton area an attractive vacation destination in all seasons. In the spring, summer, and fall take advantage of back roads for biking, waterways for paddling, public beaches for swimming, picnic spots, and spectacular views at Crystal Lake State Park, Shadow Lake Beach, and the stunning Willoughby Gap. During the winter months outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy ice-fishing, snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling.

The Northeast Kingdom is the heart of Northern Vermont – far away from fast paced city living. It may be easy to get here – Interstate 91 (exit 25 and 26) is just minutes away – but once off the beaten path the N.E.K. enjoys a quieter, more peaceful way of life. Northern Vermont has a long standing tradition of pride in aesthetic beauty. Even shopping is an old world experience as the Kingdom’s landscape is dotted with unique local businesses.

Barton Area Chamber of Commerce